The Fender Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster

Fender has introduced new Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars in the Classic Player line. The Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster are Mexican made with some very nice updates and improvements.

Notable updates/improvements are:

  • Adjusto-Matic Bridge (somewhat like a tune-o-matic)
  • 9.5″ fretboard radius (compared to the 7.25″ radius previously)
  • sustain/stability improvements – increased back angle, tremolo plate moved closer to bridge
  • dual humbucker option on the jaguar
  • “hotter” pickups

These new Classic Player models should nicely fill the gap left when the Japan made models became no longer available. Just the bridge and fretboard radius improvements alone will make this guitar look very attractive compared to the much higher priced American Vintage Jaguars and Jazzmasters.

The dual humbucker sunburst jaguar will also undoubtedly be a favorite of the Cobain fans. Who will no longer need to go through the hassles and expense of getting one of the “Kurtified” Fender Japan Jaguars.

(Click pics for larger images)

Fender Classic Player Jaguar

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster

We plan to have a hands on review posted in the future.

8 thoughts on “The Fender Classic Player Jaguar and Jazzmaster

  1. Only problem with the new Classic Player series is that the color choices suck…Lets face it, the Jazzmaster and the Jag are largely surf inspired….where are the blue tones, the green tones and a Shoreline Gold would be better than cool….

  2. The American thin skin avri models are where all of the cool colors are at. Which is what one should be looking at instead of these “toys”.


  3. I just purchased a sunburst Jag Classic Player HH. I really like it, it’s very versital. I play in 2 groups, one with 2 horns and the Jag seems to really cut through. Ironic note: I’m having the guitar painted Shoreline Gold.
    The first guitar I learned to play on was my dad’s early 60s sunburst Jag. He was pretty upset when I scratched the back of it with my (60s) big belt buckle.

  4. Toys?? I’ve been playing for 40+ years, have owned many, many high-end guitars – currently own pro Gretsches, G&Ls, Fenders. The Classic Player Jaguar is a fantastic guitar, which may not sound exactly like a vintage or AVRI, but is a top-notch guitar that sounds like no other. It has a woody, chimey tone that is not what the masses are seeking, if that is your implication. It’s lack of sustain should scare away Les Paul players, and there is not a quack to be heard for the Strat lovers. It is still it’s own animal, even if it has different fur from it’s original namesake. Mine’s a keeper.

  5. I beleive sustain can be increased with a buzzstop.

    The Jazzmaster was actually designed, believe it or not, for playing Jazz with flat-wound strings. That is why it sounds so bright with round-wounds.

    Jaguars and Jazzmasters were popular with 80s Indy Rockers as a cheap alternative to the over-valued Strats and Teles in pawn shops. Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jnr, Rowland S Howard, early Elvis Costello, etc have all helped make them very groovy. Even my old Mustang has become fashionable!

  6. Ive played Jazzmasters,Jaguars and Mustangs for 25 years and i was so impressed with the classic player models that i bought all three(both jag models and a jazzmaster).
    No buzz-stops or replacement bridges are needed:these are well designed fantastically built guitars.
    Ive never understood why “made in mexico” should make a bit of difference with FENDER
    guitars.In north America Fenders are BUILT BY MEXICANS regardless of which side of the USA border the factory happens to be on.The Stratocaster was designed by a mexican for gawds sake!
    I would reccomend a classic player Jazzmaster or Jaguar before the us-built models and i own both.Im sure that in 20 years they will be highly sought after.

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