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Squier Jagmaster Review

Author: Phil

I have had my Squier Jagmaster since 2010 (new) and am still extremely happy with it. It is still my preferred instrument for gigging. I originally bought it because of its low cost, wanting an instrument that did not worry me in the way my '72 Strat did at night in iffy parts of town.

I have not touched the electrics at all - unless rotating the P/U switch 90° to match the position of the P/Us counts. I also changed the pot knobs as I wanted a slightly different look and specifically a larger volume control knob.

The most important adjustment was to file to a rounded shape the sharp edge on the hole in the anchor plate between the anchor of the string and the saddles which created enough metal fatigue to break a couple of strings. With the tremolo being synchronous, this knocks all the strings out of tune and when it happened on stage, mid solo, I was a little put out. Because of the way I sometimes play, the first string has got caught underneath the bottom edge of the neck P/U and it takes a second to pull it back into position.

I feel that I'm scraping the barrel for possible improvements here because, as I indicated at the outset, I really do like this guitar. One day, I may possibly change the P/Us, but I'm in no rush. I live in Mexico City and paid Ps 3,150 when I bought it - so definitely a bargain.

Phil's Ratings
Sound:9 out of 10
Features:8 out of 10
Action/Finish/Feel:10 out of 10
Reliability/Durability:10 out of 10
Overall Rating:9 out of 10

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