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DiMarzio has released the following new artist pickups for 2009.

  • Billy Corgan – BC-1 & BC-2 (signature strat)
  • Andy Timmons – AT-1 (signature ibanez)
  • Steve Morse – reintroduced Steve Morse neck & bridge pickups

The BC-1 is based on the Air Norton S and the BC-2 is based on the Tone Zone S. Each of which had the frequency response lowered to get the sound Billy Corgan was going for in his new signature strat.

DiMarzio BC-1

DiMarzio BC-1

The Billy Corgan Fender Stratocaster that we started talking about back in January is now on as part of their Artist Series. [url]  We’re assuming this guitar will get the grand unveiling at the upcoming Summer NAMM that is coming up June 20-22 in Nashville.

Not a whole lot of surprises up to this point.  The most interesting specs are as follows:

  • colors: (805) Olympic White and (806) Flat Black (satin nitro)
  • jumbo frets on Modern “C” Shape neck with large ’70s style headstock (satin poly)
  • 1 Special Design Dimarzio® Billy Corgan Single-Spaced Humbucking Pickup (Neck)
  • 1 Dimarzio® Chopper™ Pickup (Middle)
  • 1 Special Design Dimarzio® Billy Corgan Single-Spaced Humbucking Pickup (Bridge)
  • original body shape (?? not sure how it differs from standard stratocaster)

The pickup switching has some non-standard settings that benefit from the single-spaced Dimarzio humbuckers.

  • Position 1. Full Humbucking Bridge Pickup
  • Position 2. Inside Coil of Bridge Pickup and Full Humbucking Middle Pickup
  • Position 3. Full Humbucking Middle Pickup
  • Position 4. Full Humbucking Middle Pickup and Outside Coil of Neck Pickup
  • Position 5. Full Humbucking Neck Pickup

Update: Interstate music is showing a list price of 1999.99 for this new strat.  Which would mean a retail price around 1449.99.  What are your opinions on this price point?

Update 2: Sam Ash is showing a list price of 1599.99 with a retail of 1199.99.

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