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    • This is my first post here, glad to find this forum! Anyways I've been wondering about this for a while but can't find any details anywhere. Does anyone know what guitar Kevin Shields is using in the video for Only Shallow? (link if you need You can get a good view of it at 0:40, 0:53 and 1:55. It looks like some sort of jag copy but I can't find any info on it anywhere. Anyone have any clue what brand or model it is? Thanks in advance!
    • I own both, a jagstang and a cyclone I. They are different. You should play them before you buy. The jagstang feels and sounds much more like a mustang than the cyclone. Cyclones neck is chunkier, the body is thicker and heavier than a mustang. I love both and don't know, which you should choose. Better you try...
    • Total Jaguar rookie here. I'm about to start an ambitious '62 Jag rebuild, and looking for any and all advice. First, a little backstory: I got most of my limited guitar skills from a family friend who taught me to play, but who sadly passed away several years ago and left me all of his guitars. A few weeks ago, my dad was helping clear out some of the stuff from his old house when he came across an old beat up guitar body. Before throwing it away, he went to get it checked out. Turns out it was a Jag body, and the serial number on the back plate (in the 78,000 range) dates it as a '62. It needs a TON of work. Wood: There is a little section of wood chipped off above the neck pickup hole. It looks like the original neck was snapped off. I'll have to glue this back, but it should be OK since it will end up beneath the pick guard anyway. There are also lots of dings and scratches, but luckily most of them are under the pick guard. The parts that will be exposed look a little worn but still pretty good. It's hard to tell what the wood is like under all the paint, however. Paint: It looks like this guitar was spray painted. Like cheap Walmart spray paint. It needs a full stripping, and repainting from scratch. I'm thinking I'll go for a 3-color sunburst like Fender used to put on these. Anybody have good experiences with paint shops? Electronics and hardware: I plan to purchase the components and re-wire it myself, with mostly Fender re-issue parts for now. Any recommendations on pickups? Neck: Finding an original '62 neck is difficult to say the least, so I'll probably use a re-issue neck too unless I can find a decent original neck by some miracle.  I'm sure people on this site have done a ton of rebuilds like this. I want this guitar to be playable, and look and sound great, so that is my priority instead of doing a complete original parts rebuild. I would love some advice to help me along the way, so I can get this poor old Jag back in action! I'll take photos as I go, and post them if anybody is interested. Any help is appreciated!
    • Thanks a lot for your help - that's higher than I expected! Probably because most ads I've seen are for right-handed models - which are easier to find.   
    • Pretty simple, really. Get the pickguard in advance, then trace the humbucker slot with a Sharpie, and rout that out. You don't need it to be the exact shape of the humbucker. Hope that helps (: