Fender Jazzmaster now a half century old

It’s hard to believe the Fender Jazzmaster was first introduced 50 years ago, back in 1958. While it’s not one of the guitars that has it’s own section here at jag-stang.com we do have a strong affinity for the Jazzy.

It’s very likely that if there was no Fender Jazzmaster there would be no Fender Jaguar and thus no Fender Jag-Stang ! And oh how sad that would make us! 🙂

Are you a current or former Jazzmaster owner? We would love to hear your thoughts on the jazzy and how it influenced your playing over the years in the comments to this post.

1958 Fender Jazzmaster

If you’re interested in more of the inner details of a 1958 Jazzmaster you should visit this fantastic web page. [link] That page has a lot of detailed photos and descriptions of one.

And here’s a few vintage Fender Jazzmaster ads to enjoy while reminiscing. (Click the images for larger versions.)

One thought on “Fender Jazzmaster now a half century old

  1. A 1959 Jazzmaster was the guitar my Father learned on, playing endless (and I mean endless) hours of Ventures tunes… which of course got me hooked on Jazzmasters. In my opinion, they were and still are the Cadillac of Fender guitars… regardless of whether Strats and Telecasters always seemed more popular over the decades. When I hear people speak of how “body hugging” and comfortable Stratocasters are, the first thing I want to do is put a Jazzmaster in their hands. I think the offset body is nothing short of pure genius, and the clean tones of these are to die for!

    As a tribute to what is possibly my favorite guitar ever made, I pressed my boss here (musicmachineguitars.com) along with the other 2 dealers for the “Thin Skin” series of Vintage Reissue USA Fenders (Dave’s Guitars and Wildwood Guitars) to do a special dealer run of 1958/1959 Jazzmasters… in all of their gold pickguard glory.

    So to anyone interested in these, be on the lookout for these Jazzmaster Reissues sometime in late summer / early fall of 08 from musicmachineguitars.com in Washington State, Wildwood Guitars in Colorado, and Dave’s Guitars in Wisconsin as a Limited “Dealer Run” of instruments.

    Happy 50th Birthday to the Jazzmaster!

    Best Wishes,

    Brett Bradford

    PS – If you’d like to get on a mailing list to be notified when these guitars become available, email me at brett@mmguitars.com

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