BreakFree Guitar Cable Connectors by Belkin

Have you ever jumped on a guitar cable and totally ruined a guitar input jack or amplifier input jack?  This looks like a perfect product for those of you that have or think you might have that problem.

From Belkin’s press release:

Belkin International, Inc., announces new BreakFree Connectors, which detach under extreme tension, protecting your amplifier or guitar from unexpected damage. BreakFree will provide noise-free dynamic sound without any degradation in audio quality.

Belkin’s BreakFree Connectors are designed to eliminate the popping that occurs when cables are accidentally unplugged from a live amplifier. Additionally, for musicians with multiple guitars, the product makes guitar swapping seamless without the hassle of shutting down or putting your amplifier on standby.

Belkin BreakFree cable connector
Belkin BreakFree cable connector


  • September 2008 in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

BreakFree (F8Z294) – US: $19.99

  • Supports ¼” TRS plug
  • Strong magnet with quick detachment
  • Consistent audio quality
  • Reduces cable clutter

BreakFree Tips (F8Z293-2) – US: $9.99

  • Use with BreakFree Connector
  • Two in a pack
  • Supports ¼” TRS plug
Belkin BreakFree cable connector
Belkin BreakFree cable connector

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[Belkin BreakFree Press Release]

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