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  Fender Jaguar review by Alex

I have a reissue 62' Jaguar in vintage 3-color sunburst..I paid $1450.00 for it.I have never seen or heard anything so beautiful. The guitar has such a smooth body and neck it...

    Submitted: 2005-07-21    Number of views: 4134

  Fender Jaguar review by Lenny

I have a black 2004 reissue american made 62 jaguar. It is the sexiest playing machine. The only problem is that the strings on the saddles always jump when your attacking it ...

    Submitted: 2005-06-27    Number of views: 4139

  Fender Jaguar review by Max Mahoney

I have a 1962 daphne blue fender jaguar and i love the thing to pieces but there are a few things i have trouble with 1. If you do not alter or secronize the bridge it hums re...

    Submitted: 2005-03-08    Number of views: 4156

  Fender Jaguar review by triskadecaepyon

The Particular Jaguar I aquired was a MIJ 1996 Sunburst Jaguar. $455 used without shipping off of ebay. This is no ordinary Jaguar for its era as I found out. Although trul...

    Submitted: 2004-12-28    Number of views: 4809

  Fender Jaguar review by Nicolas Dunn

G'day Fellow musicians!! I bought my jag a week ago, had it shipped directly from Tokyo Japan. It is a 2000 model, 62 Reissue (CIJ) Crafted In Japan. It is beautifully fini...

    Submitted: 2004-11-23    Number of views: 4128

  Fender Jaguar review by sam

2003 62 reissue ive had a lot of problems with this guitar but they are all over now ive locked the trem unit, got a mustang bridge, re fretted it and got scahller tuners and ...

    Submitted: 2004-11-21    Number of views: 4123

  Fender Jaguar review by Ranger-X

Fender of Japan made some of the best quality Jaguar reissues in the mid-90's, and my Jaguar is no exception. It's a 1994 MIJ '62 Reissue (Limited Edition). One of the things ...

    Submitted: 2004-10-29    Number of views: 4252

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