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    • Hi! I don't have exact dimensions.   You may be able to search guitar parts places online to see if there are any good matches.  For example - allparts.com has a lot of mustang tremolo parts. (reissue and vintage) I've no idea if vintera is same size as reissue. AllParts.com - TREMOLO ARM FOR REISSUE MUSTANG (link) AllParts.com - TREMOLO ARM FOR VINTAGE MUSTANG (link)
    • hello fellow mustang fans, i have a Fender vintera 60s mustang and lost the tremolo arm, does anyone know the exact dimensions of these arms? I've been looking all over forums and the internet to find this information and am unable to find any info, I even contacted fender and they cant help me, they want me to buy a complete new bridge (capitalism lol), id rather avoid that haha, my bridge is very good and it would be a shame to replace a perfectly good bridge... if someone can help me in figuring out the dimensions of this arm it would be a lot of help and give me more options in solving my problem (either get one from an off brand or go to the workshop and make one myself) any info would be awesome, and i apologise if this is a kind of repost, i combed the forum before posting this and didn't find anything thanks
    • I am routing it to fit Humbuckers,  (SH-4 JB Bridge Humbucker & SH-2 Jazz Model Neck Humbucker)          changing the bridge to a Mustang one, or something better ( happy to hear any recommendations )            I’ll be using CTS 1 MEG pots for volume and tone, as well as the Orange Drop Capacitor .047uf        ( hopefully this will give it a nice bright tone ? )       will try and make the top switch a Parallel & Series switch, as well as having the coil splits on the bottom switches..                  I’d love to hear your opinions on the materials/parts i’m planing on using, and if you have any other suggestions please let me know!
    • I’m thinking about getting a jag-stang body from Rosser and I’m wondering about getting the route for Jaguar/Jazzmaster style vibrato. Has anyone here seen that done?  Some people love the Mustang style but a lot of people have problems with them. Can anyone comment on the pros/cons of each?
    • Once and for all, I think we can all agree on this now, Kurt had a Fiesta Red Mustang.
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