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  2. i am in the market for a vintage competition mustang with a matching headstock but all of the models I have found are B necks. I own a duo sonic II with a B neck and find it too wide for me. Does anyone know if the competition mustang with matching headstock was made with the A neck?
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  4. I have a Squier v m mustang and a set of VM jag pickups. Does anybody have a diagram of how to wire the pickups to the phase switches?
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  6. I have this guitar, they can be improved upon quite easily and setup to play awesome with a few choice upgrades. Namely upgrade the stock bridge to a Mastery m1 or Staytrem, (addtl. upgrade of the stock CIC Vibrato unit to a US AVRI Vibrato unit), stock pickups gotta go to so upgrade with a set of Seymour Duncan’s, dimarzio’s, Curtis Novak, Lollar, etc. upgrade your wiring harness, pots, 3pt pu switch (or Emerson loaded wiring harness), maybe even replace the Pickguard with an MPJM HH 4ply brown/ red/ dark Tort, while you’re in there. Maybe even upgrade the stock tuners w/ locking tuners, file and lubricate the nut to string size & taste, brand new set of DD NYXL 11-52 flatwounds tuned to DADGADb (1/2 step down/ flat). You’re in business for days! Here’s a link to a photo of my MPJMHH with most of those mods mentioned (except for replacing Pickguard). https://reverb.com/item/15706807-fender-modern-player-jazzmaster-maple-neck-and-upgrades-2013-black
  7. I was thinking mustang neck. Does anyone know if a jaguar neck would fit?
  8. Don't have a picture on hand but there's a screw on the trem unit you can loosen or tighten. I wouldn't know since I tend to block all my trems 😁
  9. Love my Staytrems. Excellent quality. And what is aften overlooked : they are available in 7.25 and 9.5 radius AND they decrease the string spacing a little bit compared to a mustang bridge. Unfortunately he stopped exporting outside the UK. 😢
  10. It should work. but I would prefer the Mustang neck because of the larger 60'ies style headstock. https://shop.fender.com/en-BE/electric-guitars/mustang/mustang/0144042598.html
  11. If you want to stay true to the original, try to find a MIJ mustang neck. They're also some of the slimmest Fender necks you can find. If you can live with the vintage frets and a 7.25 radius.
  12. I’m more accepting of the shims now. I’m going with the tremolo and warmoth modified mustang bridge. My biggest concern now is picking a neck considering finding a fender Mustang or a jaguar neck over warmoth possibly. Anyone chime in on what type neck they used for their warmoth jagstang build?
  13. Hi everyone… I am looking to buy a new Fender Jaguar 60s lacquer, which comes with a Pau Ferro fretboard. https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/jaguar/60s-jaguar-lacquer/0141233702.html But I love maple necks. So, though most would see this as a downgrade, I am interested in buying a Duo-Sonic neck, because not only is the satin back one of my all-time favorites from Fender, but I realized tonight that it has a 24 inch short scale like the Jaguar (and both have the same 1.650” nut width). https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/duo-sonic/duo-sonic/0144012558.html So ... Am I correct that there should be no reason that I couldn’t put the Duosonic neck on the Jaguar body? Thanks!
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  15. Thanks for posting! The first time I saw this particular article was Feb 2017. https://www.facebook.com/jagstangcom/posts/article-on-fender-com-by/10155035166462630/ If i had to guess I would saw they "bump" articles like this from time to time.. maybe they are trying to get more interest going for that new Powercaster as well. Hard to say.
  16. new on the Fender site : https://www.fender.com/articles/gear/cobains-brainstorm-the-jigsaw-story-of-the-jag-stang?sf99260273=1&fbclid=IwAR24CqE-yFb-3VwsUNU-5pEyBRjExmtjMBzPkjOMgE1ggPwxakq7WCGZkTI Prelude to a reissue ?
  17. I have both the Cobain signature mustang with TOM bridge, a 97 Jagstang with mustang bridge and a Warmoth jaguar with Staytrem bridge (which is essentially an improved Mustang bridge). The biggest difference to me is that the TOM is a little bid easier to adjust (intonation, raising or lowering the action). However the mustang bridge has the right radius (7.25" while TOM's are generally 12"). To me it's a matter of personal preference and I much prefer the Staytrem bridge I have on my Jaguar since it has the right radius and has a little bit smaller string spacing. And the mustang or staytrem bridge is a little bit easier on the hand when palm muting And why the big no-no on neck shims ??? I use it on my jaguar and it's the best resonating guitar i have. It makes especially jaguar bridges more reliable and easier to adjust.
  18. The bridge makes a huge impact on the sustain, tone and feel of an offset, IMHO upgrading and/or tweaking the bridge is THE most important step to making an offset sound and feel good. I'd recommend spending money on the bridge before considering upgrading the pickups. Provided that you keep the original bridge some ways to tweak it for the better are - using reasonably thick strings, at least 10s for JMs and 11s for Jags - shimming the neck and raising the bridge to increase pressure on the bridge - Loctite on the height adjusttment screws to keep the saddles from rattling and sinking Bridge upgrades also make a big difference - Cheapest: Mustang bridge or just the saddles since the bottom plate and posts are identical. You should make sure that they match the radius of your neck though since they aren't adustable - Buzz stop increases the downward pressure over the bridge. I have tried it but didn't find the results that worthwhile. YMMV though. - Staytrem if you live in the UK (or can find a forwarding service) and if you want to keep the rocking bridge - Halon or Mastery if you want to have a fixed bridge. IMHO this gives the best results but they cost quite a lot. Totally worth it though (if you have or can get the funds). BUT quite a few players think they change the characteristics of the guitars too much. I personally agree that they change the characteristics a lot but find it to be for the better. I have a Mastery in a JM and a Halon in a Classic Player Jaguar. Both are really good but currently I think I like the Halon better.
  19. Hey! This project looks very cool! Thanks for sharing your experiences with it as you progress.
  20. IMHO the Adjustomatic holds back the guitars it's on. Check out Halon Guitar Parts who are developing a replacement. I have written about it here: http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=111771
  21. Bought a used Squier Affinity strat neck and some fender replacement tuners.
  22. Hi there, i was thinking off starting a thread about building a Jagstang 2.0. The jagstang 2.0 has a different body shape than the original Jagstang. Bought myself a fine piece of Alder to begin with. .
  23. Hi there, new to the forum. Wanted to show you my telecaster/mustang hybrid. Body is made out of different kind of hard wood, has a P90 in the neck position and 1 volume knob.
  24. Hi Guys I have opportunity to buy Fender Mustang Sunburst 1971. Owner told me that everything is original, can you look on the pictures? Unfortunately I don't have experience with vintage mustangs, I will be grateful if someone writes me opinion about this guitar and if its 100 % original. Thank you
  25. Hey there! 1st post! Greetings to all forum members! So, I just got a Fender Modern Player Jazzmaster!! YAY!!! Stoked. I really like that it has a Mahogany body and all my guitars have maple necks, which is "my thing". Also the Black Blocks... I got it more as a backup and a "modding platform" so, I would like to know what would you upgrade on it to go from "China to more American", quality-wise... AH! This will be tuned in C standard... I think of it as an on-going DYI hobby project to perfect my "guitar tech and axe tweaker skills", so I don't mind to spend some real cash on it, as long as the difference really shows.... Pickup change and sanding the neck are on top of my list. Maybe change the tuners to locking tuners (Yeah, I like those!) ... What else? Any and all ideas and tips on this are very much welcomed! Thanks in advance! Original specs: Series: Modern Player Body Shape: Jazzmaster® Body Material: Mahogany Body Finish: Gloss Polyester Neck: Maple, "C" Shape Neck Finish: Gloss Polyester String Nut: Synthetic Bone, 1.650" (42 mm) Fingerboard: Rosewood on (538), Maple on (506), 9.5" (241 mm) Radius Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo Position Inlays: Black Blocks on Maple; White Dots on Rosewood Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm) Hardware: Chrome Bridge: Adjusto-Matic Bridge with Vintage Style "Floating" Tremolo Tailpiece and Tremolo Lock Button Tuning Machines: Vintage-Style Strings: Fender® USA, NPS, (.010-.046 Gauges) Pickup Configuration: H/H Pickups: Modern Player Humbucking (Bridge) Modern Player Humbucking (Neck) Pickup Switching: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone Other Features: 3-Ply Black Pickguard on (538), 4-Ply Aged White Pearloid on (506)
  26. Does anyone know the original part number for the original hard case that came with a Jagstang in 95? I bought one from Guitar Center that is Fender model 540006004000000 and it says it fits a Mustang/jagstang/cyclone. It is too short and does not have the place for putting accessories in.
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