Do you have any info on the DiMarzio H-3 or H-8?

While most sources say the DiMarzio H-3 was in the prototype jag-stang it in fact had a Dimarzio H-8 in it. (H-8 info at bottom)

If you are wondering, the H-3 does exist. However it was made exclusively for Fender and not available as a retail item. The DiMarzio Evolution Neck model (DP158) is the closest sounding pickup available individually.

The H-8 was also a Fender exclusive pickup and not available retail. According to DiMarzio the PAF Pro (DP151F) is the most similar pickup available retail.

Here is an interesting note and pics I received from Earnie Bailey on this very topic.

Hi Greg,
I saw your page about the Jag Stang, it’s great ! Mark Wittenberg stated somewhere that Kurt’s JS came stock with a H-3, but it was actually a H-8. I swapped it out for a white Duncan JB the day before the did “MTV Unplugged”, along with Kurt’s other blue Japan Mustangs.

Best regards, Earnie

3 thoughts on “Do you have any info on the DiMarzio H-3 or H-8?

  1. I know that you can contact fender and offer up a hefty price to have a Fender re-issue designer have an H-3 replica (as close as they can get it) masterbuilt for you. They usually don’t do singular objects (outside a complete guitar) but money wins them over. I had a 1963 Brownface Princeton built for me, and it took a lot of fighting through stupid comments like “we don’t manufacture that product anymore”. Just see where you can get.

  2. What is the bridge spacing on the H-3 or DP158? Can’t seem to find alot of detail on the spacing between the poles or the height of these pickups and I am looking to put the Nailbomb Humbucker from BKP to accompany an Irish Tour single coil on the Jag-Stang.

  3. I have a Heartfield Talon (by Fender – early 90s made in Japan). It has a H3 at the bridge and a H1 in the neck. Both have an “F” stamped on them. Since it is on a Floyd Rose guitar, I assume that the F is for F-spaced.

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