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New 2013 Fender Custom Shop Jaguar and Jazzmasters

(2015 Update! – Fender lists these models as retired.)

There are some new additions to the Fender Custom Shop line of Jaguars and Jazzmasters.


Sleek and powerful, the Limited La Cabronita “Gato Gordo” Jaguar takes Fender’s classic cat and revamps it for the modern pro player with a forceful TV Jones® Power’Tron pickup and standard Fender 25.5″ scale length (versus the traditional 24″ Jaguar scale length).

Limited La Cabronita "Gato Gordo" Jaguar
Limited La Cabronita “Gato Gordo” Jaguar



A guitar that must be seen—and heard—to be believed. The Limited Custom Deluxe Jazzmaster® recasts the classic Fender model in a beautiful select okoume body with a flame maple top and Honey Blonde finish, accentuated by a gold anodized aluminum pickguard and gold hardware. Definitely not your typical Jazzmaster.

Limited Custom Deluxe Jazzmaster
Fender Custom Shop Limited Custom Deluxe Jazzmaster



New for 2013, the Jazzmaster Pro is a sleek addition to our Pro Collection. Designed for players attracted to the classic Jazzmaster body style who seek more modern features, it features a lightweight ash body, single custom-voiced humbucking bridge pickup and two-point synchronized tremolo bridge machined from 1018 cold-rolled steel.

Limited Jazzmaster Pro
Limited Jazzmaster Pro

Fender Japan – Hollow Body Jaguars and Jazzmasters

Finally we’re in a day and age where us westerners have a decent amount of choice when it comes to picking a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster. (10 years ago not so much) So maybe we don’t need more choice here – but Japan is getting more!

Fender Japan seems to now be offering interesting hollow body versions of the Jaguar and Jazzmaster models.

Below are some images from the Fender Japan site and translated link.

Also check out the post over at Stratoblogster.

Fender Japan Hollow Body Jaguar (jg/ho)
Fender Japan Hollow Body Jaguar (jg/ho)
Fender Japan Hollow Body Jazzmaster (jm/ho)
Fender Japan Hollow Body Jazzmaster (jm/ho)

Fender Japan (translated): LINK

New Fender Blacktop Series – Jazzmaster and Jaguar models

Fender has recently introduced the new  Blacktop Series which includes Jazzmaster and Jaguar models.  They are being pushed as guitars that “deliver on modern player demands for a thick and heavy sound” by adding high-gain humbucking pickups.

These guitars are being made in Mexico and come in at an attractive $450 (us dollars).  Now if you don’t want to shell out $800 for a Classic Player model one of  these Blacktop Series guitars may work for you.

  • Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster
    • HS pickup config
    • Duncan designed humbucker in bridge
    • Duncan designed single coil jazzmaster pickup in neck
    • simplified controls and switching
    • skirted amp knobs
    • Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster Product Page
  • Fender Blacktop Jaguar
    • HH pickup config
    • “Hot Vintage” alnico bridge humbucker
    • “Hot Vintage” alnico neck humbucker
    • simplified controls and switching
    • skirted amp knobs
    • Fender Blacktop Jaguar Product Page

Jump into the forum discussion on the new guitars. [forum thread]

Fender Blacktop Series - Jaguar and Jazzmaster
Fender Blacktop Series - Jaguar and Jazzmaster

Garagetone’s Jazzstang build

Forum member Garagetone recently posted up some info and photos about a Jazzstang project he is working on.  You can see a few select photos and quotes from his thread in the post below.

To see even more photos and information see the full forum thread HERE.

After I crafted a bunch of “standard” bodies, I decided to merge the guitars from my two favorite bands. Kurdt’s Jag Stang, with Thurston’s Jazzmaster. – Garagetone

Nice work Garagetone!

Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Design
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build Body Blank
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - body routed and shaped
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build Painted
Jazzstang Build - painted
Jazzstang Build with neck
Jazzstang Build - with neck

EDIT: Updated with demo video.

Check out more from Garagetone on his Myspace Page.