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Squier Jagmaster Review

Author: DT

I have a 1997 Vista series Jagmaster. I think this is one of the most underrated guitars out there! The new ones made in Mexico do not compare to the older models made in Japan. I upgraded the bridge to modern Strat style string trees and installed a Semour Duncan Custom Pickup. This thing sounds great and never breaks! The neck is simular to my 1965 Jaguar but those humbuckers make it sound mean! It sounds best through my Marshall because of the pickups. If you need a workhorse this is it. There is not much to dislike about this instrument. it does not cost alot to mainatin and can take a beating. It stays in tune and has never lets me down. If you decide buy one...look around for an older one made in japan...they are much better than the new Mexican made ones.

DT's Ratings
Sound:10 out of 10
Features:10 out of 10
Action/Finish/Feel:10 out of 10
Reliability/Durability:10 out of 10
Overall Rating:10 out of 10

Submitted: 2004-11-22   Number of views: 4180