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Fender Jazzmaster Review

Author: dave

I have recently bought a USA made Jazzmaster in sunburst. I have owned Japanese ones in the past, and have to say that in terms of authenticity and quality these new USA Jazzmasters are in an altogether different league to the Japanese models.

The sound and quality of the pickups is much better, and the body is slightly sleeker, particuarly on the upper horn. The quality of all the electronics and parts is far higher, and the guitar has the brass shielding inside and aliuminium shielding behind the pickguard which makes them much quieter than standard Japanese Jazzmasters.

The sunburst is slightly darker than the vintage models and the pickups are slightly hotter sounding, but still much richer and warmer than a Strat or Tele or Jaguar. The guitar feels amazing to play in a seated position thanks to that off-set waist, and the body contour is very deep and smooth. The neck is very similar in feel to a 60's Strat, but is easier to play with the Jazzmasters off-set waist which puts the neck at a much more comfortable angle for your hand.

Although Jazzmasters have a reputation for being noisy and having rattling/moving bridges, this guitar I have has never been a problem in these areas, due to the quality of the internal shielding and having a good set-up. The tremelo works very smoothly and tunning stability is great on this particular guitar and I have found nut sauce excellent for aiding tunning stability.

All in all, this Jazzmaster is an amazing guitar which I will keep for a lifetime, due to its excellent build quality, sounds and ease of playing. Jazzmasters and Jaguars are surely one of the most under-rated styles of Fender guitars and are easily as good as a Strat and Tele in their own right. They just need a little more TLC and understanding to fully appreciate them.

Anyone out there with a Japanese Jazzmaster who wants to buy an anodized pickguard for their guitar, should go to, where you can get them for $96+shipping. Just nedd to find anodized guards for USA models now!

dave's Ratings
Sound:10 out of 10
Features:10 out of 10
Action/Finish/Feel:10 out of 10
Reliability/Durability:10 out of 10
Overall Rating:10 out of 10

Submitted: 2007-07-02   Number of views: 4279