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  3. New big block neck and Freakin Partscaster decal..
  4. Hi there, I’ve recently acquired a Jag-Stang (1996) - it’s in pretty good order for its age but just needs a little TLC. Does anybody know a supplier for parts in Australia. Im after a scratch plate (right handed) and 1or 2 tuners. Lots of suppliers for Teles and Strats but Jag-Stangs are a little more rare -Cam
  5. Hi Mad Mike,

    I just bought a Vintage Modified Mustang and I was reading your post about setting up the trem. I'm a bit confused on a few points and I was wondering if you could help me out.

    First, you mention lubing the pivots and the screws. I assume this means to lube 1) the area on the post which pivots, 2) the knife's edge on the plate which the post pivots on, and 3) the screws....where? which screws?

    Second, you mention wrapping the bridge screws with 3M tape to stick them in place a bit. Could Loctite achieve the same result? I'll be using Loctite to hold the saddle intonation screws in place.

    And lastly, you mention that the stem of the whammy bar should be at a specific angle. Are you referring to the angle at which the whammy protrudes from the cigar bar when at rest, relative to the surface of the guitar?

    Thank you,


  6. I want to find a Jazzmaster that has a rather thin, not chunky neck. I read somewhere that the MIJ models have such a neck. I am lusting over a Fender '60s jazzmaster lacquer guitar and am wondering if it would fit my needs. I know it would be best to try in person, but these seem rather hard to find in store...I hate ordering a guitar and then finding out the neck is too chunky and have to return it...I have done that before. Any experience and suggestions would be appreciated. I have been playing guitar for over 55 years now, and my first good guitar I purchased used in 1963 and was a Jazzmaster..paid $240 for it...dang, I should have kept it...bet you've never heard that before ! haha
  7. Hey, great forum! This is my Jag, it's one of the 2017 American Professional Series. Just got It recently and it plays awesome! Definitely the right guitar for small-handed people like myself..
  8. Hey guys, I recently bought a Fender Jaguar CIJ and I’m going to replace all the stock electronics with high quality components but before to do this, I need a new set of pickup that respect the vintage sound of the guitar. Something between a jaguar and a jazzmaster I guess (I have tried them both and I really like the fat and sharp tone of the jazz for the lead, but I need the warm clean that jaguar has. I’m not interested in a Surf tone, I mainly play alternative rock music like Radiohead/The National). What do you think? Any suggestions to get the best of this Jaguar?
  9. They should fit, you may need to drill a hole between the two original ones on the bass side for the other side. Pretty easy change. Those 3 screw pickups only offer one benefit and that's using the screws on the bass side to adjust the tilt of the pickup to put it parellel to the strings.
  10. Potentiometet values are a big part of it. It's that 50k Linear for the tone knob that is a big part of the dark sound the lower the number value on the pot, the more highs are rounded off and the darker and mellower the guitar sounds. Probably a 100k linear or even 250k would brighten it up.
  11. It's a tad more complex than that though. When the Jag-Stang came out it was a rather maligned mid-priced instrument, particularly the bridge and the pickups. So the majority out there were probably already modified, esp the 1995-2001 "first run" guitars. People usually copied Cobain/Bailey and put a TOM and at least a SD JB in the bridge to copy their idol. I've seen a few even put EMGs in theirs like mine surprisingly (which were in it when I got it). And unlike a strat, aside from necks, there's not a lot of easily accessable, high profile, choice for aftermarket bodies. There's just Warmoth that I'm aware of and theirs is a contoured swimming pool route very unlike the original, if unfinished, slab body the Fender OEM guitars had. It's not like a Stratocaster where everyone and their sister has some version of it. And "underground" makers require some social networking to find. Building your own body...especially the Jag-Stang, can be quite challenging, especially if you're new to wood working. For starters, you'd need either to buy the blueprints or get someone with a Jag-Stang to trace their body for you. Then after cutting out the shape, there's finding the centerline so the neck, pickups, bridge....all the hardware, line up correctly, which the asymmetry can really throw you off, it even did to Fender Japan (my 95 and the Fiesta Red one from the 1996 sweepstakes had the same problem of the neck being slightly angled to the right bringing the strings out of line, I shimmed my 95 to fix that). Then there's tools...at the lowest you'll need a pull saw to rough it out and a scroll saw and a lot of patience to cut the body out...plus a drill and a router to cut the cavities out for the electronics and possibly the bridge. Not every one has the time/skill/budget/workspace to do that. Some people find it easier just to start with a barebones "chassis" and work up from there. That's also why I wish Fender would just release the Jag-Stang as a lower-mid-priced Squier and be done with it. Then there would be a good source of quality Jag-Stangs out there to modify without ruining original stock. They had that Hollywood prototype in 2016, that's what I was hoping for.
  12. I wonder if anyone can advise me on replacement locking tuners for my Jagmaster? I just bought some like-for-like Squier ones off of eBay and they are pretty rubbish, the tuning goes out with a tiny bit of string bending, so that's why I'm after getting some locking ones. I bought my Jag in about 1997 and it has s/n CY04126903 Crafted in China. Any tips most gratefully received!
  13. Curious if the OP found out if, in fact, the Cyclone neck intonated properly on a Mustang body.
  14. In case anyone stops by, for reference, I have reached a pretty high level of confidence that the date is 1974, based on the neck stamp (check this site here for the fruits of a few peoples' research: http://www.fendermustangstory.com/) and the metal plate number (which I forget to take a picture of, but is registering on Fender website as being manufactured either 1973 or 1974).
  15. Hello all. I have been doing a lot of research as I intend to sell a guitar I inherited about 10 years ago from a family member who was original owner. I'm having a very hard time trying to find a match on the serial number so I can accurately represent the instrument as what it is. I have a serial number of 45003943. But everywhere I've looked, a Mustang's number is supposed to start with "49" not "45." However, the rest of the number system seems to make sense... see below: 45 - ? 00 - Rosewood Fretboard 39 - Week 39 (October) 4 - 1974 3 - Wednesday Here are some pictures, I'd really appreciate some help on ID so I don't accidentally screw anyone over or I don't get screwed over. I'm guess it is a 1974 Competition/Burgundy Blue, but I'd like some confirmation or alternative suggestions from others who are more knowledgable. Guitar: https://imgur.com/PX8KcGh Serial#: https://imgur.com/ClD4GVl Neck/Body Slot: https://imgur.com/zO9DU1u Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, I recently found this ad (https://m.mercatinomusicale.com/mm/a_permuto-fender-mustang-1965_id6185447.html) on an Italian website very similar to reverb.com. It should be a 1965 Mustang, but there are some differences that do not properly match with a ‘65 Fender Mustang, by exemple: - the color, because a lot of sites say that at that time the only available colors for mustangs were white, blue and red. The only othere reference I found around about a ‘65 sunburst american mustang is here, but the author shows the same doubts about the color (here: https://planetbotch.blogspot.com/2011/11/1965-fender-mustang-sunburst.html?m=1- ) - the neck plate shows a L serial number. The ‘65-‘66 models had the engraved big F in the neck plate, the ‘64 (to ‘65?) had the L serial number without F, but they had the small headstock! - no “offset contour body decal” on the headstock... but the decal disappeared not before ‘67. - NOTE: do not consider the tuners, because the owner, answering to a question on a facebook market page where this guitar appeared a month ago, said that the original plastic tuners has been changed due to the bad condition of the plastic keys. Is it a Frankenstang? Have you ever heard of a 1965 fender mustang sunburst? I know that online pages can help to indentify an instrument (like this: http://www.fendermustangstory.com/) but sometimes a direct experience can give some more hints. Thank you, Andrea
  17. I have a beautiful CIJ jag with Duncan Hot Jag pickups. Unlike a lot of people, I love the rhythm circuit, with its girth, warmth, and output. I do wish I could get slightly more high end from it though, without sacrificing its other qualities; almost like if the tone knob went another 25% higher. Which mod do y’all recommend to achieve that? Thanks!
  18. Correction : there are two screws ABOVE each humbucker !
  19. Hello, I bought a Mexican Classic Player Jaguar HH a few months ago and am currently thinking about changing the pickups (Enforcers) for something more aggressive with an higher output. Here is my question : will the Seymour Duncan Mayhem set fit my Jaguar (https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/mayhem-set?__uuid_ref=5ceb000e24cd7) ? I noticed there was two screws under each humbucker on the guitar and it seems that the SD have only one hole here. Thanks and sorry for my approximative english, french dude here
  20. Thanks I will do that when I get back home to it.
  21. Hey, it looks great! Thanks for sharing your progress with us.
  22. Hi. Check out Fender chart on the following link to help date your Jaguar. If you're not sure where it fits with that info share a photo of the guitar's serial number with us. https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/214343783-How-can-I-find-out-when-my-Japanese-made-instrument-was-manufactured-
  23. http://www.tdpri.com/threads/thinking-about-jagstang-2-0-build.934107/ Here you can follow my jagstang build
  24. It’s been in a case put away for 20 years that I know of maybe longer also a Les Paul Custom. Lucky find?
  25. I have a mij with an A serial what does that tell me about my Jaguar? https://ibb.co/CbKqQk2
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