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Squier Jagmaster Review

Author: Lawren Lelko

I love my Jagmaster. The pickups are a bit dark, but eq'able. Overall, I just like how it feels. The neck feels great - nice finish work on the frets (Medium Jumbo), nice curve to the fretboard, and - a short scale 24" (when I play a longer scale, sometimes my fingers go numb).

The body feels comfortable too - the curves are in the right places, so I never have to fight with the guitar body over how it's going to hang.

The pickups are Duncan Designed, but I need more versatility, so a Lace Hot Gold/Hot Gold (bridge) and a Lace Blue/Silver (neck) are on a UPS truck as I write.

If you want to hear it with the Duncan Designed's, here is an example - - click on "Waxing Cold" and hear it as two rhythems and a lead. The ones in the store are all set up with the springs tight, but the trem' floats just fine and stays in tune reasonably well unless you're dive-bombing (for which you really need double-locking).

If something happened to this guitar, I'd be looking for another one the same day. You can easily buy a guitar that is half this quality for triple the price.

Lawren Lelko's Ratings
Sound:7 out of 10
Features:7 out of 10
Action/Finish/Feel:10 out of 10
Reliability/Durability:9 out of 10
Overall Rating:9 out of 10

Submitted: 2008-10-07   Number of views: 4260