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  2. OlympicWhiteFenderJag15

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    Hi all, About half a year ago I purchased an Olympic White Fender Classic Player Jaguar HH and it is the nicest guitar I’ve ever played (Jags have become my perfect guitar) and I’m happy with the Fender Enforcer Humbucking pickups in it but it’s been bugging me since I got the guitar and I’ve been really wanting that true single coil trebley sound out of Jags, don’t get me wrong, the pickups currently in it are fantastic and the coil split gets a great single coil tone out of it. But now I’m really wanting some ‘65 Vintage pickups in it. The only thing is I’m worried that the guitar won’t be compatible with a single coil mod because of the specific routing for the Humbuckers. If anyone can tell me that this mod will be possible will be great and also if you can maybe give me some advice/tips that would really help too. 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks for reading and replies in advance :)
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  5. SynapticGroove

    3 Single Coil Pickups in a Jag-Stang?

    How about adding a third 2-way switch?
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  7. I was talking to a friend about different ways of modifying a jag-stang when we came up with the idea of having the pickups from a 59 strat on a jag-stang. So we threw together a rough picture of what it would look like. However i have no idea how i would go about hooking up 3 pickups through 2, 3 way switches. Havent been able to find anything about more than 2 pickups on a jag-stang so im hopeful that's not because it isnt possible with the default switches. Anyone got any ideas other than just using a 5 way switch?
  8. What is the up, I've been a spectator to these discussions for a while and it has answered a lot of my questions but I'm running in to a few issues when it comes to upgrading my Jag-stang. I have a fiesta red Jag-stang, I have put chrome Fender strap locks, I've ordered a black pearl pick guard to replace the white pearl one and I have a DiMarzio Super distortion in the bride position. I'm trying to make it have an aggressive look to it and I really want it to have a grungy sound to it, but I want a new pickup for my neck pick up because I hate the sound of the stock one I have been researching for a while and I really like the sound of the DiMarzio BC-1 dp225 but I don't know much when it comes to pickups, will this pickup go well with my super distortion? I am also confused when it comes picking out tuners. I want to put hipshot locking tuners but I'm not sure if it will fit on my guitar because from the research that I have done vintage tuners are smaller than modern ones. Personally I hate the buttons on the vintage tuners but I will deal with them if I have to, do you guys have suggestions as to tuners that I can use? Do locking tuners really help and is there an alternative to locking tuners? I really wanna switch out the bridge for a tune-o-matic one because mine is pretty beat up lol. I wanna add a SH 124 kill pot and a push pull pot but I'm not too sure if these things will work together and how I will wire them. I'm really new to this guitar modding thing because I'm only 14 lol, I wanna make this thing like a multitool but a guitar version. Is there any cool little things I can do to my guitar that will add cool features to it and thank you for the help Sincerely Anddddrrreeeewwww Oh and what is an orange drop capacitor and how do i add a pickup switch
  9. Highanddry

    My 1995 Jag-Stang Overhaul

    Thanks! Al, I'm still only getting sound out of the Area 67 at the neck. I haven't had a good chance to sort out the wiring. I know what I did wrong, I just need some (kid free) time to get the soldering iron out. The Area 67 sounds great, although darker than I was imagining. I'm playing through a Blackstar HT-5R which may be contributing to the darkness, but it still sounds great. I went with 250 pots rather than 500 which I thought would be too bright. I'll kepp that in mind for the future. SillyBilly, I didn't have any experience other than a 335 build I did a few years ago, but I used the Wudtone for that so I didn't do any spraying. I ended up using rattle-cans for both the nitro and the enamel. I would say that the enamel is more forgiving but under the right conditions, nitro would turn out great. In terms of sanding, I used wet and dry for the whole thing. Dry for the prep up to 400 than after the clear coats were finished, I used 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000, then Turtlewax cut and polish. Very much on a budget. If budget wasn't issue I would have bought some micromesh for the finishing.
  10. SynapticGroove

    Cases for a jagstang and the strat.

    A RoadRunner case from Guitar Center will do the trick. It's not as nice as, for example a TKL, but it's still solid. Around $100.
  11. SillyBilly

    My 1995 Jag-Stang Overhaul

    Looks really good. Well done. How much experience did you have before this in painting guitars? Did you use any special equipment or just a bunch of sand paper? I’d love to go black with black pick guard. I don’t think I’ve seen a jag-stand in black before.
  12. Malacheo

    1996 Jag-Stang Stamp in Neck Joint?

    You are welcome. But, hey, I could be wrong: by exemple the "95" in the neck could indicate the year of production of the neck (or, I suspect, the model of jagstang, JT95) and not necessarily the year of your jagstang. Looking into the Jag-stang registry, by exemple, I noticed that 95 is stamped in the bottom neck and neck pocket of a 1996 Jagstang, this one: https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/1236/o2 . BUT, Always in the registry, we see that another 1996 Jagstang, (this one https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/1061/o2) saying '96 in the bottom neck BUT jt95 in the neck pocket. And here, https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/1051/o2, we see both JT95EX and '96 in the neck pocket.
  13. SynapticGroove

    1996 Jag-Stang Stamp in Neck Joint?

    Malacheo, Thank you very much for the information!
  14. Malacheo

    1996 Jag-Stang Stamp in Neck Joint?

    Hello SynapticGroove, this is what I know about the fender japan codes (*) JT=Jagstang, '95 is the year of manufacturing EX stays for exported (and not EXTRAD: check here for what Extrad means http://xhefriguitars.com/page9.html ) T is maybe the serial number letter (T in MIJ guitars was the letter for the '94-'95 models). Your Jag-Stang is Made in Japan (and not Crafted in Japan), isn't it? (*) I have a MIJ Tele Reissue '62 of mid-ninties: sadly it was a transition model (between MIJ and CIJ), without any serial number anywhere, so I checked a lot of time inside the neck pocket and the neck bottom to find the exact year of manufacturing (the serial number on the bridge plate isn't trustworthy, because the A serial was used in '85-'86 and reused in the mid-ninties japan reissues). Sadly, as sometimes happens, there wasn't any handwritten inside. Considering that I am talking of a reissue model, my Telecaster stamps are: TLC-62B (neck): in this case TL stays for Telecaster, C62=cutom 62, B...well, I don't remember if B stays for bounded or for a Color palette code (3tone sunburst). C-62B EX (neck pocket)
  15. SynapticGroove

    Kluson Locking Tuners?

    Has anyone tried these on their Jag-Stang, or something similar: https://reverb.com/item/14384085-kluson-black-revolution-6-in-line-locking-tuners-no-collar-requires-11-32nds-holes-ktncl-3805bl I've got some beefy tuners on my '94 Parker Fly that are locking and I'd really like to get rid of the factory-installed Ping tuners for something more solid with a better ratio. Locking are a plus.
  16. Smurphy

    Fender sonic blue paint

    Hey @Jet I have a sonic blue one and am looking for a different color. Trade maybe?
  17. Hola all, I've been lurking for 6 years and finally stumbled across the opportunity to pick up a first run Jag-Stang yesterday. She's unmodded and a beauty to boot! With all my gear acquisitions, one of the first things I do is a deep clean and a re-string. When I took the neck off, I found some stamps, on both the neck and the body: JT-95 & T-95EX Does anyone have any clue as to what these mean? Any/all insight would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Moody Tuner

    Jagstang Setup 2018

    I would measure the neck relief and determine if the neck needs to be adjusted.
  19. Al(ex)

    My 1995 Jag-Stang Overhaul

    It looks like a great overhaul! Dig the color. How do those pickups sound?
  20. Hi, I am not very skilled in electronics and wirings, but I recently upgraded my jagstang with a Texas special bridge pu at the neck and a Seymour Duncan JB pu at the bridge. Can you please tell me if my work is correct and if the double ground (the B was an old ground from a previously owner, while C is mine) in the bridge switch can be a problem or nonsense? Link: https://imgur.com/a/38I2q0c Thank you!
  21. Moody Tuner

    Stang replacement tuners

    I finally got around to buying these tuners and at first I didn’t think they were going to fit. The bushings were slightly larger than the stock holes on my (Vista) Jagmaster. I ended up taking a thick rag and wrapping it around the bottom of the headstock and over the bushing that I was going to install. I then took a pair of pliers and carefully pushed the bushing into the headstock and they went in like butter. I repeated these steps for the others and the operation was successful; the new tuners were installed. Now I’m confident I can do the same operation on the Jag-Stang. I noticed that these specific tuners are no longer listed on Kluson’s website. I’m going to write them and ask them if they’ve been discontinued. New sets are still out there to be picked up. I’ll probably end up buying a backup set at the very least. Fender has several vintage tuning machine sets available. I’m going to check the comparability and gear ratio on those. I might decide to put Fender’s on the Jagstang, if they have a set with a high gear ratio. If anyone has any experience with these, please share your thoughts.
  22. Yes, it's doable. The Jaguar and Jag-Stang are both 24" scale 22 fret necks with the same heel width (or similar depending on vintage of the Jaguar). Honestly that's a favorite combination of mine, if only I had a duplicarver.
  23. So I decided to take my old JS back to wood and refinish it and while I was at it, invest in a few (okay more than a few) upgrades. The finish was a saga. I started with Wudtone’s ‘Lady Teal’ but I wanted solid colour and that was really the wrong finish for that task. I then tried Nitro in ‘Lake Placid Blue’ but with zero margin for error and an expensive lesson in how important following the instructions regarding temperature is, this was also a fail (barely, but a fail). The final finish I laid straight over the nitro. I used Dulux Duramax ‘Dark Blue Metallic’ enamel. It came out really well. I’m happy with it anyway. The upgrades include Hipshot, locking-nut, vintage tuners; Mastery bridge; pickups (Dimarzio Area 67 in the neck, and an SD P-rails in the bridge); ToneShaper Mustang wiring kit (swapped in a linear pot for the tone); neck plate; hardtailed the tremolo; and re-shielded the cavities. My wiring needs a tweak as I’m only getting the 67 to work, but I’ll do that in due course. My kids were able to present me with it this morning for my birthday. 🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/67sc47lnf2v32fi/AACbgAnp40XssAxfAQOc0UZea
  24. Hi everyone. I'm having real problems with the trem on my Japanese jaguar. It started with a really ugly creaking sound which, after a bit of googling, seemed to be due to the spring being too loose or something. So, I tightened the screw below the hold button and thought I'd fixed it. Then I noticed a clacking sound because the moving part was hitting against the plate. So I loosened the screw. Now I'm moving between the two, and tightening or loosening leads to each of the problems reappearing. It is driving me MAD. Also, the hold switch is very loose and doesn't make any difference whether its forward or back. All in all, it's a complete nuisance and makes the thing all but unplayable. Do I have to remove the whole trem? If so, what am I looking for and how can I fix it? Any suggestions very gratefully received.
  25. Sanchito

    Jagstang Setup 2018

    Hey Brotha, I've had a similar issue with my jag, I put on a Warmoth Mustang sadle and then increased my string gauge to 11-52 (which was the real issue solver). I'm sorry about your crappy experience in the shop, I highly suggest looking up a local luthier (not a store) and getting a pro setup on there. The guitar sounds 100% better with one. it'll cost like $80-120 but seriously world of difference. My use case: Frequent Gigging, Weekly rehearsals, heavy use
  26. Thank you for your accurate and plain answers, Mad-Mike! I found them very useful for better understanding what I need, expecially when you talk about the compensation at the base of the choice of two different pickups. At this point I'll search for a classic Fender Texas Special Bridge to put in the neck. Your solution, with active pickups+ph2, sounds really interesting and easy, but I had in my past too many problems with active electronics (my faults, I admit) and these events led me to prefer passive solutions. I have still one doubt, and I found it hard to search an answer on the web: it's about the out-of-phase setting. If two pickups get rid of each other when they are out-of-phase, giving us that funky/weak sound, I suppose that two different pickups (let'say a p90 and a Dimarzio Superdistortion) in neck and bridge position will give a different answer compared to two identical pickpus (I don't know, two p90 by exemple, or simply the Mustang standard pickups) mounted on that same guitar. I always thought that two identical pickups could have a lesser and drier sound in out-of-phase than two different pickups, but I don't know if that's correct or not.
  27. 1.) The Jag-Stang is likely a little thicker because of the humbucker but I think the jarring effect of the change to out-of-phase makes it a bit hard to do a comparison. The best I ever got was comparing an EMG equipped Jag-Stang (mine) to a 1966 Fender Mustang (also mine). The Mustang was a twangier guitar all around due to that bridge pickup, and drastically lower on output. Also, Mustangs vary from period to period. The vintage ones were wound less as hot (my Mustang had a 5.9K and a 5.3K pair of pickups in it - bridge and neck respectively), but the modern Mustangs Fender makes are typically around 6.4K and a lot of them have Ceramic magnets behind the poles rather than Alnico 2 - they tend to sound a bit fuller with a little less "airiness" to them, and less of the sponginess vintage Mustangs are known for. 2.) I think the balance between the pickups would change, altering the tone, just slightly. Bridge pickups are typically wound hotter than pickups progressively closer to the neck in matched sets on modern electric guitars. When Fender designed the Jag-Stang originally, they probably wanted something to match the DIMARZIO prototype pickup in the bridge, which was likely around 12-16K since that's what Cobain's preferred pickups were wired around (DiMarzio Super Distortions are around 12K, and Seymour Duncan JB are around 16.4K in the bridge). So they probably used a BRIDGE pickup to compensate for the hot humbucker in the bridge position. Plus they did not need a reverse polarity/reverse wound setup to make them cancel hum with both pickups on in phase since the humbucker took care of that except in the neck which would be no different than a regular Mustang (save for increased output). The neck pickup was probably in the 6-7K range. With a lower output neck pickup, you'll notice it's less distorted, less as gainy, cleaner, and a bit more sparkly. I quite like the mismatch I have in mine - I have a big mean EMG 81 in the bridge and a EMG SA which is basically an active vintage strat type pickup in the neck, the neck is jangly and has a lot of that Mustang sponginess somehow, but the bridge is extremely hot and very distorted, even clean I have a little bit of overdrive, and it's very warm on that guitar - giving me a wide gamut of sounds from just the Jag-Stang alone since I also put a Pi2 Phase inverter in it - and that goes back to question 1 - with a Pi2 phase inverter, I don't lose volume, but it does get that honkey midrangey clonky sound the Mustang is known for, but it's a bit on the thick side due to the hot bridge and the fact the Pi2 has a preamp in it to go with the preamp in the neck pickup. It kind of sounds like James Young's (JY's) Stratocaster he used in STYX in the 1970's with the Yoshinerator preamp in it, just a big growlier and thicker.
  28. Hi jag-stang community. I have some thoughts and questions to share with you about a future pickup upgrade on my sonic blue jag-stang. Many people dislike the out-of-phase setting but I found it very useful for some experimental music some years ago, mostly turning the tone on 0: I had at that time a late ‘70s fender mustang with two fender texas special instead of the standard mustang pickups. That mustang was sold 8 years ago. Recently I bought my jagstang looking again for that out-of-phase sound, but I noticed that the out-of-phase on the jagstng is a much more brighter and high-oriented compared to the mustang. Is there someone between you guys that have ever compared the out-of-phase of a fender mustang with the one of the jagstang? What’s your impression? Do you think that a couple of fender texas special could give a deeper, rounder out-of-phase sound on a mustang? We know that the original jagstang prototypes had a fender texas specilal bridge pickup at the neck. What happens if I put a fender texas special NECK pickup at the neck (with a jb seymour duncan at the bridge)? Thank you, bye M.
  29. both have 24" scale and strat heel shape, right? don't see why you couldn't.
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