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  2. Some more pics of my freshly modded Mustang with modern TOM bridge, locked tremolo, lowered switches, fully shielded, 500k pots and Duncan JB humbucker .
  3. Finally a Mustang again, just finished the mods! 🤘 Fender Mustang (Cobain mods) Mustang with TOM bridge and JB installed
  4. I have seen in my telecaster that the pickups have these small rubber like tubes that go onto the screws that help adjust the height/spacing. Maybe these will work? https://www.amazon.com/Fender-Pickup-Mounting-Tubing-Electric/dp/B000B5L2OC/ref=asc_df_B000B5L2OC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312157869747&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10046520680568862735&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9026545&hvtargid=pla-458146202865&psc=1
  5. Hi all. i want to wire my new pickups DP175 on neck and SH4 on bridge position. i want to maintain the neck pickup selector as original but the bridge one as : neck-both-bridge and adding a push-pull on the volume pot to split the humbucker. i have draw this on the pictural below… What do you think about it ? is it possible ?
  6. Probably too late but I have a 94 MIJ Jazzmaster and the neck is awesome, very thin
  7. finally back at it here, so i figured i'd update massively. My original jag-stang sits taken apart while the new body was made. I ended up getting the Koa/Ebony warmoth neck. We're going with a blue burst paint job on the front and likely staying close to natural wood on the back. Plan on doing a laser etched image of my daughter on the back. Putting the hawaiian islands on the headstock. Body/belly contour Arm/elbow contour possibly a strat-like cable jack where it goes in at an angle as opposed to jutting straight out I went to see it last week and i'm pretty happy overall. At the state we're at, i have to find someone to do the laser etching. We're also still very much interested in the wiring aspects and ideas, especially now that it's 10 years later, since it is possible new things have come out that might change up how we'd do it now vs back then. For a refresher: white stock switches being swapped out for black Volume/tone pots being swapped out for 500k pots Volume pot will be push/pull switch Black TB-5 going into the bridge Black JB Jr going into the Neck Orange Drop 0.22 going on to the tone Wiring for two 3-position switches: Switch 1: Pickup Selector (TB-5/Both/JB Jr) Switch 2: Series/Split/Parallel Push/Pull: Phase Selector (Volume POT) Wiring for three 3-position switches if we can manage it: Switch 1: Series/Split/Parallel, JB Jr Switch 2: Series/Split/Parallel, TB-5 Switch 3 (would need to be added): Pickup Selector (TB-5/Both/JB Jr) Push/Pull: Phase Selector (Volume Port) New possible addition: I was tuned in to the StellarTone ToneStyler product right around when i started this project, and while i haven't touched the project in years until now, it still seems like an interesting option. I'll continue to look into it but would still love to hear ideas
  8. Hello all. I found some great info on this forum recently and I just thought I would share some more. I recently acquired a 69 Mustang and wanted to convert it to Hardtail. It already came with the Mastery bridge so huge win there. I saw some youtube videos of people removing the springs and adding unsightly washers to the tailpiece / vibrato (legs?). I wanted to find a better and more stable solution. i ended up finding hex screws and lock washers at Home Depot that did the job perfectly. Photos can be found here. 1969 Hardtail Conversion Photos I thought it would be a help to someone looking to find the same solution since it took me a good while to find these screws at the store. I also flipped the tail piece to be able to feed the strings directly through the tailpiece instead of doing the wrap around. The break angle isn’t great but with 11 gauge strings it feels wonderful. happy playing
  9. The only thing I can think of is a noise gate pedal. That might help you out. Otherwise, it might be easier to mark down the settings of your pedals and equipment to quickly dial things back when switching guitars.
  10. Sounds like you have the real thing. I bought one way way back when at Guitar Center new. Mine had the gold hardware and it did have the 30th anniversary gold plate on it. It was a great guitar. I was hasty and didn't want to take the time to fix the bridge issues I was having. I really played hard back then and I would knock my strings off a tad on the old style bridge and the type of music I was playing I couldn't afford to go out of tune so I swapped for a tele. One of my biggest regrets, equipment wise. I sure wish I had it back. Hope you enjoy it! It's a gem and a really rare find.
  11. Anyone have a tip or suggestion for a pedal or device to balance the extreme differences between a HB guitar and a Jaguar or Strat? If I get everything sounding just right for one, it gets really frustrating when I need to swap guitars in the middle of a set when I wasn't planning on it. Any ideas?
  12. Shielding the trem cavity Is not required because there are no electronics in the cavity ....at least thats what I've come to learn.
  13. Im trying to find one of these mine was lost in 2006 and would love to have it or another identical to the deluxe orange model.
  14. Well the him seems to have disappeared, don't know why but I ain't complaining. The next problem to solve is that the passive mode does not seem to work, I only get sound when switched to active.
  15. I recently purchased a new squire classic vibe jag and while inspecting the shielding I noticed that there is no shielding or grounding wire in the tremolo cavity (the other cavities appear to have shielding paint) - from all the info I’ve seen on forums & YouTube , the shielding and grounding is said to be needed for the trem area as well. The trem cavity does not even have a connecting drilled pathway to the other cavities. Is shielding not needed with newer/classic vibe jags? - thanks!
  16. This is probably an old chestnut, but I have not overcome yet. I picked up a CIJ Jag bass guitar which has had a rough time in its previous life. I removed the neck, and looked at the prospect of giving it a coat of paint to restore to original condition. I filled the holes and dents with auto body filler ( yes they were that bad) and resprayed with a coat of auto acrylic black, which was the original color. The wiring looked a bit daunting for a nubie to tackle, so I removed the pick guard and control plates and made a small pile of electronics and masked them up ready for painting. The result turned out great, the only problem I have now is the earth loop, I downloaded the wiring diagram and every thing is correct no loose connections. This was there before painting, but I thought I would solve the problem later. Has anyone any suggestions on what to check, I have ordered some conductive paint to see if that fixes it.
  17. Hi Kids! I'm new here. I played strats for many years until I got my hands on a J Mascis Jazzmaster and I just can't believe how comfortable the guitar feels. Unfortunately the electronics kept cutting in and out and sounded scratchy. So I picked up a new wiring harness and some pickups I want to try and install myself, problem is I have no clue what I'm doing, I need to figure out where the pickup wires go and there are two black wires in the cavity that I'm not sure are for, one is ground i assume. Anyway, if i posted some pics would anyone be willing to help me out and show me where the wires are to be soldered. Thanks in advance, Jeff.
  18. My 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster triple. Fitted a new scratchplate with the switches in a more ergonomic position as I found it impossible originally. Added a Mastery bridge also. Love it now!
  19. To me, nothing in the pictures jumps out as being anything other than original. I'm certainly not a Mustang 'expert', but I've owned a 1975(ish?) Mustang since 1982(1?) that there's no reason for me to believe has been modified in any way. Most of the parts and lettering look identical, with the exception mine has an additional string tree and all-metal tuning keys. There are a few good internet sources you can Google, of course, for specifics on that year, but most of them acknowledge that there doesn't seem to be a definitive 'bible' on what Fender made and when. Sorry for the late post, just saw this and figured a response might help someone somewhere.
  20. It's too late to reply here but can anyone suggest me some pawn shops or pawnbrokers open on sunday so that on weekend i will be able to have one second hand guitar for me.
  21. I just bought a used 2018 Jag 60s classic blue lacquer. The guitar is mint but the strings rattle like crazy. Anyone else with same guitar & problem? What did u to resolve the problem?
  22. Hello everyone. I picked up my first offset - a Levinson Blade. It came with a Gotoh Floyd Rose copy trem on it that was non-original. Am attaching a pic of the trem that's supposed to be on this guitar. Has anyone seen another trem that was similar?
  23. Hello, I am new. I have bought two KC Mustangs and in the next days I am going to recieve them. One of these is left handed. Someone has tried changing the order of the strings to make it right handed? (The 1st to the 6th, 2nd to 5th...) Do you get good results or do you have to do more modifications? Thanks
  24. Congrats on the new guitar! Looks great! Everyone is different when it comes to the sound of their pickups so difficult to recommend. Try out everything you can and see what fits your style and setup the best.
  25. Just got the Squire classic vibe Mustang it’s fantastic, always wanted a Fender KC Mustang but never could afford it so I went ahead and got this, I dropped in a Dimarzio tone zone in the bridge, a fender patent tremolo, hipshot locking tuners, new dunlop volume and tone pot .. next for the neck pick up is either this Dimarzio injector Or or Seymour Duncan Dumbucker which I got for free... I know this sounds dumb.. but i think the injector would sound sooo much better than the dumbucker but i hate the fact its vintage white and not white like my tone zone... what do you guys think? I dont know how to upload pics yet!!! Soo i could use help with that too hahah https://imgur.com/8LOZHX2 https://i.imgur.com/8LOZHX2.jpg
  26. I recently purchased the boss rv6 brand new a guitar center and have the same problem I'm taking it back today for some answers or a replacement
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