Those new to Fender guitars often find the many different colors to be confusing.  Is the guitar sonic blue, daphne blue, seafoam grean, or surf green?

Now you can see a great collection of painted blocks at the site which compares all the vintage colors. (via this post a strat-o-blogster)


Sonic Blue - Dupont Number: Duco 2295

Sonic Blue - Dupont Number: Duco 2295


Fiesta Red - Dupont Number: Duco 2219-H

Fiesta Red - Dupont Number: Duco 2219-H

Check out the vintage colors at [link]

4 Responses to “Vintage Fender Colors: Sonic Blue or Daphne Blue, etc”

  • Bradley:

    Don’t try and order these colors from dupont though they have been discontinued for years. Trust me I tried when restoring my 65′ Mustang. Try reranch .com if you need paint

  • I am sorry Bradley, but that is NOT correct info. I have been using Dupont Auto paints for over 25 years to restore vintage guitars. In fact I just got some Ice Blue Metallic last week.
    If vintage correct matters these are the only option as they are the OEM correct mixes. Anything other than Dupont is a reverse engineered remix.


  • Steve:

    Curtis, how have you been able to buy Dupont paint. I have been looking with no sucess. Would you mind sharing your sources?


  • Hum… Simply go to your local Dupont Auto paint supplier and give them the info supplied on my website for the paint color you are wanting. the smallest amount you can get is 4 oz.


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