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    • Hi jag-stang community.   I have some thoughts and  questions to share with you about a future pickup upgrade on my sonic blue jag-stang.     Many people dislike the out-of-phase setting but I found it very useful for some experimental music some years ago, mostly turning the tone on 0: I had at that time a late ‘70s fender mustang with two fender texas special instead of the standard mustang pickups. That mustang was sold 8 years ago. Recently I bought my jagstang looking again for that out-of-phase sound, but I noticed that the out-of-phase on the jagstng is a much more brighter and high-oriented compared to the mustang. Is there someone between you guys that have ever compared the out-of-phase of a fender mustang with the one of the jagstang? What’s your impression? Do you think that a couple of fender texas special could give a deeper, rounder out-of-phase sound on a mustang?   We know that the original jagstang prototypes had a fender texas specilal bridge pickup at the neck. What happens if I put a fender texas special NECK pickup at the neck (with a jb seymour duncan at the bridge)?    Thank you, bye M.
    • both have 24" scale and strat heel shape, right? don't see why you couldn't. 
    • Does anyone know if you could put a MIJ original jagstang neck onto a jaguar body? Curious if this would be doable but haven’t been able to find if anyone has done it. 
    • Well, this conversation popped up outa the blue while looking for something else, I'd totally forgotten about this forum, actually.  Anyway, I ended up sending this particular peculiar Jag back.  I didn't get a replacement until a couple of years ago, and it's as perfect as I've seen any ax out of the box, has held up just fine, but I do need to take it out of the hard case I got for it and give it some love.  It's been over a year since I had it in hand I think, too many of 'em around here to keep up with all of them.  At my age now, I can't play for as long or as well as I could even 20 years ago, and I would've gladly given an important body part to have owned half the axes I do now, well make that 40 years ago, but I did have all I really needed back then, just seemed like one could never have too many good guitars.  I guess one can.  😎
    • Hello and welcome!  Have you taken the bridge out to make sure there are no screws showing at the bottom of the posts? The screws are not really visible from the top of the guitar. Here's an example of what you should see. (see the bottom of the bridge post)   If you're still looking for small parts (like screws and washers) after verifying they are not there I always recommend going to your closest guitar repair shop / luthier. They usually have a bin around with extra parts they use and will help you out at fair price.