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    • Yes, still 7.25 radius board. I've seen them go for typically, around 6-800 used, some a little less, some a little more. With the hardshell case you're probably looking more around 800.
    • Yeah the guy messed up the serial number when I got the pic from him... He finally sent me a cleaner picture and fender official says 2005. I edited the post to the real number. Sorry about that. These 69 reissues still have 7.25 radius necks right?   What's the value on these things on this condition? Reverb pricing is all over the place, and I still like the guitar, but I'm not gonna pay vintage pricing for it lol
    • It's a 2004 reissue. Specifically the '69 reissue. The mustang was discontinued around 81 and Fender Japan didn't start until 1982. The big giveaway is the 'crafted in Japan which didn't become standard marking until after 97, though some earlier models occasionally had it.
    • Hello everyone thanks for reading. I recently came across a Mustang that is supposedly a 1982, but it's very difficult to find info on these years. Can anyone tell me some tell-tale signs? I have a few pics of it that I will attach.  Serial: R018034 . Theres conflicting info on this. According to a mustang history page, that means it's 1982, but according to a decoder, it's a 2004 reissue? I can't figure out how to upload pics through here? So here's a link to the imgur gallery https://imgur.com/gallery/jNs2yUg If anyone can help, that'd be awesome and I'd really appreciate it.  
    • This will happen to literally any guitar with a bolt on neck. It's caused by the stress the screws put on such a tiny and thin piece of wood. It's nothing to worry about. It's a design flaw of bolt-on neck guitars.
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