Can i put a mustang pickguard on my jag-stang?

Authored by: johnniespring

Since the “can i put a stang pickguard on my JS?” question gets asked every now and again, i decided to take pics to illustrate why not when i was changing stuff around on my guitars recently…..

Jag-Stang vs Mustang pickguard
as people are aware, they look similar, but not quite the same^^^^^

Jag-Stang pickguard on top of Mustang pickguard
^^^^ a js guard on top of a stang guard, to show they are a bit different (note the wd JS guard has rounded holes for the switches – which is wrong and means the switches don’t work properly unless you file the switch holes a bit – also the wd JS guard is the same shape as the original fender guard(not shown in pic), but is about 1-2 mm smaller all around the outside, though the neck/bridge/pup cutouts are fine)

Mustang pickguard over JagStang

the stang guard on the JS. the guard is a bit too long to fit between the neck pocket and the bridge/control plate properly.

so there you go.

2 thoughts on “Can i put a mustang pickguard on my jag-stang?

  1. Is the mustang pickguard you have in this picture a WD as well? It looks a little darker. Where can I find a blank sheet of the mustang material?

  2. the pickguards sold at the Warmoth Guitar website do not quite fit the fender jag-stang without doing a little routing for the pickups first. BUT after you cut away a little of the wood away (about 1/4 inch of wood) in the pickup slots, the rest of the pickguard will line up perfectly.

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