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  2. Looks beautiful, my cousin have that same in different color.
  3. Can anyone tell me what size to buy at the hardware store? in particular, the internal diameter, such that the washer/locknut is able to fit is the 3/8 HEX NUT the correct item to buy? how many do you guys need? thanks a lot !
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  5. Hi, does anyone know, if the bridge humbucker on the signature Mustang 2012 was a TB-4 or SH-4? I understand a SH-4 should go with the TOM, or in this case, Fender's Adjusto-matic whilst TB-4 goes with Fender bridges As a side note, when a TB-4 is used, I gotta modify/sand the pickguard even more, because the TB-4 size is a little larger compared to the SH-4, is that right? HOWEVER, Kurt used Sh-4 + TOM BUT his strings were known to be out of alignment??
  6. Hi For anyone interested here, I've made a bit more progress thanks to the keen eye of a friend of mine who is also a bass player. My bass appears to be a Mustang with a Gibson 'mudbucker' pickup added. (The large silver thing pushed up against the fingerboard).
  7. thanks for your reply... the extra black wire comes together with the other 2 black wires, all leading from the hole to the body/pickups area i have looked up the schematic you shared , images and youtube, but all the jagstangs have only 2 black wires i don't think my guitar has been modded in any way so far as well so i'm really confused by this mystery
  8. Where does the other end connect to? Is it going towards the tailpiece? One of the black grounds should connect to the bridge post. As least on some of them it does. Do you see any stray wires when referencing the jagstang schematic at this url? https://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=97914
  9. He used a 1969 competition mustang the same one in slts video and in rio de janeiro and other clubs like crocodile cafe, he modified it with hotrails in the bridge and used a 1982 twin reverb silverface with 2 blown tubes it later got replaced by brand new ones from my knowledge
  10. https://imgur.com/JLhUi8P hi... does anyone know what the 3rd wire is for? i opened the knob part, and there is a 3rd unattached black wire i have checked wiring diagrams on the internet but i cant find any information anywhere thanks!
  11. Hi, it just so happens I’m parting out a guitar that has one! I’m happy to sell it to you if you’re interested?
  12. Apologies, photobucket hasn't loaded the pictures properly - I will try another method.
  13. Hi all, First post here so go easy on me! I bought my first bass gutiar (second hand, with my paper round money) in 1984 - see the pics below. I was told at the time that it was a 1969 Fender Mustang, and I had no reason to disbelieve the seller. However, I have recently been looking at images of vintage Mustangs and I cannot find a match. Can anyone help me work out what I have here? Regards Pat
  14. Hi I am from Australia and have just joined the forum. Really top information sharing.!! I have just bought my first jaguar a US 62 vintage, Great guitar however the high E string wants to slip off the fretboard all the time. Is this common and any solutions/ideas how to fix??? Many thanks
  15. I think Flush Trim Router Bits will work best for you. The flush router bit capable of working on different surfaces. For sharp and fast cuts, one has to look for premium quality bit sets. It should be designed in such a way that it enables easy grip on the trim router set. With wide diameter and overall length, it shall help to accomplish both industrial and DIY projects.
  16. Hi everyone! I've been "working on this build" for a long time but finally decided to get myself in gear and finish my Jaguar build. I'm pretty sure I have all parts needed for assembly, except my Mastery Bridge that was ordered today. My question is about grounding points. I have a MIJ body that has conductive paint in the cavities, but it was a Stratosphere purchase, so everything is stripped out aside from the pickup foam. I'm reading mixed schools of thought on how/where to ground the electronics and was hoping for some help. Since the cavities are already painted, do I tie all grounds to
  17. 2019 Squier Bullets used Basswood, newer ones used poplar VM Mustangs used Basswoods, CV ones use poplar The modern Mustangs use Alder if I'm remembering correctly
  18. I bought A Jaguar from a pawn shop as a project. It looks to have a old sammick neck that is stamped fender Jaguar. The numbers told me that the neck was used by fender in Korea during 1988 -96??? When I took The neck off which doesn’t have a truss rod and is broke. And clearly doesn’t belong to this guitar. There was a stamped date that said Feb 5 2019. What do I have
  19. Anyone know what kind of wood was used on modern mustang , squire mustang, bullet mustangs?
  20. Hello! I'm curious what problems you're having with the stock tremolo on the Squier Mustang VM ? I don't see you gaining much with upgrading that part in particular unless there is a specific issue. There are parts out there, for example: (AllParts UK link) Tremolo tailpiece for Mustang w arm
  21. Hi all I’d like to upgrade my Squier Mustang VM to the Fender Dynamic Vibrato unit, but can’t find any at a reasonable price online in the UK. Everything is imports with steep delivery costs, or vintage expensive ones that I’m not particularly interested in. Anyone know of where to buy one, or an alternative brand as good as the original Fender? cheers Jav
  22. The serial number dates to 2007-2008 for anyone wondering
  23. This is a HMG-66KC. Despite how it looks, this guitar is completely stock. Fender Japan had a special run of MG65 guitars in their VSP series (Vintage Special Project). This MG65 had cloth wiring, a nitro finish and CTS pots. Not many were made, and these are very rare and desirable. Fender Japan also at this time had a special run of custom order guitars. They'd take these VSP MG65s and add a DiMarzio Super Distortion to it. There were very few VSP MG65s made, and even fewer custom order HMG-66KCs. These guitars are very obscure, with very few of them surfacing. These came in 3 colo
  24. My jaguar didn't have the grub screw but the knob was pretty tight, I eventually got it off by just pulling on it. My hand hits the volume knob sometimes when I'm strumming and loosens the nut on the pot. After dealing with a loose volume knob for a few years I finally pulled off the knob and tightened the nut. Now its as good as new!
  25. I'm wishing Fender would put this out as an individual part so I could buy one and try it out in my Jaguar and my Jazzmaster. Honestly this to me is more interesting than the Mastery ever was.
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