Gorgeous Jag-Stang Project Guitar

Forum member iCEByTes has put together a gorgeous custom jag-stang project guitar.

For all the details on his project and all the folks who contributed to it visit this forum post.  [url] You could also post any questions to the creator there.

Some of the specs on the guitar are:

  • neck: 24″ C shape (copy of jag-stang neck)
  • body: ash (copy of jag-stang body ash), with straight humbucker and contours
  • pickups: Seymour Duncan Lipstick SLS-n and Seymour Duncan JB

Below are a few photos of the project jagstang.

Custom Project JagStang guitar

custom jagstang project guitar

Custom Jag-Stang headstock

If you have a custom jag-stang, jaguar, or mustang project guitar send us your photos!  We’ll put up a post to show off your project.

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Jag-Stang Project Guitar

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!! I would buy it if I had the money… 🙁 but is freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. I like this kinda costumize guitar inspired by Kurt Cobain.Its like a fusion of two power for grunge.Hope this guitar will be sale everywhere around the world, and can be use by everyone who want it.

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