Forum Top 5 [November 2008]

This is the first “Forum Top 5” list from The “Forum Top 5” will recap the top forum posts of each month so those that may have missed them get a chance to jump in on the discussion. Only threads posted within the month (November 2008 in this case) are considered for the top 5.

Forum Top 5 – November 2008

  1. Bands You (Have Seen) Rocking The Stangs! – by BanditGuitarist1
  2. Most Useful Guitar Pedal to have in a Rig – by rockman1994
  3. mesa mark2 vs orange ad30 – by harrison
  4. Squier Classic Vibe Duo Sonic? – by directorfitzy
  5. question on the 65 mustang – by subcitizen fish

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