Are You A Squier Super-Sonic Fan?

The squier super-sonic was not around very long but it has continued to gather quite a loyal following.  As the super-sonics were only produced between 1996 and 1998 they are becoming more and more rare (and pricey!) as each year goes by.

Squier Super-Sonic
Squier Super-Sonic

I have to admit I was not a big fan of them back in the 90s as the silver and blue sparkle finishes really turned me off them.  The Olympic White and Black models looked much better but it seemed like all the guitar stores were carrying only the sparkle colors and not the solid colors.

So how many Squier SuperSonic fans are out there?  Leave some comments to tell us why you like it so much.

Squier by Fender Logo
Squier by Fender Logo

If you want to show off your supersonic drop in on this thread where NathanStang75 has posted some great photos of his Olympic White supersonic. [supersonic forum url]

Plus take a look at some of his great photos below.

NathanStan75's Squier Supersonic
NathanStang75's Squier Supersonic
NathanStang75's Squier Supersonic
NathanStang75's Squier Supersonic
NathanStang75's Squier Supersonic
NathanStang75's Squier Supersonic

Plus check out this great youtube video of a supersonic.

[youtube OOguYgs–MI]

13 thoughts on “Are You A Squier Super-Sonic Fan?

  1. I still have my black super sonic and it has gotten more use over the years then any other guitar i own. only thing ive done is change out the pick ups

  2. anybody know a rough idea of what the value of these are as of 2010? i might be buying one soon, but i dont want to get ripped off.

  3. Saw one on eBay that just sold for $331 and a nonworking one on Chicago Craigslist for $300.

  4. I just picked one up today for $200 canadian funds (including hardcase). Its not in mint condish, and it needs a little bit of love, but I feel I got a sweet deal. I havnt had a chance to play it much yet, as I took it to L&M for a set up. When the seller bought it 10ish years ago, he replaced the nut with graphite, and had the trem shimmed, so it was non functional. He also busted the pup selector switch off. Still worked, but it was just a little metal nubbin, so I needs a new one of those too.

    Its a rad lookin little silver sparkle monster. I love the shape of these things, and the flipped neck is going to turn some heads.

    Pick up selection ideas anyone?

  5. I have all four colours. Love them. All hot-rodded. One with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s strat pickups, one with Dimarzio Humbuckers, one with a single YJM stacked single coil, and one with P-Rails. Looking for a fifth one to strip and paint fiesta red.
    Bought the blue one for $299 on Boxing Day in ’98, new. The black one, new, for $400 in 2005. And the silver and white ones off eBay in 2009 for around $500 each (used).
    There seems to be one a week on eBay, but they don’t all ship to Canada.
    For the silver sparkle one, I suggest leaving it looking stock and changing the pickups to either black high-quality humbuckers or P-Rails.

  6. Hey, I’d like to share my story. Got the white one in 2001. At the time, I owned a Metallic Purple MX-Z guitar. Looked like a Dean/Charvel, sharkfin like Headstock, Kahler type trem, Select by EMG’s. Anyway, had a music store acquaitance encourage me to trade that MX-Z, one Harmony Bass, and $100 for the Squier S/S. Nice trade!!! I’ve owned it for 9 years now. Stock. I love it. Won’t get rid of it. Only mods I’d make are swapping the stock pups for S.D. or Tonebuckers. And maybe another Fender bridge, as mine is “eroding”. Bridge and saddles are getting rusty from years of stage sweat. I DID have to replace one of the volume knobs/potiometer. Some jackwagon I let use it when the band I was in let a guest guitarist on stage for 2 songs just man handled it, so it replaced. Other than that, all stock.

    I’d like the sparkle blue or silver, if I could find one/ever find one. Cool, thanks for letting me share.

  7. Been using a supersonic for nearly 10 years live and on recordings. it was my dream guitar when i first set eyes on it and it was so comfortable and less heavy to play live than previous strats i had used. they now have new fender models out. i’ve often thought about trying another guitar out but this guitar has always suited me from day 1. note i was quite into grunge when i bought this so when fed through a marshall it screams but thats not to say it can’t handle the prettier stuff.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    the guitars on this track are supersonic.

  8. had a white one of these about 10 years ago. brilliant guitar. nice trem and played like butter. something about the string tension made it very easy to play. looked good too with the headstock the other way a la Hendrix but for righties. great sound – gigged with it a few times and stood up well. cant remember why I sold it but I go through guitars at the rate of knots! – Id have another one any day.

  9. Bought one on sight. Like others, I was full on grunge and this guitar just screams it. I’m big time Hendrix fan and the upside down left handed neck hooked me. But with the logo proper, it was so sweet and really legit.
    Note to tremolo fans! I changed my tuning pegs to locking pegs, a super synthetic graphite nut and super graphite saddles and Bing! A tremolo as sweet as a Floyd Rose!

  10. Bought my silver sparkle new in 1998 and have done a number of things to it over the years. After replacing all toggles, pots, graphite saddles, etc., I have also replaced the pickguard to a translucent one, along with swapping pickups to a Gibson 57 classic in the bridge and Seymour Duncan Phat Cat in the neck. No matter what guitars I buy, I keep coming back to this one. I guess it’s just one of those things. I’ve owned Strats, Les Paul’s, SG’s, you name it. They’re all awesome guitars, but this one just fits.

  11. My fave guitar, I bought a black one in 2009 and bought a silver one right after.
    Coolest looking guitar ever.
    Sounds great. (short scale neck lets you use heavy strings for great tone and painless string bending).
    Only complaint.. needs tuning after a couple of songs.
    Not that big a deal, I check tuning after a few songs anyway

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