How do the switches on the Mustang work?

The mustang switches are simple on/off switches which control the direction of current flow through the pickup it is positioned above.

switch in middle (off) position:

switch in back (towards bridge) position:

switch in forward (towards neck) position:

both pickupsoff:
-0- -0-

both pickups on:
0– 0– or –0 –0

both pickups on, out of phase with eachother:
0– –0 or –0 0–

All the combinations:

-0- -0- both pickups off
-0- 0-- neck pickup on (back)
-0- --0 neck pickup on (forward)
0-- -0- bridge pickup on (back)
0-- 0-- both pickups on, inphase
0-- --0 both pickups on, out of phase
--0 -0- bridge pickup on (forward)
--0 0-- both pickups on, out of phase
--0 --0 both pickups on, in phase

2 thoughts on “How do the switches on the Mustang work?”

  1. is this written for a left-handed mustang? on my guitar the bridge is to the right and the neck is to the left so for example:

    i thought -0- 0– was a bridge pickup on (forward), but you have that is is a neck pickup on (back).

    so basically, the way I’ve been explained it by a repair technician is that for a right-handed Mustang X is the neck pick-up and O is the bridge pick-up:

    X – O

    can you please explain this further or correct me if i’m wrong.

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