AJ’s Project Gold Top Jag-Stang (Warmoth body and neck)

We bring you another fantastic jagstang project in this post.  Comprised of a Warmoth made jagstang body and neck AJ put together a really nice guitar here.

Some of the specs from AJ’s “Gold Top” jag-stang are:

  • Warmoth jagstang body
  • Warmoth 24″ neck
  • compound neck radius – from 10″ to 16″ radius
  • Gibson style frets
  • Bridge pickup – Seymour Duncan: Duncan Custom SH-5
  • Neck pickup – Seymour Duncan JB Jr. SJBJ-1
  • Tuners – Schaller locking
  • Bridge – Warmoth; which is much more adjustable than the stock Jagstang / Mustang bridges

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AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body

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AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body

This photo includes an original (c 1974) Mustang neck that AJ intended to use, but he found the Warmoth neck much better for playability.

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AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body, 74 Mustang neck

AJ’s guitar is a part of the Warmoth gallery.

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AJ\'s gold project jagstang

Do you have a project jag-stang or modified jag-stang you’re proud of?  Send us the photos and the specs and we may post it here! [Contact us here.]

3 thoughts on “AJ’s Project Gold Top Jag-Stang (Warmoth body and neck)

  1. It looks like a million bucks…er, karats, I mean. I’m curious about the neck – what about it do you find more playable? Have you recorded with this one yet? What does it sound like?

  2. Brad,

    The Warmoth neck has a larger radius (flatter fret board) than the standard original Fender Mustang/Jagstang neck. Actually, my neck has a compound radius, meaning it’s a little rounder near the headstock, and gets flatter as you move up the neck. This makes for easy chording down the neck, easier lead playing higher on the neck. It really works great. -AJ

  3. Brad,

    To answer your other questions (sorry, I missed them in my first reply), the guitar sounds surprisingly “Fender”-like, even though it’s loaded with the Seymour Duncan humbuckers. I would describe it as a classic Fender tone, from a slinky strumming rhythm sound, to heavy crunching and some really expressive, sustaining lead tones (longer sustain than Strats and Teles). The two 3-way switches can be wired in MANY different pickup configurations, enough to keep anyone happy for a lifetime.

    I used this guitar to record lead parts on the Benedict Arnold & the Traitors album “Star Spangled Bummer”. I believe I used it on the song Hello Baghdad.


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