Kurt’s red Jag-Stang @ Fender Museum

It’s been well known that there were 2 original prototype jag-stangs made by Fender at the time Kurt Cobain died. There was a sonic blue prototype that was played by Kurt on a few European tour dates. (see video in previous post) It was given to Peter Buck of REM after Cobain died. You can see Buck playing the lefty jag-stang flipped righty in the REM video “what´s the frequency kenneth”. Does anyone know where the blue jag-stang is today?

The fiesta red prototype never made it to Kurt. Fender was preparing to ship the guitar to Kurt when they got news of his death. It originally ended up in the Fender Museum. Forum member ‘prospect’ posted some of his great photos and information from the Fender museum which is shared below. [forum link]

These photos are from Fender’s Museum in California from a few years back. It is my understanding that this is now currently on display either in Seattle or Cleveland.

On Kurt’s drawing the surrounding information you see is for when it was scanned for “Journals”. The “blacked out” area is contact information for Kurt and his guitar tech which was to not be printed in “Journals”.

(Click images below for larger versions)

If you have any more info on the current locations of the fiesta red or sonic blue prototype jag-stangs let us know.

10 thoughts on “Kurt’s red Jag-Stang @ Fender Museum

  1. I have a sonic blue stang, after a few mod’s it’s the nicest guitar i’ve ever played

  2. Kurt Cobain did get to play his red Jag-stang before his death. He played it live on french TV. It shorted out before he finished playing Drain You.

  3. Actually, he was playing a red Fender Mustang. Watch it closely, there is no Jaguar hump. 😀

  4. Thats a point, he was playing a mustang that time. And he was playing a mustang on the in utero tour so, WHEN DID HE PLAY HIS JAGSTANG?

  5. Dave Navaro has a Fender Music Master that kurt owned, kurt played the blue jagstang in Paris on valentine’s day 1994, the red guitar from france that shorted out was a mustang.

  6. Live and Loud guitar is his modded mustang champ. “Sky Stang II” to be exact. Never played red Jag Stang, Blue Jag stang went to peter buck.

    there it is folks. Don’t speak unless you know what you’re talking about. K thanx 🙂

  7. My friend, kurt’s half brother Chad Cobain was given the guitar by Courtney love after his death. He actually used it in a band we were in back in high school but now I believe he has it locked in a bank. He’s refused generous offers by people including Paul Allen to sell to put in EMP. It has damage from Kurt smashing it at a show on MTV.

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