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Kurt Cobain Using the Fender Jag-Stang Live

While Kurt wasn’t alive long enough for us to see him play the jag-stang very much there were some shows during the ’94 European tour where he did.

Below is one of the better quality videos of Kurt playing the jag-stang on the song Dumb from the Slovenia 2/27/94 tour date. Thanks to Ryan for suggesting us post this on our blog!  If you see other cool jag-stang videos that we should post let us know.

Modified MIJ Fender Mustang – User Video

Dave Fisher has put together a great video showing off his modified 1996 Fender Mustang. You can check it out below. His modifications include Rio Grande neck pickup, new wiring, blocked bridge, graphite nut / string tree, and more!

If you have a video showing off your modified (or even non-modified) jag-stang, mustang, jaguar, jazzmaster, etc.. feel free to let us know about it and we can post it up here for all to see. Fill out the contact form to get in touch with us.

Nice mustang Dave!