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External Power In a Jiffy

Most of us that are Into Great usage of Pedals know that Batteries Give out at all the WORST times. Well; What if Your pedal doesn’t have external power? Your Pretty much “screwed” for lack of a better definition. Never Fear, external power is here!

What we will do:

  • we will Add Eternal power, the EASY way

Tools Needed:

  • Drill, and bit or a drill press
  • DC Jack
  • Extra 9V battery Snap
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • OPTIONAL: Rubber Grommets

Okay BEFORE we get started; Let’s talk about the Different DC jacks out there. There are 2 Kinds.

  1. The standard Negative tip Style DC jack. It accepts Standard boss, Ibanez, etc. style power supplies. Depending what your enclosure is made of you’ll purchase 1 of 2 types:
  • Metal
  1. Positive Tip Style DC Jacks. These are more commonly found on Electro-Harmonix pedals. Such as the USA Big-Muff Reissue.

Okay To make this project as EASY as possible; we’ll need a the Negative tip Plastic “boss” style DC Jack.



Step 1:
Solder Your NEW battery Snap to your NEW DC Jack.

Step 2:
Snap the 2 Battery snaps together.

Step 3:
Plug your guitar into the Input, and another Cable from your Output to your Practice amp. Plug in a 9V Negative tip Power supply. Turn your effect on. Strum on your guitar while GENTLY Yanking on the Connections you’ve soldered. IF the sound breaks up, Goes out, etc. Make sure That all connections that you made are VERY solid. Be Persistant, don’t give up Untill you’ve got it right. However don’t get angry; and if you do- WALK AWAY. Just sit back and relax until you’ve calmed down. Then return to your Effect.

Step 4:
When your sure that ALL your connections are VERY solid, and your effect works correctly, and flawlessly; THEN it’s time to drill.

Step 5:
Use a Set of Callippers, or anything you’ve got to measure with. Measure the right size for your New DC jack.

Step 6:
Take a VERY GOOD look at your effect. Decide where you want/need the DC Jack. Make sure you know that the DC jack will Fit Where you want it to go WITHOUT touching any other connections. Mark where Your DC Jack will go.

Step 7:
Drill Away. Be VERY careful! i suggest taking ALL of the Guts out of your Pedal, Possible. But DO NOT push it. If something won’t budge, don’t force it. Just be VERY carefull.

Step 8:
Now that you’ve Got your Hole drilled and all is well; return to your pedal board. Plug your effect up, and make sure everything still works.

Step 9:
Mount your new DC jack to your Enclosure.

Step 10:
Plug in your Effect; And make sure everything works Flawlessly. After your Satisfied, and all is well: Enjoy your Effect with External power Without the hassle of batteries; and i hope you had fun with this mod :)


Just incase you run into trouble and need to debug your effect:

smallbearelec.com (STRONGLY reccommended for this particular project)

  • authored by: Yun-Jinn Pequesso’ 1/12/04
  • Please ask before USe of Any schematic i’ve drawn, thanks. Yun-Jinn Pequesso'