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JS modification Vol.1 "saturation control"

[Author: Yun]

There are So many variations of mods you can do with a Jag-stang. As MANY will agree, the stock jag-stang is weak, muddy, lacking power, etc.

This following modification will hopefully Help you guys out ;^)

Let’s take a look at the schematic i’ve drawn: (click for larger image)

JS Schematic Saturation

JS Schematic Saturation

You’ll see that i’ve made a few “changes”. here’s what We’ve got:

  • Replaced the potentiometers (pots) with 1Meg logothmatic (log) ones. 500K will do, but won’t sound as good.
  • we’ll replace the stock .047mf capacitor (cap) with a .001mf cap. This will improve your tone GREATLY. It will get rid of all/most of your “muddiness” .
  • Last but not least- i’ve added what is called a “diode clipping circuit” . This should add a good bit of “saturation”. Saturation is Similar to a distortion control on a distortion effect pedal.

Alright, now that you know what i’ve changed- let’s cut the chatter and get to it :^) .

Bill of materials (what you’ll need to preform this particular modification)

  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • 2 1meg pots
  • 1 .001mf Capacitor (cap)
  • 2 diodes (silicon, 1N914)
  • Needle nose wire clippers
  • Small Wire strippers
  • Soldering flux paste & brush
  • Patience, persistance, and basic electronics knowlege

Step 1) Unscrew your control plate, Gently pull off the stock pot’s Knobs, Unfasten the nuts that hold your pots to the control plate.

Step 2) Once you’ve got everying unfastened, and off the control plate (except the Jack) put the 1 meg pots on the control plate. fasten and secure them snug- so they do not move around.

Step 3) Begin soldering. Use your needle-nose wire clippers to clip off ONE connection at a time. Use your wire strippers to strip a few good millimeters off the wire. Resolder to Your new pot, EXACTLY where the old connection was. Repeat untill You’ve soldered Everything EXCEPT the Ground connection(s) to the back (bottom) of your “saturation” control.

Step 4) Using your soldering flux paste; Brush a tad bit on the back (bottom) and lug 3 of your NEW tone control. solder one of the Leads of your NEW capacitor (.001mf) to lug 3 of your tone control. With the other lead, Solder it to ground (the back of the tone control).

Step 5) Use your fingers to twist your Diodes’ Leads together. Do the same thing on both sides. Solder it the same way you did with the capacitor. With the flux, lug 3, back of the pot, etc.

Step 6) Make sure all connections: grounds, leads, wires, etc. are correct. Tug moderately on each connection to make sure that each solder joint is as solid as a rock.

Step 7) Plug your guitar into a Practice amp. Make sure that you’re satisfied with the sound. Make sure eveything sounds the way it should.

Step 8) after your satisfied, and everything’s good: Enjoy, and ROCK ON!!!!


Shopping for parts (components, Pots, etc.)

*PLEASE, please, PLEASE contact me (Yun-Jinn Pequesso’) BEFORE you use this article,schematic, etc. for other purposes. This article was written by me, schematic are drawn by me. If you plan on using these for purposes OTHER than Modding your equipment PLEASE contact me Via e-mail, PM or post in the forums here. Thanks

*All mods, schematics used in this article was written/created/ and drawn by Yun-Jinn Pequesso'