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It has been a pretty slow month when it comes to interesting guitar news. Whether its due to everyone heading back to school or the start of the fall season we’re not sure. 

So to help pass the quiet times how about some GRUNGE! Lol, well not really. But we did put together a library of early 90s (mostly Pac NW) alternative bands that are fun to listen to on Last FM.

If you’re already a lastfm user you can add us as your friend. Our username is ‘jagstangDOTcom’. And here is a link to our profile page. [profile page at LastFM

Below are a couple of widgets. (1) is an embedded radio player so you can enjoy some great tunes right now. And (2) is a quilt of some of the top albums in our library  

So enjoy some music. And Let us know what your favorite 90s alternative artists are that we are missing. Note you can also pop the player off the page and continue your browsing!

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