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    • As per heading.¬† Hit hard times a few months ago and had to sell my Stang Now looking to rebuy but can't find one anywhere. Can anyone help? Alex 07971 223821
    • I have a squier jag in surf green, beautiful guitar but as most people who own¬†jags or who have heard will know, the bridge is not very good at being a bridge. String buzz, strings jumping spaces¬†in the saddles, and now for me the saddles going out of line with what is supposed to be the correct curvature are some of the common problems. my question to the good people who see this post is this. Would tighten the screws with the right tool fix my problem, or would I need to use something like thread-lock to fix them into place?¬† i am trying to add a picture of the bridge but I can't seem to do it, perhaps because I'm writing this post on my phone, if anyone can give me guidance with this as well it would be much appreciated. I am aware that I have options to change the bridge or¬†file deeper into the grooves in the saddles but money is tight and I'm looking for a quick fix so I can play this awesome guitar. thank you, and peace to all ¬†
    • Hi folks, it's about my beloved 1995 Jag-Stang... I managed to swap stock humbucker with DiMarzio DP100. As I hoped sounds are way better ! To solder my DP100, I used the attached wiring diagram. It's kind of good but not perfect. With this diagram, switches¬†works almost as expected, except with switch 1 on bridge position + switch 2 on series position, which¬†works as "off pickup position" (no sound). I want¬†to use this "off position" to make "out of phase" sound (all other positions have to stay "in phase"), but I can't find anywhere how to do. Any help can bee provided will be greatly appreciated :))))))) Thanks for reading. Cheers.
    • Hello everybody, first of all exuse my barely decent english, i'm italian and i don't get to practice it very much. I'm a longtime Fender lover but i've always played Strats. Right now i'm very close to buy a classic player Jaguar (a guitar which i've desired for a very long time)¬†but i really can't overcome a couple of doubts. First of all the truss rod access at the bottom of the neck...isn't it something incredibly inconvenient? Doesn't the neck screws get loose after you remove the neck at every setup? I can't imagine how, for example, a guitar from the 60s could survive that. Second doubt: the perpendicular jack hole...i mean, i know it's pretty common,¬†but to me¬†the Strat's diagonal jack hole feels a thousand times more trusty!

      Am i over-worrying? Are these just irrelevant details? 

      Please help
    • hello question/observation¬†regarding a Jaguar Modern Player: recently picked up a Jaguar Modern Player with 2 P-90s w/ 1V & 1T controls love the guitar, needs a set up and some tweaks here and there but¬†¬†the craftsmanship seems good overall for an under $500 guitar q:¬†does anyone have a service/wiring diagram for the 2 P-90 w/ 1V 1T controls? obs:¬†seems rather sloppy¬†that Fender¬†put shielding tape on the inside of the v&t control cavity cover but not actually shield any of the cavities any insights mods or links are appreciated¬† KC