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  5. I have a fender 1969 reissue mustang in white and I would like to get it painted in Sonic blue. Does anyone know where to get some, I am looking for the same sonic blue that Kurt Cobain's mustang was in.
  6. Hey all, I've had my HH Special for a few years now, and I love everything about it, except for the lack of clarity in the pickups. So I've bought a set of Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid humbuckers. Only issue is, the Fender Dragster pickups that were in the guitar have a thick cable which terminates by splitting into a single output wire, and a bare ground wire. Whereas the 59s terminate by splitting into a red, white, green, black and bare wire. Do I need to just solder together and tape off some of them? Also, the Dragsters are soldered to their pickup covers, but the 59s don't have covers, does this mean I need to find another way to ground them? Thanks in advance
  7. I arrived home to mysteriously large boxes on the porch. Thank you celestionuk… https://t.co/zOHaOquq3k

  8. @SVG1135 so did sara johanna capitulate? ;)

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  10. So, I am trying to build a mustang with the same specs that Kurt's had at the 1993 show at the Roseland Ballroom. I was wondering if he used at JB JR, Hot rails or did he just use a JB Humbucker?
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  12. Thanks very much for the replies guys. I'm looking to get the Fender Mustang/Duo-Sonic/Musicmaster/Bronco case thanks to you Mike
  13. Most strat cases I've found - such as my Alvarez case my Kramer and MusicMaster share - don't have enough length in the body area to accomodate a Jag-Stang. The case I have is the original one I got with mine back in 2000. The kind of case you'd want is a Fender Mustang/Duo-Sonic/Musicmaster/Bronco case, which is basically all that the Jag-Stang's original cases were. So if Gator has something for Mustang's you're in luck.
  14. Hi guys I have been in this community for a little while now, I've read all of the setup post's but I've still got unbelievably high action on my Jagstang, which if i try to lower start to get buzz and notes fretting out. I've had my JagStang since October last year and haven't got it they way I want. I've took it to a repair shop, but they didn't fix anything, just took my money. I had to go back 3 times because of problems the last being because the guy forgot to put a screw in the pickguard, so overall a terrible experience. Completely unprofessional. I've done adjustments myself, followed setup guides, replace the nut that the guy over filed. I'm at the end of my ropes with this guitar, because I love everything about it, but can't play without wanting to make it better I'm sorry if I come across as a whiny bitch, I know this is the best community for offset guitars on the internet, so if you guys can't help me I'm fu**ed. Thanks, XaG
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  20. Modern trem on 70s Mustang

    I am in the process of putting a 70s Mustang together and am wondering if a new fender tremolo will fit, the part number is 0035566000. My only options if it does not fit is warmoth or eBay.
  21. I have a KC Mustang. The vibrato action is very loose. I don't think there is enough spring tension to bring the strings back up to pitch after dropping down the bar.. The guitar goes instantly out of tune as soon as I touch the bar. The KC has one of those Fender Tun-O-matic clone bridges. My Classic Player HH Jag has that same bridge and scale length and it stays in tune better than any non-locking trem unit that I have ever played, so I am thinking the KC can be set up to stay in tune much better that it does currently. The trem action is much stiffer on my Jag, so I think that may be part of the solution, as well as possibly a shim. The Jag has an angled neck pocket, which also increases string tension somewhat. The tech that works on my guitars said there is an extra set of spring notches cut in my Mustang's bridge posts that he does not normally see in a Mustang. Moving the springs to this notch would increase the spring tension, but he said I might have difficulty changing strings because the cigar tube thingy would rotate back such that the string insert holes would rest at an inconvenient angle relative to the body. I am thinking that I could just simply push down on the vibrato bar with one hand and insert the strings in the holes with the other. Has anyone ever seen or utilized these extra notches in a KC or other MIJ Stang? If so, did it make it difficult to change strings?
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  23. Old guyatone

    Hi! We don't have the extra server disk space to allow forum uploads. I would recommend an image sharing site like imgur, photobucket, instagram, etc... And then you could link the image to the post.
  24. Old guyatone

    any way to post a pic from my phone or Facebook?
  25. Old guyatone

    I got this old guyatone at the flea market and I'm trying to if the model. no marking except a brass plate on the tailpiece that says "guyatone made in Tokyo guya electric musical instarynt co(misspelled instrument). has two brass covered pickups, not shown, and it is pretty primitive contstruction. i can't find the guya electric musical instrument(or instarynt) company anywhere on line. any ideas? ill add a pic when I figure out how to. thanks
  26. Does anyone know where to find a fender 69 reissue mustang in Sonic blue?
  27. Thanks, this was too good to be true, I will just get a 69 reissue and put a Seymour Duncan Humbucker in it.
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