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    • hi ,    so I have massive background buzz yes, i did solder it to the back of the volume pot, and the buzz was eliminated so i guess its meant to be there, just that it got loose from age, i guess (i dismantled it more, and yes it goes to the bridge/grounding) did you have buzz too?
    • I just bought a second hand jag and mine has the same unattached black wire.    One end is under the pic guard, so can I assume it’s attached to the bridge and it now needs to be re soldered to the bottom of the volume pot. ( that’s what it looks like it the diagram)? 
    • So YOU'RE the one who ended up with that body! I'd seen it, but I wasn't going to pay what a new Warmoth painted body would cost for a modified original! All those options sound nice, but remember if you're gonna go with the JM set you're gonna need to do some routing 😬
    • It was a SH-4 in both, Kurt Cobain's, and the KC Signature. I'm pretty sure the strings are aligned, even on Kurt's. Kurt had a Gotoh bridge, which are modeled after Gibsons. Fender's Adjusto-matic is also modeled after a Gibson ABR-1. 
    • What I mean is that you still have the 2 on/off/on switches meaning that you still have the in and out of phase options BUT you have 2 push pull pots to coil split both humbuckers.   So what would the wiring for this look like?
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