Fender introducing Jag-Stang Bass guitar

[Edit: Hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day and didn’t believe anything posted today, April 1.]

It’s a Jaguar Bass. It’s a Mustang Bass. No. It’s a Jag-Stang Bass!

Similar to how the Jag-Stang was created it looks like Fender has taken features from both the Fender Jaguar Bass and the Fender Mustang Bass and created the Jag-Stang Bass. There are not many details available yet but we did get a hold of a couple images. Fender is expected to announce the Jag-Stang Bass at the Summer NAMM show.

Fender JagStang Bass

Click for High-Res photo.


JagStang Bass headstock

JagStang Bass Body

9 thoughts on “Fender introducing Jag-Stang Bass guitar

  1. well, actually jag-stang bass would be fun, but fender shouldnt make one without Cobain’s agreement(which is not expected any time soon)

  2. Wow, this would be a great instrument for me – jagstang-lover and bass player. I think i ask warmoth. 🙂

  3. why dont they really make a jagstang bass? i got all excited because ive been looking for the perfect bass for a long time. i wanted a non-reverse thunderbird, but i dont see them re-issued any time soon. so i was looking into a jaguar, but the scale is to long for my taste and plus they dont come in sunburst. the scale and shape of the jagstang would be perfect, but it turns out it was only a prank. why not? i could do some word-of-mouth advertizing. many people still like Nirvana. i could get some of my friends to do it too!

  4. actually, the jaguar bass does come in sunburst. just not in north america.
    you just have to order one from japan, where they also have white jag-basses

  5. You can now get MIM jag bass in white and sunburst, and if fender make a Jag-stang bass they have to reissue the Jag-stang, plus I think (and i think many will agree) that fender sould reissue the fender bronco, musicmaster, duo-sonic and musicmaster bass.

  6. They should be shamed to do such a thing… Earning more and more money over a dead Cobain…

  7. Actually, it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one if you were down with a 30″ scale. Get a Warmoth Jagstang body without a bridge rout and a USACG Bass VI neck. Rout for the bridge pickup, drill holes for the bridge. Jagstang Bass.

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