Where I can buy a left-handed Jag-Stang model?

Unfortunately the recent reissue of jag-stangs did not include the production of any left-handed versions so they are very difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Watch the used guitar market for lefty versions. There are very rarely some on ebay. Due to their rarity it is not uncommon to see left handed jag-stangs fetch over $1250 !!!

Left Handed Jag-Stang

5 thoughts on “Where I can buy a left-handed Jag-Stang model?

  1. I found my lefty JagStang on E-bay a couple years ago – $670. I now realize how lucky I was as I’ve been looking for another one since and have not seen anything come up.

  2. I saw one go on Ebay for £850 a few days ago. Other than on Ebay i’ve never seen a left handed model anywhere else. There is a petition on ThePetition Site for Fender to reissue left handed Models so i would encourage everyone to sign that.

  3. They are not worth that much. From see on ebay they fetch the standard mark up for a lefty as a righty price extra 150 to 200 depending on the condition.

  4. They are very rare to find Left handed, I have an original issue LHD Jagstang in Red, that I am considering listing on ebay just to see what it would do for, will be a shame if I do as I always figured it would be the guitar I would always keep!

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