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  2. A very rare 1993 fiesta red CIJ. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqkumzvhr0vt7wc/Photo 15-7-18%2C 4 36 20 pm.jpg?dl=0
  3. Mort

    fiesta red mustang

    I’m gonna put this to bed. I own a 1993 fiesta red CIJ mustang. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqkumzvhr0vt7wc/Photo%2015-7-18%2C%204%2036%2020%20pm.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhvs7i44yti45yl/Photo%2015-7-18%2C%204%2036%2028%20pm.jpg?dl=0
  4. Just received this 2018 mustang prototype from Jim at southpaw guitars. This was the first of a batch of mustangs Fender japan is doing for southpaw. I believe he’s getting 6 in total but the rest won’t be available for a few more months. I’m not sure exactly which model this is (69 or 70s). It has contoured body and a U shaped neck. I’d prefer slimmer profile but this one is still pretty comfortable. It’s just a tad fuller than my 2016 Japanese jazzmaster. Matching headstock is a great touch. Honestly the candy red on this one is just amazing. So much depth in the flake and the color goes from a deep metallic blood red to a bright electric red in direct light. It really just looks great. Pickups are clear and bright. Pots are wired backwards so tone sweep is nonexistent and volume is just slightly better. Easy fix though. Overall fit and finish is superb. Fender Japan just does it right.
  5. Hi guys! New to this forum! found this neck at a guitar store here in Singapore. The decal that says ‘offset contour body’ seems a little off. Looks like it has clay dots, and even a date stamp. Just wanted to ask you folks if you all think this is a legit 64 Jaguar neck! Thanks so much! Pictures here!
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  7. You're welcome: I am very happy to be part of this community. Now, I don't know if this thing I'm going to write should need its own right topic, but I start to write it here. After reading the interview I contacted Larry Brooks, and I asked him a confirmation about the Mustang wiring on the original two Jagstangs prototypes. He very kindly answered (and sent an image of the mustang diagram too, because my Jagstang was really in bad shape when I bought it on ebay). "I hope this helps...but as far as the Curt’s guitar..he already owned a Mustang and wanted the wiring to be just the same because he was so familiar with switching already". I asked him if I could share this information with you guys in this forum and he gave me his authorization, and so I'm doing now.
  8. PatricksVMJaguar

    Problem with VM Jaguar

    I play it with .011 Earnie Balls. And there are no tuning-problems, when I use the trem.
  9. XaG

    Jagstang Setup 2018

    I will do. Thanks for the reply. XaG
  10. It is now also much easier to switch pickups on the fly using the 3-way mini-toggle. I had trouble coordinating that with the sliders; e.g., to go from a crunchy rhythm tone on the bridge pup to a warm "woman" lead tone, I used to have to simultaneously turn of the bridge pup slider, turn on the neck pup slider, and roll down the master tone knob. Now I can just roll down the neck pup tone on the back dual concentric pot before the song starts or at at any point in the song before the lead break, then just flick the mini toggle to the up position with my pinky at the start of the lead break.
  11. Thank You ! Just cleaned mine up .one wire broke off .schematics suck out there. You rock ! Thanks again
  12. So I took my guitar in to have the wiring mod done. I gave the tech the link to your wiring diagram, but he ended up doing his own thing. He installed the mini-toggle in between the volume/tone pots to select pups. Middle position is both pups on. The front slider toggles between neck SC pup off and in/out of phase when both pups are on together. The back slider toggles the bridge HB between full HB, split coil on the slug coil, and both coils on in series. The big difference between this set up and your wiring diagram is that I can't split to the screw coil of the JB. The trade off is that I got the series option on the HB, which some people like, but I think I would rather have the split screw coil to get closer to a Mustang SC bridge pup sound. I am not sure if your wiring diagram was too complicated for him or if he just went with something he was familiar with, but it is still very cool. The JB cuts much better now with the 500 k pots and I can just roll the tone pot back halfway to get the same sound I had with the stock 250 k pots. The neck SC is set up with 250 k pots, same as stock. For anyone thinking of doing a similar wiring mod, you can't do pinky swells on the front bottom dual concentric pot because your pinky hits the mini toggle, so you have to set up the top dual concentric pot to control volume if you like to do volume swells (or put the switch somewhere else). If you also want to have the ability to roll back the tone knob on the fly with your pinky, you are out of luck (unless you place the mini-toggle switch somewhere else) This is not a problem for me because I pretty much set and forget the tone control, with only minor adjustments here and there. I now can get a good Stratty "in-between" setting tone with both pups on and the JB split. The top dual concentric volume pot is in the perfect position for pinky swells. I can also get a nice clean sound with both pups on and the JB in full HB mode by rolling down the volume on the JB to clean it up, while leaving the neck SC volume full up. I can also get a nice "thin" out of phase tone with both pups on and the JB in either HB or split coil mode. I can also get a good "stutter" effect by turning the neck pup slider off and using the mini-toggle to toggle between the middle and neck position. It was harder to get that effect using just the stock sliders. All in all, I am very pleased!
  13. And, just to be clear, I am not describing a vintage style rocking Mustang or Jaguar bridge. I used to have a Jag-Stang, so I am familiar with that type of bridge. I locked down the tailpiece on that guitar and used surgical tubing on the bridge posts underneath the bridge plate. The issue with my Mustang is above the bridge plate where the bridge fits over the top of the bridge posts. The diameter difference between the posts and holes in the bridges is so large that I can actually push one side of the bridge forward towards the headstock, while simultaneously pulling the other end of the bridge back towards the tailpiece. I want to use the vibrato bar on this guitar, so I don't want to lock it down like I did with my Jag-Stang.
  14. I bought a used MIJ Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang with adjustomatic bridge. The diameter of the holes in the bridge that accept the bridge posts is too large. The bridge easily wiggles forward and back on the posts when I use the vibrato bar, sending the guitar out of tune and messing with the intonation. I have two questions: 1. Why would Fender design it this way? I have a MIM Classic Player Jaguar HH that also came stock with an adjustomatic bridge and it does not have this issue. There is a large screw on top of my Jag bridge post to tighten down the bridge so it doesn't move, just like a Gibson Tune-o-matic. My Stang' does not have these screws and I have looked at many online images of KC Mustangs and this appears to be the stock configuration. 2. Can this problem be fixed; e.g., cut up one of those metal Starbucks straws or wrap small pieces of a cut up aluminum can or something similar around the bridge posts? The guitar goes severely out of tune with vibrato use and my intonation is spotty. My adjustomatic equipped Jag's intonation is spot on and it stays in tune, even with heavy bar abuse. Any advice would be appreciated
  15. Hi. I am planning on modding my Surf Green Squire vintage modified jaguar to have 2 4 wire humbuckers, a three way toggle switch, and a coil tap on the neck pickup, however I want to keep the rhythm circuit and low cut switch. (basically similar to a Kurt Cobain jag except only master volume and master tone, neck coil tap, and keeping the low cut switch) I'm 17 and I'm not very good with wiring, also jag wiring is especially confusing. Would anyone be able to help me figure out a wiring diagram for this, or at least help explain it to me? Are there any other mods I should try for this guitar?
  16. Al(ex)

    What size for the trem arm?

    Great! That screw is easy to miss.
  17. Acidhouse

    What size for the trem arm?

    Well it turns out that google is my friend. I found AL(ex)’s article and never realized there was a set screw on the side. Fortunately mine isn’t missing. https://www.jag-stang.com/2007/12/tightening-that-dynamic-vibrato-tremolo-arm/
  18. No surprise by my beat to hell used JS didn’t have a trem arm. I’ve tried Strat and Jag trem arms with no success. Any thoughts?
  19. It wouldn’t follow MIJ serial numbers. A “V” serial for Fender is normally used for AVRI guitars. Since it was a prototype, Brooks probably grabbed a V neckplate from the bin as it needed to have some serial number. There is an article posted by a new member, Malecheo. It’s a 1997 article by Larry Brooks who was the builder assigned to the guitar. He talks about this prototype in the article. Fender kept the prototype.
  20. Welcome! And thanks for sharing that image with us!
  21. Hi to everyone, I am a new user and a new owner of a 1997 CIJ Sonic Blue Jagstang. Soon or later I'll add it to the registry. I recently found this magazine in my bookshelf, "Guitar Shop" magazine, May 1997 issue: it has an interview with Larry Brooks about the making of the Jag-stang side by side with Kurt Cobain. I found it interesting, by exemple because he says that the jag-stang prototype had a fender mustang wiring (instead of the stock jag-stang wiring, the one without the crossed wiring on the bridge selector). Is it of any interest for the users of this (wonderful) forum? Here is my scan (hoping that the link works): https://ibb.co/cSOMjd If this interview is widely known to the forum and stuff users, erase this post without remorse. Bye, M.
  22. Acidhouse

    Pics of your Jag-Stangs

    I finally did some mods to my JS. Originally, I wanted to keep it original but like so many of us have found, this thing just misses in stock form. My only issue was the stock humbucker. I had an old ‘80s SD ‘59, Juarez wound, humbucker that I had been trying to find the right project for. I also had an issue where the bridge switch wouldn’t engage in the bridge position. I fixed the wiring, put shielding tape on the pickguard and installed the ‘59. I’ve always been happy with the stock neck pickup so I figured i would leave it in but I did replace the cover to match the ‘59. For the first time since I’ve owned it, I really love the sound.
  23. aliendawg

    Is my Jaguar a fake?

    maybe it was refinished... that could explain the lack of "Jaguar" in the headstock or something. But it looks really good overall
  24. Anyone got specific recs for a graphite nut for my CIJ Jaguar? Thanks!
  25. Turtturtle

    pictures of your guitars

    1995-1996 Squier Stratocaster 1960's-1970's Teisco mustang copy(I left my'n at my dads so this one is off reverb) fender Fa-100 Red stratocaster copy(broken) and I use a roland micro cube amp
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