Fran’s Mosrite Ventures Johnny Ramone Tribute

One of the most generous and helpful forum members, Fran, has shared his journey of creating a Mosrite Ventures Johnny Ramone Tribute.

His opening quote:

For some time i wanted a Mosrite, due to Johnny Ramone of course but could never afford one. So i decided to build one.
My last project (JS) was a struggle at times so i tried to set my plans out on this one so things ran smoothly. Hmm.

The forum thread: [click me]

Below is a video of Fran demoing his finished creation and also just a few photos along the process.  Make sure you check out the full forum thread for more info and detailed photos on his project.

4 thoughts on “Fran’s Mosrite Ventures Johnny Ramone Tribute

  1. Very amazing project by young Fran. I was wondering how it would sound with it being MDF but it sounds ace. 10/10

  2. Hey nice guitar! I was wondering if you could make more of those… or if you can make a mosrite gospel tribute to kurt cobain… cause its a really great guitar. will you make more of these? and if so would you be willing to export them to south africa?? Thanks… Matt

  3. Gabba Gabba Hey!! I’m a big fan of the Ramones! I like Johnny and his guitars! He’s a good guitar player! I would like to have a guitar just like his!

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