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Fender Jaguar review by HughJazz
My wife traded my four year old Epiphone Dot(ES335) for a new(Made in Japan) Fender Jaguar HH Special Edition for Xmas. This guitar is MUCH easier for me to play, mostly due to the very thin neck, "vintage"(1969) frets which...
Last Submitted: 2010-12-14 Number of views: 4095
Fender Jaguar review by Doug Jackson
Owned the first Jaguar in Queensland Aust in 60's when they appeared and wished I'd Kept it.originally used flat wounds then changed to wound and incured the bridge problems. Started playing again in the 2000's and bought a C...
Last Submitted: 2009-12-07 Number of views: 3845
Fender Jaguar review by Flynt
Jaguar HH classic player with humbuckers. I fell in love with the looks of the jaguar and jazzmaster and then I heard them and wasn't so sure...until I got flat wounds and a pro setup. I so wanted to get a Jaguar; I ow...
Last Submitted: 2009-04-14 Number of views: 3839
Fender Jaguar review by Tonyk310k
I recently bought a Jaguar Classic Player HH and love it. I heard alot about the bridge problems on the Jaguars and even went out and purchased a Jazzmaster bridge to correct any problems before hand. The tune-o-matic sur...
Last Submitted: 2009-02-26 Number of views: 3821
Fender Jaguar review by Quintin
I recently purchased a Mexican-made Fender Jaguar Classic Player Special HH, and let me tell you it is by far the BEST guitar I've ever played in my entire life. It all started at Best Buy in the States somewhere [I live i...
Last Submitted: 2009-01-21 Number of views: 3832
Fender Jaguar review by Sarge
I have been playing an HH at GC for at least a month and finally decided to buy it. It has the sounds, versatility and playablity that suits me. I am in a Country/Rock band, doing all of it, Lead, Rythtym, and Slide, and ...
Last Submitted: 2008-11-07 Number of views: 3819
Fender Jaguar review by Scott
Jaguar Classic Player Special HH - First Impressions I have had this guitar for about 4 hours now and let me say I am VERY pleased with my purchase. I have wanted a jag for about 2 years now but have held off due to the...
Last Submitted: 2008-09-04 Number of views: 3924
Fender Jaguar review by Dominique
Hi there ! I just bought the new classic player HH olympic white ! I've got a American vintage too ... so i'm gonna compare just for fun ... ! :o) ! The classic player it's more like a pre-mod ''standard jag'' So,...
Last Submitted: 2008-08-29 Number of views: 3860
Fender Jaguar review by JON
The Fender Jaguar is an awesome guitar. The tone and feel of the neck are top of the line. The New Jaguar HH/Special (MIJ/CIJ) is an excellent upgrade due to the Gibson style bridge (no more string buzzing/action/tuning ...
Last Submitted: 2008-05-25 Number of views: 3822
Fender Jaguar review by Franco
Just bought a fender jaguar and modified it exactly as Wicked A described.Sounds so good,Wicked A has a good ear, as the modifications desribed were the EXACT same as Kurt Cobain did to his Jag circa '91.Could Wicked A be the...
Last Submitted: 2008-04-18 Number of views: 3816
Fender Jaguar review by Dominique Tremblay
Hi everybody ! I played for 16 yrs and a own 10 guitars I got a year ago a US Jag (reissue)sunburst She sound so gooood !! But for me,is the action ..the neck on this beauty is incredible ! when i bought it, retailer put ...
Last Submitted: 2008-04-16 Number of views: 3818
Fender Jaguar review by Brett S.
Well, I got a Jaguar HH a few months back. I had been looking at a new guitar to replace the ibanez thing I was borrowing from a friend for almost a year. I am actually relatively new to playing guitar, although I've be...
Last Submitted: 2007-11-13 Number of views: 3814
Fender Jaguar review by Jazzman
Hi all at Jag-stang who are Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster users. After owning Jaguars and Jazzmasters for over 10 years and using them reguarly to play Jazz and after reading about all the problems with the guitars bridge,picku...
Last Submitted: 2007-07-27 Number of views: 1339
Fender Jaguar review by Wicked A
Ok, wow finally I am glad to be able to write something about the great Fender Jaguar. I have got this wicked 66 3 tone sunburst left hand Fender Jaguar Crafted in Japan. Now before I bought this master piece I have spent ...
Last Submitted: 2007-04-08 Number of views: 3818
Fender Jaguar review by Tim Van Boening ~*blissedandgone*~
I own a 1996 Olympic White Made In Japan Fender Jaguar. I've had it for three years now, and I love it. I got it from Guitar Center. It was my dream guitar for many years before I got it. It has lots of dings and dents, none ...
Last Submitted: 2007-03-23 Number of views: 3812
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