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Pictures of Your Fender Mustangs!

I wanted to use this post to highlight a great thread in our forums.  It is a post in the Fender Mustang section titled “Pics of Everyones fender mustangs“. It was started back in summer of 2008 and has over 5500 views at the time of this posting. 

Below is a selection of photos from that forum post.  If you have a Fender Mustang and haven’t jumped in on sharing your photos yet we encourage you to do so!

(Click an image for larger version)


Mr Maxima’s Fender Mustang Story – It’s Back!

We’ve kept a backup copy of the brillant Mr Maxima’s Fender Mustang Story web site at for many years since it disappeared. We were recently contacted by Mr Maxima that he has revived the web site.

It’s now located at:

We’ll be updating our copy of the page shortly to refer folks to the new site.

The Fender Mustang Story

Fender introducing Jag-Stang Bass guitar

[Edit: Hope everyone had a fun April Fools Day and didn’t believe anything posted today, April 1.]

It’s a Jaguar Bass. It’s a Mustang Bass. No. It’s a Jag-Stang Bass!

Similar to how the Jag-Stang was created it looks like Fender has taken features from both the Fender Jaguar Bass and the Fender Mustang Bass and created the Jag-Stang Bass. There are not many details available yet but we did get a hold of a couple images. Fender is expected to announce the Jag-Stang Bass at the Summer NAMM show.

Fender JagStang Bass

Click for High-Res photo.


JagStang Bass headstock

JagStang Bass Body

Eric Byrne’s Fender Mustang Collection – Part 2

There are a couple more Gearwire vids of Eric Byrne’s Mustang collection. He even has Mustang, Jaguar, and Bronco bass guitars. Visit the links below to check them out.

Eric Bryne’s basses

Guitars And Guns Go Hand In Hand

Fender Mustang, Fender Squier Bronco, And Fender Jaguar: A Day At The Zoo With Erik Byrne Fender Basses

If you have an affinity for collecting mustangs, jaguars, jazzmasters and other similar guitars let us see your collection.

The 28 Most Recognizable Guitars from

We like Best/Most/Worst/etc lists. They seem to generate great discussion in all kinds of directions.

So here we present you with’s “28 Most Recognizable Guitars”. The Fender Mustang, as made famous by Kurt Cobain, comes in at a very respectable 14 on the list.

Kurt Cobain Fender Mustang

This list is shown below. You can also check out the Blender article which includes great descriptions and video links for each entry. (Blender article link)

  • 28. Buck Owens: Red, White and Blue acoustic
  • 27. Les Claypool – Primus: The Rainbow Bass
  • 26. Michael Angelo Batio: The Reverse Double-Neck
  • 25. Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters: Dan Armstrong/Ampeg ARMG-2
  • 24. Michael Anthony – Van Halen: Jack Daniel’s Bass
  • 23. Angus Young – AC/DC: Gibson SG
  • 22. Ace Frehley – KISS: Laser Guitar
  • 21. Albert King: Gibson Flying V
  • 20. Zakk Wylde – Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society: The Grail
  • 19. Jerry Only – The Misfits: The Devastator
  • 18. Billie Joe Armstrong – Green Day: Blue
  • 17. Bootsy Collins: Space Bass
  • 16. Dimebag Darrell Abbott – Pantera/Damageplan: The Dean From Hell
  • 15. Rick Nielsen – Cheap Trick: Hamer Five-Neck
  • 14. Kurt Cobain – Nirvana: Fender Mustang
  • 13. ZZ Top: Dean Spinning Fur Guitar/Bass
  • 12. Gene Simmons – KISS: Axe Bass
  • 11. Eric Clapton: Blackie
  • 10. B.B. King: Lucille
  • 9. Jack White – White Stripes: 1964 J.B. Hutto Montgomery Airline
  • 8. Bo Diddley: The Big B
  • 7. Willie Nelson: Trigger
  • 6. Prince: Purple Glyph Symbol Guitar
  • 5. Paul McCartney – Beatles: Hofner Violin Bass
  • 4. Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin: Gibson SG Double Neck
  • 3. Elvis Presley: Martin D-28 Acoustic
  • 2. Eddie Van Halen – Van Halen: Frankenstrat
  • 1. Jimi Hendrix: Fender Stratocaster

Tightening that Dynamic Vibrato tremolo arm

A common question of new owners of guitars with a Dynamic Vibrato is how to keep the tremolo arm in the tailpiece bar. The tremolo/bridge unit of the Fender jag-stang and most mustangs is a Dynamic Vibrato, so this article applies to both the jag-stang and mustang.

The first thing to know is that the tremolo bar itself does not “snap” or screw into place like the tremolo bar of a stratocaster. The tremolo bar is held in place by pressure from a small allen screw in the tailpiece bar.

The photo below points to the location of this allen screw. Note the location indicated by the blue arrow pointing into the end of the tailpiece bar.

dynamic vibrato tremolo screw

So to hold your tremolo bar in place get the bar in a position you are comfortable with and then snug the screw in the end of the tailpiece using a 4mm (or 5/32″) allen wrench. Don’t over tighten this screw. (see below)

dynamic vibrato tremolo screw

So another very common problem is that the screw in the end of the tailpiece bar will be missing. They fall out very easily.

There are not a lot of options for finding a replacement screw. You may have to buy an entire dynamic vibrato tailpiece that includes the screw. Or another option would be to pull the tailpiece bar off the guitar and take it into your local hardware store looking for a screw that will fit.

[If anyone has found an exact replacement for this screw please let us know the details and we’ll add it to this article.]

Modified MIJ Fender Mustang – User Video

Dave Fisher has put together a great video showing off his modified 1996 Fender Mustang. You can check it out below. His modifications include Rio Grande neck pickup, new wiring, blocked bridge, graphite nut / string tree, and more!

If you have a video showing off your modified (or even non-modified) jag-stang, mustang, jaguar, jazzmaster, etc.. feel free to let us know about it and we can post it up here for all to see. Fill out the contact form to get in touch with us.

Nice mustang Dave!