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  2. Can you swap a alnico ii pro pickup in the neck pick up on a squier mustang bullet HH?
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  4. Hey All, Was hoping to get some insight as to what this black platform thing is under the saddle here. It looks like it goes all the way across the bridge and is slightly bigger than the bridge itself. I've only ever been exposed to the two pin style that mounts directly into the body, so I'm not sure if this is a mod or not. Has anyone seen this before? Is it a factory rarity or something? Guitar: Fender Jaguar, made in japan c.1993-1995ish.
  5. Due to covid 19 I'm not building guitars. Just jamming on my guitars till the plague is over.
  6. Yeah. I bought one of those for $80. They are heavy. And need bodywork before paint. My cherry burst paint job has woodgrain texture. It was a mistake. However, everyone that sees it in person seem to love it. Those bodies don't require a neck shim either. I'm really satisfied with the ash body. My guitar stays in tune for quite some time. I actually like it better than my expensive guitars: fiesta red mustang Kurt signature series. And also my strat is a Yngwie Malmsteen signature series. Somehow, my jagstang plays better.
  7. I'm the original owner of a 1996 Jagstang. At one point, I replaced my bridge with a Gotoh "tune-o-matic" style. The posts were too thin, and it required an electrical tape mod/etc, which I was never thrilled with. If fact it's never really played right since. I'm sure there's someone that could make it work right, but it's not me, and I also now dislike the gold color that I chose at the time. Does anyone know the part number for the original jag-stang saddle style bridge? I lost my original, and I would like to go back to stock instead of any drill/tape/too wide option.
  8. Hey all - hopefully someone can help me here. I was offered this Jazzmaster in a trade: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/742780082932821/ It looks legit, but I cannot for the life of me find a 2019 model Jazzmaster HH in this color. Was there a limited run in blue? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi guys, I have a CIJ Mustang with two Seymour Duncan SSL6, the bridge pickup sounds too dark, without treble, the neck pickup i think sounds good. What single coil flat do you recommend? with more treble. I live in Argentina, lindy fralin or SD antiquity for mustang pickups are hard to find, I thought about find a stratocaster bidge flat pickup. What do you think? Thanks
  10. Hello all! I’ve had my Jag-Stang since sometime around 1998, and I’ve been reading this website since before the guitar was delivered. From the very beginning I began modding it one way or another. In hindsight, sure, I guess I kinda wish I had kept it stock (maybe)... however, that ship has long sailed. Please don’t yell at me for modding this beautiful guitar. In my defense, when I first picked mine up, they were looked at as kind of goofy looking, cheaply and poorly built, as far Fender guitars go. (Not that I felt that way, but it was the general consensus in the wider guitar-playing
  11. Congrats on your new guitar! Very cool you've found one in such great shape. If you're a facebook user also check us out over there - a bit more activity than the forum. https://www.facebook.com/jagstangcom/
  12. Hey all After wanting a jagstang for many years I finally just bought one. It's a 96 all stock in excellent condition. It's a fiesta red right-hander. I've been lurking around this form for a while, so I figured it's time I sign up. Cobain had a huge influence on me, I saw nirvana in Chicago in 91. I've built many guitars and the flavor of the Jag Stang. To finally have one is pretty cool. I'm tempted to do a pickup swap in it, but then again I don't want to interrupt is the originality of the guitar. Apparently from doing the research these have become somewhat valuable. Even
  13. Here is my guitar. I had to censor it but I'm used to that. I just drew on it because I was bored, not sure why.
  14. I never tested the sound but the build quality wasn't something I liked. I think it would be more expensive in the long run since I like killing guitars. Call the cops, I am a certified guitar killer. I swear. The squire would only last a night. At least I can fix up fender guitars. Also, kids are cool, don't #### on them. Kids are more punk than most of you will ever be.
  15. I personally just flipped a mustang to play it left handed. Worked for me. After that I got a Japanese Jaguar which was okay. But honestly, unless you broke your guitar, do you really need another one with only 2 months of playing? Unless your guitar is getting in the way of your play, get a new guitar when you know what you actually want. And if you broke it, just fix it up with duct tape and a soldering iron. It's actually not that hard. Kind regards Kurt.
  16. Hi everyone. I am a bit depressed. I miss my Jagstang so bad and I will never own it again. It sucks. I just wanted to write it here because covid is making me go insane. Anyone got any clue how to convince whoever bought the damn thing to give it back to me? I don't want to kill anyone, that's too far. Exclusive backstage pass or something? I don't know? Not like it damn matters, because people think I died (which I did, but whatever). ps, I called it a JAGSTANG not a jag-stang, thank you. Have a good day. PPS Anyone got a left handed jagst
  17. Hi, I'm pretty new to guitar, (about 2 or so months) and I am pretty interested in Grunge/Alternative music. I was looking into buying a new guitar since I am left handed.(I've been playing on a strat upside-down) I specifically want a Mustang,or Mustang style body, but they don't come cheap as I have seen on Reverb and Ebay. If I can find a body, I'm willing to drop some parts in, but I can't find one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  18. Most people used JB for your style of music - both in single-coil size or full humbucker size. But recent releases of newer seymour duncan pickups are worth experimenting. I currently use JB which is good bridge pickup for both clean and distorted. It can push your amp for that crunchy gain and cut through any loud band setup. I also used DiMarzio DP103 which paired well with a single coil neck pickup. It does not overwhelm the weaker neck pickup.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm looking to eventually get one of the newer duo-sonics or mustangs and put some humbuckers in it. I have a Jazzmaster that I love that covers the single coil stuff, but I want to have a guitar with humbuckers for a different sound and also so I don't have to worry about hum. I like the idea of duo-sonics/mustangs because of the size, they look cool, and they're cheap! I mostly play alternative stuff. What are some single coil-sized humbuckers that I could put in these guitars that could do clean and heavy nirvana-like sounds well? Also, I'm considering the duo sonic hs
  20. Hi I am finally returning my 63 Jag back to its original colour Lake Placid Blue should i have matching headstock seen some with and some without any thoughts welcomed
  21. Interesting! I too own a CP Jag HH and it came brand new with a screw in arm? That was one of the special features that distinguishes a CP Jag from a regular Jaguar, besides the other ones you mentioned. It sounds like you've got a stock pop-in Jaguar bar instead of the screw in bar. If you are attempting to use a pop-in Jag bar with a stock CP Jag collet designed for a screw in bar, then I would not expect the bar to stay in place very well-the stock Jag pop in bar and matching collet are wanky enough as is! I'll bet you can order the CP Jag screw-in bar from Fender. If you get it and i
  22. Hi I am returning my 1963 Jaguar to its original colour Lake Placid blue I am sourcing a decal has anyone used Crox Guitars they charge £15 also should the headstock be matching or not?
  23. Update: For anyone also experiencing this issue, it turned out that there was not enough string tension pushing down on the bridge to hold it in place. There are two springs under the bridge attached to notched posts. I set the springs into the last notch at the end of the post for maximum spring tension and that pulled the lipstick tube back a bit, increasing the downward pressure of the strings on the bridge. Now the bridge no longer wiggles around and tuning stability after using the bar is greatly increased. I also suggest not going lower than .10 gauge strings. Tightening down t
  24. I found the correct sized nylon tipped grub screws on-line and bought a bag of 6, but you can probably find them at any hardware store. They work GREAT and are cheap. The nylon tip holds the bar in very securely, yet allows you to slide the bar in and out without adjusting the screw every time. It works very similarly to the pop in bar on my AmDlx Strat. I do have to ocassionally tighten the screw a bit as the fit loosens with repeated use, put it takes only seconds. I would post a link to the supplier I used but dont want to get in trouble for "advertising" on this site.
  25. I would like to replace the stock "Vintage Style" tuners on my Classic Player Jaguar HH with a set of high-quality direct replacement locking tuners. The stock tuners look identical to the vintage Kluson style tuners found on the American Original series, but I believe the gears are made of plastic instead of metal? I prefer NOT to do any drilling or routing on my headstock. I have read that there are sometimes compatibility issues with replacement tuners because of U.S. vs. metric measurements and that sometimes the posts or bushings can be either too big or too small? I assum
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