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  2. Hello All! New member here trying to get help with my Jag-Stang. So I have a Fiesta Red Jag-Stang that my parents bought me in high school in 1995. Through all the guitars I have had that is the one I swore I would never sell as it was the first guitar my parents bought me after a $20 pawn shop guitar. Anyways, it got heavy use for plenty of years and just fell out of rotation more and more. It was sitting in a soft case in a bedroom for a few years without play. I decided to give it a try and got no sound out of it. I opened it up and there looked to be some white residue around the switches. I used switch/contact cleaner and tried it again. There was some sound but it was pretty low. Then when I would turn the volume up it would get to normal volume for about half a second. I figured it was the pots so I replaced them with these... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/0990834000--fender-500k-split-shaft-potentiometer-volume-or-tone Plugged it in and nothing. Just buzz, that's all! Did I install something wring or is it possible the switch need replacement? Also secondly...these pots are way bigger and I seemed to have misplaced the original knobs at one point. Anyone know where I can get knobs that look like the original knobs that fit these pots?
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  4. Did you ever get that Candy Red Jagstang going?

  5. Mad-Mike

    Replacement Tuners

    Why I changed was because the Revolutions were truly my dream tuning machine head. Even as sturdy as the tone pros are, I'm VERY hard on my guitars - think Steve Vai/Stevie Ray Vaughn/Eddie Van-Halen hard on them, and my Jag-Stang starting as of 2014, was doing sometimes up to 3-4 1.5 hour rock shows a week live, and was getting quickly thrown into gig bags with minimal padding sometimes to go into my car late at night when I was in a hurry to get home and sleep for work. I broke 2 of the Tone Pro high E string tuners on the Jag-Stang due to a few accidents between shows with Zombie Jihad and the Sweaty Vedders, so in 2015 when the Revolutions were fairly new, I bought a set for my Jag-Stang and a custom Mosrite style guitar I built - both of those guitars still have those tuners and they both get used VERY hard - my Jaguar got upgraded about a month after those two. What really drew me to the revolutions was that they were sealed gear tuners like the Schaller style tuners Kurt Cobain used, and my old Kramer guitars had which never break and some of those got slammed on the ground headstock first by accident and still work like new, one set of those is almost 35 years old now. But the thing I HATED about the schallers was that installing them on anything that had "F" tuners or Klusons looked awful with the extra holes, and I absolutley LOVE slot shaft tuners because I don't have sharp ends of string to work with, plus I find restringing faster with them. Also, the Revolutions can come with standard bushings (My Jaguar and a Memphis/Behringer strat I have have those), my Jag-Stang and Mosrite have bolt tuners. ALL are split shaft. I still have TonePros on my Telecaster and my Jazzmaster as of current, though I plan to upgrade those if they break. So I can vouch for both, I don't gig the Tele or Jazzmaster as much.
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  7. peteski2018

    Replacement Tuners

    Thanks Mike what made you decide to change them to revolutions in 2014?
  8. Mad-Mike

    Replacement Tuners

    Kluson tone pros with press fit bushings. They look stock but are stronger. I had them on my Jag-Stang until 2014 when I upgraded to Kluson Revolutions......which are the best I've had thus far. The durability and toughness of a sealed gear with the split shafts and vintage fender look.
  9. Third 2-way switch. StewMac FreeWay in place of the tone pot. Eight way 3 pole rotary in place of the tone pot. Three push-on push buttons ala Fender Elite Strat.
  10. http://s347.photobucket.com/user/BryanAlexanderLasalle/media/unnamed 1_zpsk7lvixt2.jpg.html http://s347.photobucket.com/user/BryanAlexanderLasalle/media/unnamed_zpskxjdrbyv.jpg.html http://s347.photobucket.com/user/BryanAlexanderLasalle/media/unnamed 2_zps1wtoaxld.jpg.html http://s347.photobucket.com/user/BryanAlexanderLasalle/media/IMG_1201_zpsx3yzdoir.png.html '09 AVRI Fender Jaguar. Added the mute and cover to it. Sounds amazing. Very heavy body weighing at 9.1lbs.
  11. Hello, I am building a Jazzmaster and I have a Jazzmaster bridge, but I don't have the tremolo part. Is it possible to use a standard Tune-O-Matic tailpiece with a Jazzmaster bridge instead of the tremolo? I would also want those two parts to be quite close to each other like a standard Tune-O-Matic would be. Thanks.
  12. DjMAx

    Jaguar Vs. Jazzmaster Vs. Mustang

    Hello excellent comparison review is here https://musiety.com/fender-jaguar-vs-jazzmaster-vs-mustang "cool fight" of two giant guitars) i choose fender - my love))
  13. Willem Mustang

    Volume, Tone Knobs Loose

    Okay, this may sound a little weird. But I can just easily lift the knobs off the guitar. It was already this way when I got it and never took action to fix it. I have no idea how it got this way. It's like they were never actually tightened. My question is, what's the best way to get them tight/locked in place? So I can turn the knobs without worrying that they'll come off.
  14. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anybody could help me out at all. For my 17th birthday I went to guitar guitar in Edinburgh and picked up a second hand Fender classic player Jaguar HH in great condition for a great deal. I love the guitar but was thinking it could do a lot more with some changes to the electronics. I was wondering if anyone has tried changing the on/off selectors out for a 4 way switch (like the johnny marr sig), then rewiring the bass cut switch which is also on the bottom plate to replace the kill switch on the top plate and then wiring the 4 way selector like a fender baja telecaster? Thanks
  15. Al(ex)

    eBay Jag-Stang

    Looking forward to seeing what you put together!
  16. actofde4th

    eBay Jag-Stang

    I been frequenting these forums and this site for about 2 years now and never made an account but made one today to share with a challenge of some sorts which I am doing. Basically, I call it the Squier Jag-Stang. Using the cheapest parts available on eBay I am trying to make a replica Jag-Stang using parts from China. May update with photos in the future!
  17. Hi - I am new to this forum, so hello to all ! Just wondered if anyone had information concerning the Player Jaguar bridge ? I bought a new Player series this autumn, and the action is quite high - certainly compared to my Tele. The saddles are all adjustable, and are currently in a perfect arc, echoing the radius of the fingerboard. However, the saddles cannot really go much lower, as the strings would collide with the neck side of the steel bridge unit. The bridge unit is mounted on two pillars, sitting into the guitar body. On either end of the top of the bridge are holes which drill through the pillars. My hope is that these holes take an allen key in order to height adjust, and my fear is that the bridge is fixed, and therefore cannot be adjusted. Noted that on older (or more expensive) models, the bridge appears to be fully adjustable (ie the saddles are fixed, and you set the action by lowering or raising the entire unit). Can someone help with some advice - perhaps the action for a Jag is supposed to be higher than other Fender guitars ? The pick-ups and overall sound is great, just quite hard to play. Many thanks in advance - any help would be appreciated !
  18. trunks

    Jag-Stang serial numbers

    O067946 1998 CIJ Sonic Blue Lefty
  19. Hello! It's normal due to the slant of the stock humbucker. Probably looks like this right?
  20. Anyone know why my Humbucker isnt lining up with the strings This is a no mod jagstang Please help
  21. peteski2018

    Replacement Tuners

    Hi thanks for letting me know. Didn't know who made the originals or what they were called but they are utter crap!
  22. SynapticGroove

    Replacement Tuners

    The stock ones are Ping and they are extremely poor quality. These are the vintage tuners that I have on my Fender EOB strat and I would recommend them: Fender American Vintage Guitar Tuners w/Logo
  23. peteski2018

    Replacement Tuners

    Hi Can anyone advise on the best vintage machine tuners to replace the terrible stock ones in both my Jagstangs? They seem to be unbelievably poor quality! Will Fender USA equivalents used in Jaguars and Mustangs fit without any modifications or need to drill new holes? Cheers
  24. jackgray

    Tremolo Problems

    I am having a similar problem on my 2013 MIJ 60s reissue jag. I have taken it to a shop in brooklyn 3 times and the clack finally went away on the third time but just for a few hours of playing. Now it's back, but only makes the noise after I extend upward. IT'S ALSO DRIVING ME MAD. The entire reason I bought a Jaguar was for the floating trem system, which is rendered useless when it makes this hideous sound. The techs have been pretty nice but I'm really irritated that they would return a guitar back to the customer with issues. These things are meant to bend up AND down, no??
  25. Ok. Thanks a bundle!
  26. Hi, There is a ton of info on the web on this question do a search you'll find plenty of advise there..........
  27. Musinger

    Chinese Squiers: Quality?

    Well, I’m 111 yrs old, & I’ve seen em all, hippies and such. These guys here are lead players -snarkiness is to be expected. πŸ‘΅πŸ½ πŸ’€ So, ✌🏽, 🀟🏽 & most of all 🀘🏽 🎸🎢
  28. I feel as if i am not the first person to have asked this, or the last, but I do need some suggestions for a jag bridge. The guitar is a vintage modified jag. I have heard that mustang bridges get the job done, but I would like to get a second opinion on that. And secondly, will installing a new bridge require any modifications to the guitar itself?
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