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    • I was talking to a friend about different ways of modifying a jag-stang when we came up with the idea of having the pickups from a 59 strat on a jag-stang. So we threw together a rough picture of what it would look like.   However i have no idea how i would go about hooking up 3 pickups through 2, 3 way switches. Havent been able to find anything about more than 2 pickups on a jag-stang so im hopeful that's not because it isnt possible with the default switches. Anyone got any ideas other than just using a 5 way switch?
    • What is the up,  I've been a spectator to these discussions for a while and it has answered a lot of my questions but I'm running in to a few issues when it comes to upgrading my Jag-stang. I have a fiesta red Jag-stang, I have put chrome Fender strap locks, I've ordered a black pearl pick guard to replace the white pearl one and I have a DiMarzio Super distortion in the bride position. I'm trying to make it have an aggressive look to it and I really want it to have a grungy sound to it, but I want a new pickup for my neck pick up because I hate the sound of the stock one I have been researching for a while and I really like the sound of the DiMarzio BC-1 dp225 but I don't know much when it comes to pickups, will this pickup go well with my super distortion? I am also confused when it comes picking out tuners. I want to put hipshot locking tuners but I'm not sure if it will fit on my guitar because from the research that I have done vintage tuners are smaller than modern ones. Personally I hate the buttons on the vintage tuners but I will deal with them if I have to, do you guys have suggestions as to tuners that I can use? Do locking tuners really help and is there an alternative to locking tuners?  I really wanna switch out the bridge for a tune-o-matic one because mine is pretty beat up lol. I wanna add a SH 124 kill pot and a push pull pot but I'm not too sure if these things will work together and how I will wire them. I'm really new to this guitar modding thing because I'm only 14 lol, I wanna make this thing like a multitool but a guitar version. Is there any cool little things I can do to my guitar that will add cool features to it and thank you for the help Sincerely Anddddrrreeeewwww   Oh and what is an orange drop capacitor and how do i add a pickup switch  
    • Thanks! Al, I'm still only getting sound out of the Area 67 at the neck. I haven't had a good chance to sort out the wiring. I know what I did wrong, I just need some (kid free) time to get the soldering iron out. The Area 67 sounds great, although darker than I was imagining. I'm playing through a Blackstar HT-5R which may be contributing to the darkness, but it still sounds great. I went with 250 pots rather than 500 which I thought would be too bright. I'll kepp that in mind for the future. SillyBilly, I didn't have any experience other than a 335 build I did a few years ago, but I used the Wudtone for that so I didn't do any spraying. I ended up using rattle-cans for both the nitro and the enamel. I would say that the enamel is more forgiving but under the right conditions, nitro would turn out great. In terms of sanding, I used wet and dry for the whole thing. Dry for the prep up to 400 than after the clear coats were finished, I used 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000, then Turtlewax cut and polish. Very much on a budget. If budget wasn't issue I would have bought some micromesh for the finishing.
    • A RoadRunner case from Guitar Center will do the trick.  It's not as nice as, for example a TKL, but it's still solid.  Around $100.