All I want for xmas is … a jagstang t-shirt and hoodie!

Not a joke! 🙂 On a recent shopping trip to JC Penny and Kohls department stores I was shocked to see t-shirts and hoodies with jag-stangs on them! They are actually Nirvana t-shirts and hoodies which have the below graphic.

Jag-stang tshirt

The t-shirt looks like this.

Jagstang tshirt

The shirts were cheap at around $9 and the hoodies at around $19. I would guess that whatever semi-large department store that carry many of the printed t-shirts this time of year would have them. Or if you search google for ‘nirvana guitar shirt’ you can find them.

There also appears to be a jaguar shirt (shown below) but I did not see it in the stores.

Jaguar nirvana shirt

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