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    • Would it be possible to switch the mustang vibrato for a jm trem and have it work properly? I never use the vibrato because it's too awkward to use. I'd love to switch out the vibrato but I am unsure it will work. Will I be able to do it or should I just get a jm? Edit: I am aware that mustangs are not thick enough for the jm trem. I could be wrong but jagstangs are the same thickness as jags/jm. Would it be possible to put the jm trem in the same place as the dynamic vibrato and have it function properly as a jm?
    • Hello! It should certainly have a serial number. I believe in the location shown in the photo below.  If it's not there check for signs (in that area) that it might have been removed. That happens to guitars that get stolen quite often. Or it may have had the neck replaced at some point.
    • Does anybody know about any competition striped mustang's with no serial number? So I bought my mustang years ago from a guy who told me it was a Japanese reissue. It's a competition blue mustang with a white racing stripe and matching headstock. I was just curious on when it was made since it doesn't have a serial number anywhere. 
    • There's a guy selling Jag-stang bodies on eBay made from either poplar or ash on. Guy's name is Rosser. I have purchased a poplar body and couldn't be happier with it. It's made for Mustang pickguards to fit it.
    • Hi I’m looking for a simple diagram to split my JB on my Mustang and I can not find that diagram.    Single coil switch = normal (unchanged) JB switch = Humbucker / Off / Split (Humbucker mode when switch is closest to the bridge)   I don't want any extra switches or push pull and I don’t need out of phase. I can’t find this wiring is there anyone who can help me on this please? thanks Chris 
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