New Fender Pawn Shop Guitar: Jaguarillo

Fender just announced some additions to the Pawn Shop series we may all be interested in. Love to hear your comments on the new guitar. [forum thread]

This post will cover – the Jaguarillo. A Jaguar with a HSS configuration and Adjusto-Matic Bridge. Available in 3 color sunburst, candy apple red, and faded sonic blue.

Fender Jaguarillo
Faded Sonic Blue Fender Jaguarillo

Fender Jaguarillo Page [link]

Fender Pawn Shop Series Page [link]

One thought on “New Fender Pawn Shop Guitar: Jaguarillo

  1. Played one today by accident. Couldn’t put it down. I have to admit I like it more than the Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars I have played. I played it through a Fender Mustang III, which is not my usual amp. I need to try this thing out again on my own amp.

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