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Fender Jazzmaster Review

Author: dan

Here is the Deal with Jagmaster, the neck and solid body is worth the price of admission alone. All of the components are very decent. What I do is a total gut of the guitar. Then replace everything with new pickups and hardware. When I am finished I wind up with a phenomenal pro quality guitar that everybody wants once they see and hear it.

Lately I have been stripping the bodies down to bare wood and repainting with nitro from Reranch. Lots of work but the final product is well worth the effort. That fact that this guitar is made from solid alder for less than 300 dollars is unbelievable.

If you were to buy a solid alder body from a retrofit supplier you would be into close to $200 by the time it was shipped to your front door. I have 5 or 6 of these and my family thinks I need professional help BECAUSE I PLAN ON BUYING MORE. This is the most addicting guitar I have ever owned. I am a pro level player and have owned just about every high end guitar imaginable.

Funny how this one blows them away I play this through a Doc Z and can’t believe what I am hearing most of time. You can’t put this guitar down once you start. Not good for marriages

dan's Ratings
Sound:8 out of 10
Features:9 out of 10
Action/Finish/Feel:10 out of 10
Reliability/Durability:9 out of 10
Overall Rating:9 out of 10

Submitted: 2009-10-23   Number of views: 4327