Back on April 1 2008 put up an April Fools joke about Fender introducing a Jag-Stang Bass. Email still comes in to this day with people finding that post and not realizing it was a joke.

But one person took it upon themselves to actually build a “Jag-Stang Bass”. Below are some photos of Austin Coslar’s fantastic jag-stang bass creation.

For even more photos, including build-in-progress updates, see the following thread over on OffsetGuitars:  OSG Jag-Stang Bass Build

Thanks for sharing the photos with us Austin and nicely done!

One Response to “The Jag-Stang Bass !!?!”

  • Brad:

    I am continuously amazed at the industrially creative people in the world. This project is yet another example of the talent inherent in the human race. Well done!

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