SFZ Dual-Stage Hybrid Fuzz Updated by Hartman

Hartman Electronics has updated its SFZ Dual-stage Hybrid Fuzz pedal to include external 18VDC power capability. Users can run the pedal using (2) 9V batteries or via 18VDC external power.

Hartman has also made bias control—previously available as an add-on option—standard in the SFZ. All pedals now ship standard with individual, dedicated bias controls for both the Silicon and Germanium fuzz stages.

The Hartman SFZ contains two versions of the classic Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit together in a single pedal.

Have you tried out this pedal?  Let us know what your impressions are in the comments.

Edit: added youtube video

[youtube 4EB7iWvoboM]
vid url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EB7iWvoboM

Hartman SFZ Dual-Stage Hybrid Fuzz
Hartman SFZ Dual-Stage Hybrid Fuzz

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