Corgan signature strat pickups to be DiMarzio

A bit more info is trickling out above the upcoming Billy Corgan signature stratocaster.

Fender blogs about some custom DiMarzio BC pickups HERE. Being called BC80 and BC89 they also have a photo on the blog post. If anyone has a guess as to what DiMarzio model these might be based on let’s hear it.

Corgan DiMarzio Pickups BC80 BC89

[photo via Fender Blog]

6 thoughts on “Corgan signature strat pickups to be DiMarzio”

  1. [quote]If anyone has a guess as to what DiMarzio model these might be based on let’s hear it.[/quote]

    hotrails perhaps.

  2. They could very well be based on Lace Sensors as he used red, silver, and blue lace sensors on his strats for years. The pics of his personal guitar show standard looking pickups, but the blog says there are only 2 sets currently so he may not have the final pickups just yet. I personally hope they are based on the lace sensors, as I personally love their sound (although I have yet to play the red sensors..)

  3. based on the dimarzio chopper id say! i have 3 of these in my strat and they sound amazing! wonderful clean sound brutal heavy sound and they sustain like nothing else!

  4. a comment on the SP website:

    “They are based on the DP189 and DP180, respectively, but do not sound identical to these models. There are no current plans to offer these pickups separately.

    Fri, 11 Apr 2008

    DP189 = Air Norton S
    DP180 = Tone Zone S

    .. and now we know the middle is the DP184, the Chopper.”

  5. Yea – Tone Zone – Chopper – Air Norton. Got that combo on a strat I have. Awesome! Nice and bright and loads of low end power and grunt!!

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