Kenny Wayne Shepherd Signature Fender Stratocaster

It really was inevitable that Kenny Wayne Shepherd would have a signature stratocaster one day.  And no surprise that it would be a 60s styled sunburst stratocaster with a 12″ radius neck, perfect for blues rock. It looks like the stratocaster will be available from Fender come this September.

Maybe one unexpected twist is a racing stripe style paint job version of the strat inspired by Shepherd’s love of hot rods. (see photo below)

Kenny Wanye Shepherd Signature Fender Stratocaster
Kenny Wanye Shepherd Signature Fender Stratocaster


  • Based on Shepherd’s 1961 Stratocaster
  • 3 custom voiced KWS pickups
  • alder body
  • maple neck with 12″ radius, rosewood fingerboard, 21 jumbo frets
  • bridge with Graph Tech saddles
  • 3 finishes – black (with racing stripe), 3 color sunburst, and arctic white

If you ever get a chance to see the KWS Band perform live you should check them out.  It really is a great rock show and you’ll see one of the best blues guitar players out there today.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd performing live
Kenny Wayne Shepherd performing live

8 thoughts on “Kenny Wayne Shepherd Signature Fender Stratocaster

  1. hi there,
    yes, kenny and company is truly inspiring in concert. I have seen him many times and look forward to seeing him again. also, yes his new guitar are predictable, but that it because all those components have been tried and work great,ha? ya, i am interested in also finding out if the strat is american made. does anyone know? thanks soooo much and rock on,
    dirk of 🙂

  2. Holy cow! After reading my own posting, I guess that I would have to say sorry about the mis-spellings/etc. in the posting I wrote earlier tonight. I guess that I was just such in a hurry, since my wife needed me to help her with something, that I forgot correct spelling and punctuation, etc. oh well. it’s all good. anyhow, if someone does know whether kenny’s new signature strats are american made, and what you think about them if you have played one, I would love to know what you think.
    thanks again,

  3. “Is this an american made strat.” Since it’s coming out @ $699 with a gig bag I would say no way this is American made! It’s still cool though…

  4. I found out these are mexican made. Three colors. Sunburst, black with raceing stripes and artic white with a cross. Gig bag. He has supposibly been useing them onstage. I saw him in memphis at the grand casino not long ago and he opened with born with a broken heart and was playing the white one with the cross.

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