I hear people always saying that the Jaguar sucks for distortion, and I’ll have to have humbuckers installed. Can the Jaguar sound distorted?

YES, YES, a million times YES!!! I’m tired of these myths. Yes the Jaguar can make a distorted sound. All though, it is true that the Jaguar pickups, were not created with the idea of having the thick gain-y sound of humbuckers. So… if you feel that you want more distortion out of your Jaguar, you may just need to look at an amp or pedal that can generate more gain. So don’t feel pressured to jump on the bandwagon and start carving out your Jaguar for a humbucker, before looking at more reasonable (and not permanent) options.

[From Nick’s Jaguar FAQ]

2 thoughts on “I hear people always saying that the Jaguar sucks for distortion, and I’ll have to have humbuckers installed. Can the Jaguar sound distorted?”

  1. I don’t agree. Both mustang and jaguar (and fender generally, except some special, modern models) were created for music, where you usually use clean channel, sometimes bluesy drive. That’s why it is strongly recommanded to have humbuckers installed if you wish to play some a bit heavier stuff. Peace 🙂
    Radek from Poland

  2. A healthy Jaguar does not distort by itself.
    It must have got the “Jaguarosis”.
    This happens in rare cases with Jaguars, that they just decay somehow and become unplayable.
    I run a sort of “old folk’s home” for them.
    I don’t play the guitar myself, but I do like to show off a little sometimes.
    So I thought a museum for the fallen heroes would be cool.
    And so I’ll give you a reasonable sum for your guitar,
    unless you want to keep it.
    Just write back here here, and we can take it from there.

    PS What other guitars do you like?
    Personally I like some of those that nobody has ever heard about, like an Arai Diamond I’ve got here.
    It’s a Japanese Telecaster copy, but a bit bigger. It’s a sort-of thin-line semi-acoustic, built like a traditional guitar, but with the soundingboards made out of laminated wood.
    But it looks dam well made, except the color, which to me looks like the color of snot. I haven’t have the heart to have it refinished, though. It’s a harsh procedure for a guitar from the ’50s or 60’s.
    On the other hand it’s even got a free-floating tremolo arm (Hi-Tech. -Yousa!).
    But I had to put proper tuning mechanisms on it, because the old Japanese guitars could have tremendously well executed craftmanship in everything that had to do with wood, but not so with the metal, like switches and bridges and anything made of metal. But those parts can easily be replaced by something more functional, so now it is superb.
    Well, that’s the guitar of my special passion.
    Let me know if you need other information.

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