Mr Maxima’s Fender Mustang Story – It’s Back!

We’ve kept a backup copy of the brillant Mr Maxima’s Fender Mustang Story web site at for many years since it disappeared. We were recently contacted by Mr Maxima that he has revived the web site.

It’s now located at:

We’ll be updating our copy of the page shortly to refer folks to the new site.

The Fender Mustang Story

One thought on “Mr Maxima’s Fender Mustang Story – It’s Back!”

  1. Hey – would you happen to know if you can take a 1965 mustang body and put either a 24″ scale B or long-scale 24″ A neck on it …AS WELL …as a neck from a 22.5″ shortscale A neck mustang guitar ? Would that present a problem in intonation or anything and require moving stuff around . ? Thanks for any response. Robert.

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