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The Jag-Stang Bass !!?!

Back on April 1 2008 put up an April Fools joke about Fender introducing a Jag-Stang Bass. Email still comes in to this day with people finding that post and not realizing it was a joke.

But one person took it upon themselves to actually build a “Jag-Stang Bass”. Below are some photos of Austin Coslar’s fantastic jag-stang bass creation.

For even more photos, including build-in-progress updates, see the following thread over on OffsetGuitars:  OSG Jag-Stang Bass Build

Thanks for sharing the photos with us Austin and nicely done!

Another HNB Project: Metallic Green Jag-Stang

Hentai No Baka is at it again with another cool guitar project. He has customized a fiesta red jag-stang into a metallic green jag-stang with additional other changes!

Below is a tiny sampling of the photos he has of the project. Visit the forum thread he has for the project to see a ton of photos and information that he has shared.

[Project Forum Thread]

HNB’s Walnut Stained Jag-Stang Project

We always like to highlight the projects forum members are working on.  And here is another recent project from HNB.

A custom made jag-stang featuring some of the following: TK Custom Guitars jag-stang body, MusicMaster neck, strat bridge pickup, 500k pots, and more!

The project details and many more images of his project can be found in the forum thread here.


AJ’s 1975 Fender Mustang (restored and modified)

A few years back AJ shared his very cool “Gold Top” jag-stang project with us which we featured on the blog.  Heres the link.

He’s sent in some pics of his restored and modified 1975 Fender Mustang to share with us as well.  And it is also very cool!  His description and photos are below. Enjoy!

It’s a restored 1975, with some obvious modifications (something the purists might not dig…but whatever). The pickups are full-size single coil filtertrons which sound sensational. The tuners are Planet Waves locking. I opted to lose the stock switches and installed a 3-way toggle switch where the jack hole usually is. I moved the jack hole to the side of the body (as seen in the photo…a VERY scary drilling job…but thankfully it turned out quite well). Also, the stock nut was replaced with a brass nut.

This was my first electric guitar that I bought new in 1975 from Charles Music Store in Glendale, California, so there’s a lot of personal sentimental value. It was originally dark brown in color. Plays great and sounds very unique with the ‘trons. Definitely a strong, edgy surf tone. Gotta love it!

AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975
AJ's Mustang 1975

Thanks for sharing with us AJ!

Jason’s Custom Catwoman Fender Jaguar

Here’s is a very unique Fender Jaguar for you to check out.  Jason sent us the story and details about his custom Jag.  See his story and photos of the guitar below.  If you have a cool story about your custom alternative guitar you’ld like to share with our readers you can contact us here.  Update: Added some more photos from Jason including “The Big Cat’s Lair” with Justine De Sade of local punk band The Bombasts.

Custom Catwoman Jaguar
Custom Catwoman Jaguar

These are the ones! What d’ya mean your Jag isn’t like this? I thought they all came with Michelle Pfeiffer on them!

I started collecting Beach Boys records in the early 80’s and was thus very keen to buy a Jag when the Jap version first came on the market in 1987. I purchased my Olympic white version in Oct 87 at a shop in Cwmbran, Wales (land of Queen Catherine Zeta Jones) and noted that the intonation and tuning weren’t spot on. Luckily a fellah who used to work at Andy’s guitar shop, London had recently moved into our Welsh valley and charged me a small price for setting the Cat up nicely (I still have the cash receipt for the job).

Over the next 12 years I played dozens of gigs – many of them in the open air on streets- with the Jag and used her on hundreds of hours of 4-track recording. I was only a bass-player-made-good when I bought the Jag and over the next few years taught myself to play my own version of lead guitar.

In 1990 I had bought a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby pedal and found that it enhanced the cat-like qualities of the Jag, helping me to progress from the standard early Beach Boys and 80’s style chorus effect tones to wildly screaming fuzz with wah-pedal-to-the-metal sounds used in conjunction with the whammy bar. Kurt Cobain was probably still getting dimes off the tooth fairy when all this was happening so it amuses me greatly when he’s held up as some sort of great innovator by choosing the Jaguar as his weapon of choice.

In 1998 I did a Christmas show at work, kicking off with a storming version of U2’s “New Year’s Day” during which my Cry Baby pedal finally died. For some reason I had stuck a little Catwoman sticker onto the Jag for the performance and over the next year gradually came up with the idea of painting the whole guitar.

In December 1999 I undertook the paint job using a large poster of Michelle Pfeiffer for the front image and a DC comics story book of the Batman Returns film for the back. I used little tins of model airplane gloss paint for the job (having a background in scale modelling) and the work was done, through a stinking bout of flu, in about a month. A while later I painted the legend “She is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness” which is from Steve Nicks’ song “Rhiannon”, interestingly about a Welsh witch. The paint went rock hard when it set and has lasted almost ten years without any blemishes.

“Catwoman”, as we can now properly call her, still functions perfectly and I’ve used her in the last week on a wild recording of The Temptations “Psychedelic Shack”. The pickup covers have yellowed with age and I’ve had to glue the plastic whammy bar tip knob back together after it had cracked and fallen off. I recently submitted a comment on the Jag Stang site regarding the usual bridge saddle problems, my hacksaw cut into the high E string saddle being the only major modification I’ve made to the Cat.

My other guitars are a 2000 Big Apple Strat, )painted with Halle Berry as “Storm) a 1997 Ibanez Blazer strat copy, a 1989 Marlin Sidewinder (painted with Elvis), a 1979 Hondo Strat copy and a 1992 Gibson ES135 semi acoustic, along with 3 or 4 basses. My Jag was not supplied with a string dampener and has a J-shaped whammy bar as opposed to the S-shaped ones I’ve seen on many Jags.

The Jaguar as a model is a special guitar, an acquired taste for the connoisseur. My own Catwoman jag is, as the old Cadillac adverts said, unique in the whole world.

Happy trails, partners! THE BIG CAT

Garagetone’s Jazzstang build

Forum member Garagetone recently posted up some info and photos about a Jazzstang project he is working on.  You can see a few select photos and quotes from his thread in the post below.

To see even more photos and information see the full forum thread HERE.

After I crafted a bunch of “standard” bodies, I decided to merge the guitars from my two favorite bands. Kurdt’s Jag Stang, with Thurston’s Jazzmaster. – Garagetone

Nice work Garagetone!

Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Design
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build Body Blank
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - body routed and shaped
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build
Jazzstang Build - hardware mounting
Jazzstang Build Painted
Jazzstang Build - painted
Jazzstang Build with neck
Jazzstang Build - with neck

EDIT: Updated with demo video.

Check out more from Garagetone on his Myspace Page.

Fran’s Mosrite Ventures Johnny Ramone Tribute

One of the most generous and helpful forum members, Fran, has shared his journey of creating a Mosrite Ventures Johnny Ramone Tribute.

His opening quote:

For some time i wanted a Mosrite, due to Johnny Ramone of course but could never afford one. So i decided to build one.
My last project (JS) was a struggle at times so i tried to set my plans out on this one so things ran smoothly. Hmm.

The forum thread: [click me]

Below is a video of Fran demoing his finished creation and also just a few photos along the process.  Make sure you check out the full forum thread for more info and detailed photos on his project.