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  2. Hi, can anyone help me with identyfying Fender mustang guitar by it's serial number and can anyone here tell me if this guitar is legit. Serial number: N 081583
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  4. My girl. A mix between 65 Neck and 72 body.
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  6. Looks like a start of a great project! Thanks for sharing your progress with us!
  7. Got a custom Rosser Jag-Stang body, Ash, and have been sanding (endlessly, it seems) love the matched grain on the two body halves!! Gonna go w/ a red dye/black grainfill -- hoping to get started on color this weekend ☺️
  8. I see the description on reverb was updated. That said, they did make Classic players with single coils, but I've only seen sunburst examples IRL, but Oly White was an option IIRC. The main difference besides the pickups were the HH classic players forewent The stock Jaguar wiring in favor of a kill switch and coil split rollers where the rhythm circuit was. The SS Jag CPs had stock 60s style wiring.
  9. Basically what everyone else has said, plus putting VM saddles on the Japanese bridge does not work, they won't fit. There's a 1mmish difference between the saddles on the Chinese and Japanese stangs. I put Jap saddles on a Chinese bridge....it's quite unstable due to gaps between the saddles.
  10. Pickguard screws are pretty much the same bog standard nickel plated stuff most guitar builders use. You can buy them from Fender if you want to go OEM for a bag of like....11, but there are cheaper resources. Yes, the bridge/tailpiece screws are longer. That's normal. They have to hold 80-200 LBS of string tension hence the length. My Jag-Stangs screws have some tarnish and rust and look black...but that's because I play it all the time.
  11. Hi all, I'm new here on the forum and a bit of a novice. I'm in the process of cleaning up my Jagstang with the aim to get it back to factory condition, My question is referencing the screws on the pickguard, control plate and tremolo. At the moment there is a mixture of black and silver screws used but what where the original screws used and are they different in lengths as the tremolo screws are longer than the pickguards. Part numbers would be appreciated. I would also like to replace the control/tremolo plate and pickguard as they have seen better days - where are the best places to source these please. I've seen some on Ebay but wondered if they were the right part? Lastly the strings - what are the default strings that came with the guitar back in 97? Thanks in advance. Cheers Bryan
  12. Hello, Is there anyone selling an original Jagstang's neck pick up? or maybe someone knows where to find one?? I need this specific single coil pickup because it sounds cool with my preamp. Thank you
  13. Hi. Whether the hole size is correct or not is immaterial - it is the size that you have! The vintage Mustangs typically have a smaller hole in the bridge and the newer replacement whammys don't fit. I don't recommend drilling out a vintage part even though that is the simplest solution. Something is only vintage until you alter it. I suspect the arm is for a '65 Reissue or a MIJ Mustang, not an actual '65 Vintage replacement part. Regardless, neither may fit into your bridge. I would do some more searching for something vintage OR simply file/sand down your new arm to JUST fit in the smaller hole. If something goes terribly wrong (I don't know what that could be), you are only out a few bucks. Shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes. You may want to wrap some electrical tape around the bar near the 90 degree bend so that you don't gouge or scratch the chrome when you are filing.
  14. Hi all. Sorry if this has been covered before, but here goes. I have a CIJ (mid 90s) Mustang 69 Reissue. I am very happy with the neck PU but I find the bridge PU really anemic regardless of how high or low I position it. I am considering swapping only the bridge PU for a "Seymour Duncan Antiquity II 60s Myth Replacement Fender Mustang Bridge Pickup". Can anyone comment on the tone/output differences between this replacement and the stock CIJ pickup? I don't want an icepick, just good, full output. Thanks in advance.
  15. I'll be posting it here when I get underway -- Rosser Guitars is building me the unfinished Ash body
  16. Nice! I’d be really keen to hear how you get on with it. Are you building the body yourself?
  17. Yes, I think it would work perfectly!! I love the Squier VM Mustang neck as well, I have one Mustang I built using that neck, and now I am starting a jag-stang build that will also use a Squier VM Mustang Neck and, you guessed it, a Squier VM Mustang Bridge on the custom jag-stang body 😁
  18. Hi Thanks very much for your reply. I did wonder about the VM Squier mustang as I have one and whether I could just get hold of the same bridge and do a straight replacement. Funnily enough I actually really like the neck on the VM mustang I have as well so I’m tempted just to get hold of a one of them and use that. What do you think? cheers
  19. The Neck will fit - but the Mustang Bridge saddles are going to be @ a 7 1/4 radius -- you would need to either replace the bridge w/ a 9.5 radius Mustang bridge, replace w/ an Adjustable bridge piece (TOM or Jaguar), or just adapt to the slight diff between the curve on the bridge and the fretboard. Squier Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Mustangs and Jags are 9.5 Radius -- a Squier VM Mustang bridge might be just what you need for that modern 9.5 radius neck
  20. Can anyone tell me whether it would be possible to adapt a Jag-stang to put a modern 9.5 inch radius neck and medium jumbo frets on to it or is that just an impossibility? I have two one red one blue both factory and staying that way and was thinking of buying a third and totally modifying it with a few different things including pick ups and a colour change but I was really only going to bother doing it if I could do the neck. Cheers guys
  21. Welcome! You have some great looking guitars!
  22. Hi 'Folks! Just found this site when researching the Jag-stang - wanted to sign up and say "Hi" πŸ˜‹ I have been playing guitar for about 8 years, first picking it up at a pretty ripe old age of 48 - and it seems I like modding/building guitars as much as playing them! I have built about a dozen partscasters, mostly Tele's and Strats -- but I DID build two Mustangs from parts: First is "RachaelRose" - A Tonebomb Mustang body, Wudtone hand-rubbed finish. Shes got the Vibrato, electronics, and Neck froma Squier Vintage Modified Mustang. Pickups are Custom made Rose Mustang pickups I really fell in love w/ the Mustang after this build -- and wanted to do a Kurt inspired build: Seymour Duncan JB added to a fully loaded Squier VM Mustang body -- I had to open up the route and cut the PG to accept the HB. Vibrato on this one is fully locked down w washers underneath. Neck is a super-sweet MIJ Kurt Mustang neck - perhaps my favorite neck in my whole stable! Just ordered a Jag-stang body from Rosser Guitars -- looking forward to finishing that and building another "Kurt" inspired guitar! looking forward as well to hanging and posting here -- some really cool info on this site!!
  23. Lately, especially before this purchase, I've been a heavy Tele player. I love the tones and simplicity of the telecaster, yet, this past week I decided to take a chance and impulse bought this 2012 Squier Jaguar they put out to commemorate 50 years since the first Fender Jaguar back in '62. It's a very peculiar guitar and some of the tones I've gotten out of it when briefly playing around through my computer DAW were very interesting and inspiring. I ended up taking into the shop to get setup and new bridge, and can't wait until it returns. I love the way the neck feels. Also love the vibrato system too very fluid sounding
  24. Hi guys! I've got a Fender mustang competition from 1972.😁 When I bought the guitar there was no tremolo arm. I bought a new one online, which fits on a '65, but it doesn't fit.... (https://www.thomann.de/nl/fender_mustang_tremarm.htm) I measured the parts: the tremolo arm is close to Ø5mm (around Ø4,95mm), the bridge hole is around Ø4,7mm. Is the hole size correct, or should it be Ø5mm? Or do I need a thinner arm? Hope someone can help me. Greetings, Willem
  25. It has a "Fender" stamped tailpiece which the Squier doesn't seem to have. Here's a link to some pictures of the guitar. Please note that the bridge, pickups, and pickguard were all modified by the owner before me. https://reverb.com/item/26520730-fender-classic-player-jaguar-special-2010s-olympic-white-nice-upgrades-extras
  26. Hey, did Fender ever release a single coil version of the Classic Player Jaguar in Oly White w/tort guard? I know there's an HH version, but I bought a (used) Oly White Jag that purports to be a Classic Player, but is routed for single coils. But I can't find another Oly White Classic Player with single coils online no matter how hard I look. I see that there's a Squier Classic Vibe in white w/tort. I'm wondering if that's what this body is? I can't go by the neck, because it was replaced with a "Modern Player" before I bought the guitar. Any/all feedback appreciated. I'm selling this guitar and I don't want to misrepresent it. Does anyone know for sure, or can anyone offer ways of distinguishing between a classic player and a classic vibe? Also if there's a better forum to ask this question, please let me know. Thanks!
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