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Peekamoose Model 3It’s always interesting to look at variations of popular guitar shapes and what direction creative builders and companies take them in. Well here’s an interesting guitar based on the J-style by a company called Peekamoose guitars. I had not heard of Peekamoose until reading this post at stratoblogster about this guitar.

Here’s the details on the J-style guitar which Peekamoose calls their “Model 3”. (their Model 3 web page)

Model-3 basics

  • 22 fret, quarter sawn, rock maple neck
  • Rosewood Maple, or Ebony fret board
  • All necks have their frets dressed on our Plek machine.
  • Truss-Rod access at the headstock
  • Ash body

Hardware & Appointments:

  • Tusq® bridge saddles
  • Tusq® nut
  • Sperzel® locking tuners
  • Dunlop® Strap Locks (traditional style)
  • Nickel Neck Plate and Stainless Screws
  • Ivoroid Knobs
  • Three-layer Tortoise or Vint-Mint pick guard and back plate
  • Peekamoose custom spec pickups by Seymour Duncan
  • Peekamoose, full coax, isolated wiring
  • Dual sound switching for each pickup and a phase reverse switch
  • Optional 250K or 500K volume taper (specify when ordering)
  • High pass filter standard on all hi-impedance models

Seems like it would be a great Jagmaster-ish guitar.

If you’ve played or own one of these please let us know what your thoughts on it.

Peekamoose Model 3 - Ron Butler playing

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3 thoughts on “Peekamoose J-style guitar

  1. Cool site! Thanks for link back!

    My first decent guitar was a ’76 Mustang, with an all maple neck, deep chocolate brown natural wood finish and white pickguard. I bought it new but have never seen this configuration anywhere. Unfortunately I have no photos either… Duh. I don’t see one in your photos and haven’t found one online.

    Shoulda held on to that one, huh.


  2. Thats a really nice lookin one, i love it all, the color especially, what did u do to the headstock tho?

  3. This guitar is amazing. It melts face. The fret work from Peekamoose is impeccable. The electronics in this guitar are fabulous. Totally versatile without going over the top. Both humbuckers can switch from series to parallel wiring and also can be played out-of-phase with one another. Um, plus, it looks sweeeeet!

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