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Fender Jaguar Review

Author: Doug Jackson

Owned the first Jaguar in Queensland Aust in 60's when they appeared and wished I'd Kept it. originally used flat wounds then changed to wound and incured the bridge problems.

Started playing again in the 2000's and bought a CIJ special Jaguar with dual humbuckers. No tremelo; fixed bridge.I use ultra thin wounds and am pleased with the performance in sound and playing ease.

Very happy with the instrument. Quality product and reasonably priced.

Doug Jackson's Ratings
Sound:9 out of 10
Features:10 out of 10
Action/Finish/Feel:10 out of 10
Reliability/Durability:10 out of 10
Overall Rating:9 out of 10

Submitted: 2009-12-07   Number of views: 4821