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Mustang or Jaguar

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#1 DKoor


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Posted 11 August 2011 - 04:09 PM

Hi guys... this is one of my first posts here... so pardon me if I sound a bit ignorant with my questions.

I was thinking lately, if everything works well maybe I would satisfy my GAS and get either Stang or Jag... and I'm here to get some help deciding. I have Strat 70s, SG and CV50s Tele in my stable now (I kinda prefer contoured guitars, but it's not a must). I don't have some fav music, I like to play many styles and I'd like to know;

Which guitar is more versatile? Mustang or Jaguar (SS or HS both with trems, the way I prefer 'em)?
Also what are main differences between 65 and 69 Mustang apart from body contours?
Which guitar, Mustang or Jaguar has more sustain?
Which is better for distortion which for clean (I understand this is very subjective but I'd still like to hear from you)?
Which guitar accepts pedals better?

I had limited experience with 65 Stang but of course I didn't get to check out most of the things... :rolleyes:

That's all for now, although I have more questions I feel this already is too much.
Thanks in advance. :)

#2 lolalola



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Posted 07 November 2011 - 07:14 PM

Which guitar is more versatile? Mustang or Jaguar (SS or HS both with trems, the way I prefer 'em)?
--I've a MIJ Jag and a MIJ Mustang, and I love them both. I'm a lefty, so when I had the opportunity to get em, I pounced.
There are probably better playing guitars out there with better tone or that fancy guitar-speak, but I adore these two, and that's that. Err, what was the question? Oh, versatility. I prefer the weight and neck on the Stang, but the Jag is more versatile...

Also what are main differences between 65 and 69 Mustang apart from body contours?
-- Again, in my situation it's the weight and neck.

Which guitar, Mustang or Jaguar has more sustain?
-- The Stang seems to have more sustain. Not a major difference..?

Which is better for distortion which for clean (I understand this is very subjective but I'd still like to hear from you)?
-- Jag better on both.

Which guitar accepts pedals better?
-- As above, the Jag wins there, although mine does have Seymour Duncan humbuckers, so .... Much nicer bassier tone from the Jag.

Again, these are all MY opinions. Other opinions I'm sure will differ massively!
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#3 DKoor


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Posted 08 November 2011 - 03:05 AM

Wow, didn't expected to see any replies to my thread after all this time... I'm glad I subscribed to thread.

Anyhow I really appreciate your input here.
Then I guess for Mustang there is reason to change the (stock) pickups to something better.

About 65 and 69 Mustang difference I have a another question...

Can you say what the neck differences are, any diff in the neck is probably more important than any kind of body difference.

#4 Alban


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Posted 03 December 2011 - 04:20 AM

Squier Ford mustang or Jaguar Dure largemouth bass?
We finished a program earlier these days so going down to Denmark Road as i'm thinking of getting the Dure largemouth bass for house recording. They've both the Jaguar SS as well as Mustang largemouth bass in. They both appeared pretty good plus they had been around the same price however i'm not sure which to get, i'm considering the Jaguar because it has Two pickups for any bigger variety of seem -- exactly what does Shortscale think?
If you want something that you may reliably use within it's inventory condition... consider a Gretsch G2202. These people retail for about the same as the Squier Ford mustang ($300 United states dollar).

If you are a fan of modding, the actual Jaguar could be upgraded easily sufficient, simply because i agree... the stock pickups are fairly weak. Around the less expensive end of the spectrum, the Squire Bronco may also be improved effortlessly and at low cost, with a Excellent sounding last product.

#5 badmotorfinger


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Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:36 PM

if you're looking for sustain.... Mustang has ALOT more. I have a 96' MIJ Mustang and a (90s?) MIJ Jaguar and it's crazy how much of a difference in sound there is... I wasn't expecting it at all.
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#6 groovemonger


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Posted 23 February 2012 - 09:16 AM

The Jaguar is probably the only guitar I spent a load of money on and fairly quickly didn't much like. Not because it was bad but the short scale but rather large body and quirky electrics just didn't give me anything I'd value over over a more flexible stratocaster. I have to admit buying it largely because Jaguars looked more 'alternative' and 'cool'.

The Mustang sounds a lot like a Jaguar. The old ones certainly had slightly 'poorer' pickups than the strat-like ones fitted to the Jag but I think they give a different, pleasing retro character. By and large a Mustang and Jag with the same scale length sound very similar for the most part. The Jaguar is fancier and more majestic-looking but I don't think it has fundamentally better 'quality' aside from said pickups.

It's the size of the Mustang and the simplicity of it that really won me over and it's the only seriously vintage guitar I could afford to buy in original form. It just sounds great. I use it a lot for arpeggiated rhythm parts where I tended to use a Rick 330 - not that it sounds anything like the same, but it just covers that material really well. But it's also a good 'mini strat' for lead parts. I play 99% the Mustang and a Gibson 335 these days - barely touch the stratocaster or the Rick.

#7 Xanda


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 01:32 AM

With the various Mexican made Jaguars available these days, it seems Jags have more tonal versatility, and they have more switches to alter tones but I think that's their downfall. If you were to play one for an audience, you might switch one of your pickups off by accidentally hitting one of the switches. I don't own a Jag but I've already turned off pickups on my Mustang by accident, and it only has two horizontal slide switches, I can only imagine how easy it is to do that on a Jaguar.

For clean sounds, they both sound good, I love the Mustang neck pickup's clean sound. For distortion, I've noticed that newer made in Japan Mustangs do not have powerful enough pickups to adequately drive an amp's overdrive setting or even a distortion pedal. But for some reason, vintage Mustangs seem to have a stronger overdrive sound. The only Jags I've ever played are the ones with humbuckers so they win for distortion because of their modern features. I wouldn't think a classic Jag would give better or worse distortion than a Mustang.

Now when it comes to choosing between a Mustang or a Jaguar, Jags are very alternative in general and they are very striking looking and bizarrely designed. Mustangs seem much more conventional and classically designed, so they have no shock value. I'd say the Jaguar is a much more unique guitar.

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