How the Fender price increases affected our favorite guitars

We wanted to document the price increases Fender has introduced this February 2009. The prices below are general retail prices in US dollars.

Fender Prices

  • ’65 Mustang Reissue increases from $699 to $939.
  • Classic Player Jaguars and Jazzmasters increase from the $799-$849 range to the $1069-$1119 range.
  • American Vintage Jaguars and Jazzmasters increase from $1499 to $1900.
  • J Mascis Jazzmaster increases from $999 to $1269.
  • Squier Jagmaster increases from $249 to $279.

There are still some guitar retailers around who are offering their old stock at the older prices.  So if you’ve been on the fence about picking one up it would be a good time.

3 thoughts on “How the Fender price increases affected our favorite guitars

  1. A Fender dealer told me it’s an 18% increase across the board, however, the Eric Johnson maple neck went up about 30%, since they released the new rosewood model listing at $3100 and selling for about $2510.

    The maples that used to sell for $1700 are going for $2100.

    Economic Stimulus!!!

  2. Many of us will be voting with our feet, there are cheaper and better alternatives out there, the internet has given us a lot more choices.

    I’m hearing that Fender has raised prices on their guitars by 37%, maybe when our wages go up to 37% to match, then Fender may have return customers at that time, until then, many of us will look elsewhere.

  3. Does the average player out there realize that G&L is still making guitars by hand…and for less money than mass produced Fenders? Their guitars are as close to vintage as you can get since they were designed by Leo Fender himself. I’ve heard their business has increased since Fender’s price hike. Any Strat or Tele fanatic owes it to himself (or herself) to check out the quality and tone of G&L before succumbing to Fender’s price increase.

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