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New Fender Pawn Shop Guitar: Jaguarillo

Fender just announced some additions to the Pawn Shop series we may all be interested in. Love to hear your comments on the new guitar. [forum thread]

This post will cover – the Jaguarillo. A Jaguar with a HSS configuration and Adjusto-Matic Bridge. Available in 3 color sunburst, candy apple red, and faded sonic blue.

Fender Jaguarillo
Faded Sonic Blue Fender Jaguarillo

Fender Jaguarillo Page [link]

Fender Pawn Shop Series Page [link]

Fender Introduces 50th Anniversary Jaguar® Guitar

[Fender Press Release – (url)]

50th Anniversary Fender Jaguar
50th Anniversary Fender Jaguar

Fender is proud to celebrate five colorful decades of the Jaguar guitar by introducing the 50th Anniversary Jaguar model. The instrument takes players back to 1962, when Fender introduced an unusual new guitar that paired a sleekly modified Jazzmaster® body style and elaborate control layout with a shorter scale and smaller, brighter pickups with more output. The resulting Jaguar was the fourth and last of Fender’s original lineup of standard electric guitars.

Perfectly matched to the early-’60s renaissance in design modernism (as exemplified by everything of the era from autos to aircraft to sunglasses to furniture), the Jaguar gradually acquired a fascinating pedigree quite unlike that of any other Fender guitar. A chromed-out, surf-rock staple of the 1960s, it found new life from the mid-1970s-on as a subversively offbeat alternative axe wielded by punk, post-punk, grunge and alt-indie guitar heroes and anti-heroes alike. The same guitar that originally crested waves of reverb-drenched singles by groups such as the Chantays and the Surfaris later fueled, for example, the dynamic grunge maelstrom of Nirvana, the translucent shoe-gazing dream pop of My Bloody Valentine and the literately artful alt-rock of the Pixies, the Flaming Lips and many others.

The U.S.-built 50th Anniversary Jaguar celebrates that vivid history and combines old and new into the finest of all Jaguar guitars. Highly distinctive features include the classic 24” scale length, a new one-degree neck-angle-pocket cut that improves pitch, a re-positioned tremolo plate that increases bridge break angle and sustain, and specially designed hot Jaguar single-coil neck and bridge pickups that deliver fatter tone and more output (once again framed by the model’s classic notched metal “claws”; a hum-reducing innovation only found on the Jaguar).

Other premium features include a sleekly offset alder body with lacquer finish, C-shaped maple neck with lacquer finish and vintage-style truss rod, 9.5”-radius bound rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and pearloid block inlays, separate “lead” and rhythm tone circuits with their own dedicated volume and tone controls, two-position tone switch and on/off slide switch for each pickup, three-ply pickguard (Mint Green-Black-Mint Green), and vintage-style floating tremolo bridge with lock button and chrome cover. Accessories include a deluxe brown case, strap, cable and a set of flatwound strings. Available in classic vintage Fender finishes Lake Placid Blue, Candy Apple Red and striking Burgundy Mist Metallic, which authentically evokes the original Jaguar’s Burgundy Mist finish option.

(MSRP: $ 2,419.99)

Product Page:

50th Anniversary Fender Jaguar
50th Anniversary Fender Jaguar
50th Anniversary Fender Jaguar
50th Anniversary Fender Jaguar

New Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar® From Fender®

Fender is introduction a new Jaguar model the Johnny Marr Signature.  Below are details from the press release, youtube video and link to official Fender page of the jag.

[youtube sPoUB9qBdg4]

Fender Link:

Press Release Info below:

The Johnny Marr signature Jaguar is a fantastically non-standard version of the model that is as distinctive as the sounds Marr wrings from it, with a wealth of highly specialized features including:

  • Custom-wound Bare Knuckle® Johnny Marr single-coil neck and bridge pickups.
  • Custom-shaped maple neck based on Marr’s 1965 Jaguar, with vintage-style truss rod, lacquer finish and Marr’s signature on the front of the headstock.
  • Four-position blade-style pickup switch mounted to the lower-horn chrome plate (bridge, bridge and neck in parallel, neck, bridge and neck in series).
  • Two upper-horn slide switches (universal bright and pickup switch position four bright).
  • Jaguar bridge with Mustang® saddles, nylon bridge post inserts for improved stability, chrome cover and vintage-style floating tremolo tailpiece.
  • Tremolo arm nylon sleeve insert to prevent arm swing.

The guitar comes in Olympic White and new Metallic KO (a distinctive orange tint derived from the heavily faded Candy Apple Red finish of one of Marr’s favorite ’60s-era Fender models).

Johnny Marr Fender Jaguar
Johnny Marr Fender Jaguar

Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar Updates

More info on the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar coming out recently since our original post about the new guitar.

Fender now has an official product page for the guitar. [fender official page]

Musicians Friend is listing the guitar in right handed and left handed models available 10/10/2011 at a price of $1299.99. [ Right Handed / Left Handed ]

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar
Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar

Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar Replica to be released

[via the rollingstone blog]

Fender Japan has been offering a Kurt Cobain replica Fender Jaguar for years. The only way to get that guitar in the states was to have it imported from Japan or to find an dealer that had access to import it themselves.  Now it looks like Fender will make it available stateside.

This release is in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana Nevermind release. The guitar will be priced at $1,849.99.

Fender Japan – Hollow Body Jaguars and Jazzmasters

Finally we’re in a day and age where us westerners have a decent amount of choice when it comes to picking a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster. (10 years ago not so much) So maybe we don’t need more choice here – but Japan is getting more!

Fender Japan seems to now be offering interesting hollow body versions of the Jaguar and Jazzmaster models.

Below are some images from the Fender Japan site and translated link.

Also check out the post over at Stratoblogster.

Fender Japan Hollow Body Jaguar (jg/ho)
Fender Japan Hollow Body Jaguar (jg/ho)
Fender Japan Hollow Body Jazzmaster (jm/ho)
Fender Japan Hollow Body Jazzmaster (jm/ho)

Fender Japan (translated): LINK