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AJ’s Project Gold Top Jag-Stang (Warmoth body and neck)

We bring you another fantastic jagstang project in this post.  Comprised of a Warmoth made jagstang body and neck AJ put together a really nice guitar here.

Some of the specs from AJ’s “Gold Top” jag-stang are:

  • Warmoth jagstang body
  • Warmoth 24″ neck
  • compound neck radius – from 10″ to 16″ radius
  • Gibson style frets
  • Bridge pickup – Seymour Duncan: Duncan Custom SH-5
  • Neck pickup – Seymour Duncan JB Jr. SJBJ-1
  • Tuners – Schaller locking
  • Bridge – Warmoth; which is much more adjustable than the stock Jagstang / Mustang bridges

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body

This photo includes an original (c 1974) Mustang neck that AJ intended to use, but he found the Warmoth neck much better for playability.

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang, warmoth neck and body, 74 Mustang neck

AJ’s guitar is a part of the Warmoth gallery.

(click for larger image)

AJ\'s gold project jagstang

Do you have a project jag-stang or modified jag-stang you’re proud of?  Send us the photos and the specs and we may post it here! [Contact us here.]

Kurt’s red Jag-Stang @ Fender Museum

It’s been well known that there were 2 original prototype jag-stangs made by Fender at the time Kurt Cobain died. There was a sonic blue prototype that was played by Kurt on a few European tour dates. (see video in previous post) It was given to Peter Buck of REM after Cobain died. You can see Buck playing the lefty jag-stang flipped righty in the REM video “what´s the frequency kenneth”. Does anyone know where the blue jag-stang is today?

The fiesta red prototype never made it to Kurt. Fender was preparing to ship the guitar to Kurt when they got news of his death. It originally ended up in the Fender Museum. Forum member ‘prospect’ posted some of his great photos and information from the Fender museum which is shared below. [forum link]

These photos are from Fender’s Museum in California from a few years back. It is my understanding that this is now currently on display either in Seattle or Cleveland.

On Kurt’s drawing the surrounding information you see is for when it was scanned for “Journals”. The “blacked out” area is contact information for Kurt and his guitar tech which was to not be printed in “Journals”.

(Click images below for larger versions)

If you have any more info on the current locations of the fiesta red or sonic blue prototype jag-stangs let us know.

Kurt Cobain Using the Fender Jag-Stang Live

While Kurt wasn’t alive long enough for us to see him play the jag-stang very much there were some shows during the ’94 European tour where he did.

Below is one of the better quality videos of Kurt playing the jag-stang on the song Dumb from the Slovenia 2/27/94 tour date. Thanks to Ryan for suggesting us post this on our blog!  If you see other cool jag-stang videos that we should post let us know.

Gorgeous Jag-Stang Project Guitar

Forum member iCEByTes has put together a gorgeous custom jag-stang project guitar.

For all the details on his project and all the folks who contributed to it visit this forum post.  [url] You could also post any questions to the creator there.

Some of the specs on the guitar are:

  • neck: 24″ C shape (copy of jag-stang neck)
  • body: ash (copy of jag-stang body ash), with straight humbucker and contours
  • pickups: Seymour Duncan Lipstick SLS-n and Seymour Duncan JB

Below are a few photos of the project jagstang.

Custom Project JagStang guitar

custom jagstang project guitar

Custom Jag-Stang headstock

If you have a custom jag-stang, jaguar, or mustang project guitar send us your photos!  We’ll put up a post to show off your project.

Fender introducing Jag-Stang Bass guitar

[Edit: Hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day and didn’t believe anything posted today, April 1.]

It’s a Jaguar Bass. It’s a Mustang Bass. No. It’s a Jag-Stang Bass!

Similar to how the Jag-Stang was created it looks like Fender has taken features from both the Fender Jaguar Bass and the Fender Mustang Bass and created the Jag-Stang Bass. There are not many details available yet but we did get a hold of a couple images. Fender is expected to announce the Jag-Stang Bass at the Summer NAMM show.

Fender JagStang Bass

Click for High-Res photo.


JagStang Bass headstock

JagStang Bass Body

All I want for xmas is … a jagstang t-shirt and hoodie!

Not a joke! 🙂 On a recent shopping trip to JC Penny and Kohls department stores I was shocked to see t-shirts and hoodies with jag-stangs on them! They are actually Nirvana t-shirts and hoodies which have the below graphic.

Jag-stang tshirt

The t-shirt looks like this.

Jagstang tshirt

The shirts were cheap at around $9 and the hoodies at around $19. I would guess that whatever semi-large department store that carry many of the printed t-shirts this time of year would have them. Or if you search google for ‘nirvana guitar shirt’ you can find them.

There also appears to be a jaguar shirt (shown below) but I did not see it in the stores.

Jaguar nirvana shirt

Tightening that Dynamic Vibrato tremolo arm

A common question of new owners of guitars with a Dynamic Vibrato is how to keep the tremolo arm in the tailpiece bar. The tremolo/bridge unit of the Fender jag-stang and most mustangs is a Dynamic Vibrato, so this article applies to both the jag-stang and mustang.

The first thing to know is that the tremolo bar itself does not “snap” or screw into place like the tremolo bar of a stratocaster. The tremolo bar is held in place by pressure from a small allen screw in the tailpiece bar.

The photo below points to the location of this allen screw. Note the location indicated by the blue arrow pointing into the end of the tailpiece bar.

dynamic vibrato tremolo screw

So to hold your tremolo bar in place get the bar in a position you are comfortable with and then snug the screw in the end of the tailpiece using a 4mm (or 5/32″) allen wrench. Don’t over tighten this screw. (see below)

dynamic vibrato tremolo screw

So another very common problem is that the screw in the end of the tailpiece bar will be missing. They fall out very easily.

There are not a lot of options for finding a replacement screw. You may have to buy an entire dynamic vibrato tailpiece that includes the screw. Or another option would be to pull the tailpiece bar off the guitar and take it into your local hardware store looking for a screw that will fit.

[If anyone has found an exact replacement for this screw please let us know the details and we’ll add it to this article.]