Fender Jag-Stang coming back in 2017??

Could the Jag-Stang be coming back in 2017? Maybe to join the new DuoSonics and Mustangs just released by Fender?

A little over a week ago Fender had an event an their new Hollywood location. Some photos came out of that event showing a unique jag-stang. Having black switches, a better fitting pickguard, a new color?, and who knows what else.

Below are a couple of photos showing the new jag-stang. The first photo was posted by otisserie on Instagram and the second photo posted by Fender on Facebook. You really have to zoom in on the Fender event photo and look at the guitars on the back wall near the new duosonics and mustangs. (look for the white-ish jag-stang nearby)

EDIT: Updated to include more photos from Fender Hollywood Grand Opening Event that show the jag-stang.

3 thoughts on “Fender Jag-Stang coming back in 2017??

  1. Any news on this? Looks like it didn’t make the 2017 release… But could it be an early demo for 2018?

  2. Unfortunately there has been no additional news or rumors of a release since the info in this post.

  3. Too bad we never got a photo of the back or any possible information on the guitar itself (serial number, if there was a Custom Shop logo, made in USA/Mexico/Japan, etc)…

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