Billy Corgan Fender Stratocaster now on

The Billy Corgan Fender Stratocaster that we started talking about back in January is now on as part of their Artist Series. [url]  We’re assuming this guitar will get the grand unveiling at the upcoming Summer NAMM that is coming up June 20-22 in Nashville.

Not a whole lot of surprises up to this point.  The most interesting specs are as follows:

  • colors: (805) Olympic White and (806) Flat Black (satin nitro)
  • jumbo frets on Modern “C” Shape neck with large ’70s style headstock (satin poly)
  • 1 Special Design Dimarzio® Billy Corgan Single-Spaced Humbucking Pickup (Neck)
  • 1 Dimarzio® Chopper™ Pickup (Middle)
  • 1 Special Design Dimarzio® Billy Corgan Single-Spaced Humbucking Pickup (Bridge)
  • original body shape (?? not sure how it differs from standard stratocaster)

The pickup switching has some non-standard settings that benefit from the single-spaced Dimarzio humbuckers.

  • Position 1. Full Humbucking Bridge Pickup
  • Position 2. Inside Coil of Bridge Pickup and Full Humbucking Middle Pickup
  • Position 3. Full Humbucking Middle Pickup
  • Position 4. Full Humbucking Middle Pickup and Outside Coil of Neck Pickup
  • Position 5. Full Humbucking Neck Pickup

Update: Interstate music is showing a list price of 1999.99 for this new strat.  Which would mean a retail price around 1449.99.  What are your opinions on this price point?

Update 2: Sam Ash is showing a list price of 1599.99 with a retail of 1199.99.

4 thoughts on “Billy Corgan Fender Stratocaster now on”

  1. Hi everbody! I think that this guitar is overpriced, doesn’t matter if it’s Corgan’s model and a fact that i like The Smashing Pumpkins. I would rather buy some cheaper B/W strat and put the same pickups in it. All in all, nothing special to me… cheers! 🙂

  2. Corgan’s 90’s Strat was a 57′ reissue (maple neck) with blue/silver/red Lace Sensors. I dont buy this marketing coup.

  3. Although his original strat was the ’57 reissue with lace sensors, what he’s been playing lately is this one with the dimarzios…which for all intents and purposes are better pickups anyway

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