Founded in 1997, jag-stang.com was originally a simple geocities fan site for the jag-stang. Over the years it has evolved into a full fledged community based around not only the Jag-Stang, but also the Fender Jaguar, Mustang, Jazzmaster and other similar guitars.

Jag-Stang.com is fully fan created and supported since the beginning. Jag-Stang.com has no affiliation with Fender Musical Instruments.

For a more detailed history of jag-stang.com check out the following blog post from 2007 about the 10th anniversary: [Jag-Stang.com - 10 years on the web!]

jag-stang.com - over 10 years on the web

jag-stang.com - over 10 years on the web

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