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Whine-o Switch (mustang modification)

[Author: Yun]

Back ground Info: Okay, This is a Whine-o Switch. What is a Whine-O you ask? Well i’ll tell you, man. i was Bored (as usual) and i happened to be listening to The Cream. For Those of you who do not know What/Who Cream is: Eric Clapton- Guitarist, Jack Bruce-Bass, Lead vocals , And Ginger Baker-Drums. Now, Eric Clapton was Fameous back in those days for his infameous “woman Tone”. A whiney, Muffled tone when Used in junktion with a Fuzz Box can imitate any where from “Midi” tones to a “weeping girl” tone.

Anyhoo, i was fed up with switching the pickup on my mustang, THEN Turning the Tone knob ALL the way down. So To the work bench i went, man. And the rest is history. Please Note: This Mod is meant for Mustangs, and has not been tried on other guitars so “wire at your own risk, man” and have fun….

Tools Needed:

  • Wire
  • Solder
  • Soldering iron
  • Components (caps, switch etc.)
  • Drill and Bit


CORRECT Mustang Bright switch

  1. First before you do ANYTHING Make sure the guitar’s Tone section works properly. Then you can begin.
  2. Let’s start by removing the Control plate. Now make a schematic of where everything is BEFORE you Begin; or download a schematic at JS.com.
  3. working from the schematic i made; Install the Whine-O Switch. Remember The cap (capacitor) values Can be tweaked to your taste. Just remember that.
  4. Return to a Practice amp. Plug in, and tinker around a bit. See how you like it. Remember: again, you can allways use Different Values of caps.
  5. Once your satisfied; NOW you can drill. Take Your drill, and the RIGHT size Bit, and make a little " X " of where you want the switch.
  6. Remove the Potentiometeres (pots) and input Jack from the control Plate. And use a Drill or reccommended drill press to drill the right size out.
  7. Now; Lock the Pots, jacks and your New Bright switch down onto the plate.
  8. Screw the Plate back on down to the guitar.
  9. JAM, and Rock on!!!!!!


  • all caps are rated in microfared. -Switch is a SPDT mini toggle switch - schematic was drawn by me (Yun-Jinn Pequesso’) on 12/28/03 , And should NOT be used without my permission.

  • You can ALWAYS experiment with Different Cap values. Remember: The lower the rating-The brighter it will be. The Higher the rating, the Muddier it will get. i STRONGLY reccommend a .047mf Cap for the Muddy tone. With this Mod, It gets Very muddy, as it’s suposed to.

When using this mod you will want a Decent Fuzz/Distortion box. i recommed the USA Big-Muff. It’s the Best Fuzz for this Modification.


You’ll notice that When you switch To the “Muddy” cap WITH a Fuzz; that You’ll Achive a Midi, Creammy, Thick, Whiney type Tone. You can’t go wrong with this one, man.

Links: Parts: Capacitors, pots, jacks, switches, Knobs, Wire, solder, etc. :
smallbearelec.com (Strongly Reccommended)

More Info:

Thanks, And Have fun!!!!

[Authored by: Yun-Jinn Pequesso]