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    • Hi guys, I was just wondering if anybody could help me out at all. For my 17th birthday I went to guitar guitar in Edinburgh and picked up a second hand Fender classic player Jaguar HH in great condition for a great deal. I love the guitar but was thinking it could do a lot more with some changes to the electronics. I was wondering if anyone has tried changing the on/off selectors out for a 4 way switch (like the johnny marr sig), then rewiring the bass cut switch which is also on the bottom plate to replace the kill switch on the top plate and then wiring the 4 way selector like a fender baja telecaster? Thanks
    • Looking forward to seeing what you put together!
    • I been frequenting these forums and this site for about 2 years now and never made an account but made one today to share with a challenge of some sorts which I am doing. Basically, I call it the Squier Jag-Stang. Using the cheapest parts available on eBay I am trying to make a replica Jag-Stang using parts from China. May update with photos in the future!
    • Hi - I am new to this forum, so hello to all ! Just wondered if anyone had information concerning the Player Jaguar bridge ? I bought a new Player series this autumn, and the action is quite high - certainly compared to my Tele. The saddles are all adjustable, and are currently in a perfect arc, echoing the radius of the fingerboard. However, the saddles cannot really go much lower, as the strings would collide with the neck side of the steel bridge unit. The bridge unit is mounted on two pillars, sitting into the guitar body. On either end of the top of the bridge are holes which drill through the pillars. My hope is that these holes take an allen key in order to height adjust, and my fear is that the bridge is fixed, and therefore cannot be adjusted. Noted that on older (or more expensive) models, the bridge appears to be fully adjustable (ie the saddles are fixed, and you set the action by lowering or raising the entire unit). Can someone help with some advice - perhaps the action for a Jag is supposed to be higher than other Fender guitars ? The pick-ups and overall sound is great, just quite hard to play. Many thanks in advance - any help would be appreciated !  
    • O067946 1998 CIJ Sonic Blue Lefty